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Stanley Faulder - Death Row story

Canadian on Death Row in Huntsville, Texas

Stanley Faulder on Death Row

Twenty-one years ago, an Albertan named Stanley Faulder was convicted in Texas of murder. Faulder confessed to the brutal beating and stabbing death of 75 year-old Inez Phillips, a well-known, wealthy matriarch of a rich Texas oil family. She was found in her home with her skull fractured, her mouth taped, her arms tied and a butcher knife buried in her chest. Faulder has been on Death Row since then. Eight times Texas authorities have tried to execute him and eight times Faulder has won a reprieve. Now he is running out of time. On December 10th Faulder will face death by lethal injection. Faulder's case has again raised questions about the justice system in Texas.

It's a state notorious for having the highest rate of executions in the United States. And there are questions about the fairness of the Faulder trial. No jury has heard the evidence that Faulder's behaviour hasn't been the same since he was injured in a car accident as a child or that the psychiatrist who gave evidence that was crucial to his conviction has been expelled from the American Psychiatric Association for unethical behaviour in death-penalty cases.

Stanley Faulder executed

A lethal combination of chemicals was injected into the arm of Joseph Stanley Faulder. Several minutes later he died, ending a 24-year battle with the Texas justice system. Faulder was pronounced dead at 6:18 Central Time. His last words were, "No statement."

Four members of the Phillips family were there when the sentence was carried out. Faulder never made eye contact with the family. They watched the execution through a window in another room. Jack Phillips, the victim's son, stood closest to the window.

Texas governor has no plans for clemency for Faulder

AUSTIN, TX - The governor of Texas, George W. Bush, Stanley Faulder says he is not considering clemency for Stanley Faulder. Faulder is the Canadian due to be executed in just over three weeks for the 1975 murder of a Texas woman.

A delegation of federal MPs is in Texas trying to get a stay of execution at the request of Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy. The Canadian government believes Texas officials violated Faulder's rights when he was arrested by not telling him he could contact Canadian consular officers.

There's no word about whether they'll get to see Governor Bush to plead Faulder's case. But Bush told reporters Tuesday that he has not reconsidered previous decisions not to commute the death sentence.

The 61-year-old Faulder has been on death row for more than 20 years. He narrowly escaped the death penalty in December, when a judge granted him a last-minute stay.

This could be the last chance Faulder has at avoiding execution. His lawyers have exhausted all legal avenues. Previous efforts to save Faulder's life have managed only to postpone the execution date.

If executed, Faulder would be the first Canadian put to death in the U.S. since 1952.

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