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Therapists indicted for recovering false memories: [OFFSITE] The Price of bad memories. A five month trial ended in a stalemate. It was based on insurance fraud. Five therapists were charged with prolonging the diagnosis of patients so they could continue to collect money from the patients' insurance carriers. Whoever picked up the tab for all those sessions Carol Bunko ordered for the Ross children should take a look at this: False Memory Syndrome Foundation Newsletter [OFFSITE]

Bad Therapists, Doctors and Psychiatrists who compromise their degrees to provide "expert" lies as truthful testimony in Court

inJusticebusters have heard so many reports of therapists either employed or contracted by Social Services who have moved to remove children from parents or foster parents, denied day care licences or in other ways acted on the basis of unverified complaints. These people have a lot of power. They are believed in family court. They are not bound by any code of ethics you or I could understand.

inJusticebusters is looking to bust them. Send us information about therapists you know. There must be some good ones out there. As we go up the ladder we find doctors who are willing to testify that any child on earth has probably been abused. Dr. Yelland is one of these. The psychiatrists and their underlings may be the worst of all. They hide their own dangerous minds behind a degree and then give sadistic advice and act out their cruel agenda on the most vulnerable people of all, those who are already questioning thieir sanity or are vulnerable in some other way. Who trains these people? See our page on Cults: What they are and what they are not

Carol Bunko-Ruys - Carol was the contract social worker who determined that Michael, Kathy and Michelle Ross were sexually abused, then helped Sgt. Brian Dueck get them to manufacture lists with names of adults who had abused them. As a bonus she got to give the kids therapy and bill the taxpayers once more. Children don't lie -- unless Carol coaches them to! Carol Bunko-Ruys reports. Rating: very very bad

Rod Butler - Rod testified at the trial of the Sterlings. He said that the boy witnesses got erections whenever he spoke to them about certain subjects. Yet Rod was sitting across the table from the boys and they were fully clothed. He either has x-ray vision which can see through tables, he was using another sense than his eyes, or he was lying. He wore baggy pants when he testified.

Geraldine Nanson - When Joe Brander's ex-wife complained to Geraldine that her child was constipated several weeks after a visit from Joe, Geraldine made a file on him and identified him as a sex abuser. She didn't ask Joe; she didn't tell Joe. No. Joe found out about this when he was denied access to his children and forced to move out of his new home or his new wife's children would be removed.

Family Christian Services - Do not trust anyone with this outfit. They are hired guns who will help disgruntled spouses get rid of their spouses and gain full custody of the children just by making outrageous claims. They have been successfully sued. They may be operating under a different name.

inJusticebusters tend to be suspicious of any agency which claims to have the Lord on its side. inJusticebusters is preparing to post several experts from Nova Scotia who participated in the abduction of Emma McCarthy from Lisa and Bernard McCarthy. Beginning with Dr. Marie Laclerck, and several social workers in the Transition House and other agencies, we hope the next transition house they see will be when they integrate back to the community after a lengthy stay in the Big House!

This counsellor thought she was behaving ethically?

Mother launches suit over affair in custody case

A Vancouver mother claims a counsellor was biased in opposing her being granted custody of her infant son because the counsellor was having a sexual affair with the baby's father.

Kari Johnson is suing the former counsellor, Shirley Irwin, along with the ministry of social services, the superintendent of child and family services and Nisha family and children's services, the organization Irwin worked for.

Johnson claims Irwin was having an affair with Johnson's former common-law spouse, Mark Tisdall, while she was advising the court during child custody hearings "that it was her allegedly unbiased and professional view that the custody of the infant should be granted to her lover and denied to her client," court documents say.

The matter goes to trial Monday in Vancouver in B.C. Supreme Court.

Johnson also claims Irwin wrote negative reports about her parenting skills and suggested she was mentally ill.

After Irwin became the mother's counsellor, the government apprehended the child and placed him in a foster home in 1994.

Irwin, who is in her 40s, advocated granting custody of the child to the father, Mark Tisdall, while she was having a sexual affair with the young man, Johnson says in her statement of claim filed in court.

The mother first thought something was odd when, after attending a child custody hearing in court on March 13, 1995, she saw Tisdall riding in Irwin's car.

She later confronted Tisdall about the matter and he "confessed he was having an intimate relationship with the defendant Irwin," according to court documents.

Johnson claims she subpoenaed Irwin to testify at a subsequent custody hearing on April 27, 1995, but Irwin refused to testify and the judge returned custody of the child to the mother.

The child, Marco, was born in 1994 when Johnson was only 17. At the time, she was having difficulties in parenting and was referred to Nisha, a charitable organization that provides supervision for child access and teen parent counselling.

Nisha provides its services under contract to the ministry of social services, court documents say.

Johnson's lawsuit claims Nisha and the ministry are vicariously liable for breaching the duty of care owed to the mother. Nisha and the ministry deny they breached their duty of care, according to statements of defence filed in B.C. Supreme Court.

Irwin filed a one-page statement of defence saying: "I did my job the best way I knew how. I know the Lord knows this."

She now is living in Morden, Man. and says she cannot afford to attend the trial or hire as lawyer to represent her.

"I guess the judge will make his/her decision and in the very end the Lord God will make his decision and I can only abide by that," Irwin wrote to the court, noting in parentheses that she also uses the last name McRae.

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