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This page was first posted on the Internet July 9, 1998. I have not made any significant changes to it since early in 1999. I stand by everything I say on this page, but I thought it was time to create a new Rick's fighting back page.

Rick's fighting back page (1999-2000)

Lady Justice

Letter to Roy Romanow, July 25, 1993

Sgt. Brian Dueck helped/took part in the rape and sodomy of an eight year old girl.
wording of picket sign carried by Richard Klassen August 24 and 25, 1994.

January 9, 1999

On January 6, inJusticebusters learned that Michael London Ross has openly confessed to sexually assaulting the eight year old girl mentioned in the above sign, other children as well as animals. He disclosed that Sgt. Dueck and Carol Bunko-Ruys did in fact know of his sexual crimes against these children.

I, Richard Allan Klassen call for the arrest of Sgt. Brian George Dueck and Carol Bunko-Ruys.

July 16, 1998.

Two cover-ups

Sometime in September, 1993, I hand-delivered a signed poster to the Saskatoon City Police and informed them I would be posting it in downtown Saskatoon. The poster was designed to bring to account those responsible for the rape and sodomy of Michael's sister. It also aimed to expose those responsible for the cover-up of the malicious prosecution brought against myself and my family, which arose from the inital cover-up.

I personally posted over 1,000 of these posters over the next three days. No charges came out of this act and I continued my campaign to save any further victims from Michael, even to the extent of faxing public documents containing the names of Michael and his victims. QC8 interviewed me live shortly after the faxes were sent and I had no problem admitting that I had done this and I strongly advised the interviewer that I would continue this until I was satisfied that Michael could no longer assault anyone. (see StarPhoenix article Sept. 23, 1993)

That night, the television news showed me at my computer faxing the material to whoever would receive it. The commentator said that the police and the prosecution were looking into possible charges. No charges were ever laid.

Other efforts to keep children safe from Michael include:

  • Contacting police, prosecutors, and Social Services, including Sheila Gagne, head of Social Services, who stated that Michael was to be considered their child and that I should not be concerning myself with his proclivity to rape and sodomize anything that moved. When I delivered all of our evidence concerning Michael's rape victims to the police, they would not accept it. They flatly stated they were not interested and refused to take a report.
  • Threatening to publish to every household in Warman Saskatchewan all documents relating to Michael's past sexual behavior. (This threat resulted in Michael being removed from Warman to a location or locations which have never been revealed.)

On August 27, 1994 I was arrested for having defamed Sgt. Brian Dueck of the Saskatoon City Police. I was not charged with anything to do with Michael: revealing his name or warning people about him. In fact, Sheila Gagne, Crown Prosecutor Matt Miazga, co-prosecutor Sonya Hansen, Richard Quinney and the many others I accused publicly did not have me charged with defamation.

Now injusticebusters have learned (again, from a reporter) that I am being investigated again. I said in 1993 and I will say now, on July 16, 1998 that I am prepared to answer (in a courtroom, if necessary) to all of my actions . I won my defamatory libel case because the Crown was too afraid to produce Michael and his rape victims and let a jury decide that what I had done was right. (See publication bans)

It is now four years since I was last charged for saying the same things about Brian Dueck: once again I find myself under a threat of being jailed for telling the truth. Sgt. Brian Dueck should remember one thing before he decides to take any action against me: that I will see to it this time that truth will prevail, and the guilty will be punished.

injusticebusters has been on the internet for six months now. One of our main goals in launching this site was to bring to public attention the rape, sodomy and torture of Kathy which happened under the watchful gaze and with the full approval of Sgt. Brian Dueck, Carol Bunko-Ruys, Matthew Miazga, Sonia Hanson, Richard Quinney, Bob Mitchell and the Department of Social Services.

These cases are on the net now and will be there as long as the net shall live.

2,500 people have visited our site. Several of these have sent us cases which we have posted or are planning to post and which will also be on the internet for as long as it takes to bring justice. We don't get hate mail and we don't promote hatred of any kind.

Where would any of us be if no one had ever fought back against injustice? As two people working on this website, we have made a significant impact in six months. We know that many people support us in their hearts but we want that support shown in a meaningful way. How can anyone sit back knowing about the state-sponsored torture of Kathy and not do at least something! Write a letter to the Justice Minister -- phone them on their 800 line -- express your outrage! The people who are trying to keep this ugly story under cover are certainly busy trying to find new ways to shut us up. injusticebusters is just as busy looking for new ways to give voice to our outrage. We refuse to believe that we live in a province that condones these things. We know that the truth will be more powerful than the lies which cover it up -- once it is known.

If society is to believe what the StarPhoenix and the rest of the media would have us believe -- that injusticebusters website is crackpot, nuts, dangerous, that the Justice Department and the Police are "investigating us" -- then surely people must wonder why we are still at large and not in jail or the loony bin?

Call us kooks! Throw slingshots at our characters. We stand proudly with all the other kooks who remain at large and are singleminded about something that is important to them. For us, it is justice.

Brian Dueck is a kook along with all his other more serious character flaws. He is a cop who abused his power and a criminal who has manufactured cases. The idea that he might be under the bed is very scary. A kook. A monster. A monster with a badge!

Letter to Roy Romanow, July 25, 1993

Mr. Roy Romanow
Premier of Saskatchewan
Legislative Building
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4S 0B3

Dear Mr. Romanow,

I am writing to you on behalf of myself, my wife Kari and my three children, Krystal, 11 years, Kayla, 4 1/2 years and Brady, 2 1/2 years, to ask that you order a full public inquiry into the treatment we have received at the hands of the justice system in Saskatchewan.

On February 10, 1993, after a long ordeal that no human being should have to endure, my wife and I, along with six members of my family which included my sister, my two brothers and their wives, my mother, as well as my brother's sister-in-law and her nusband, had charges against us stayed for unspeakably gross acts of sexual abue of three children.

The charges against us were so obviously false that they should never have been proceeded with. The three children, a boy and his twin sisters, made up unbelievable stories about being raped and assaulted almost daily by each of us, men, women and teenagers alike, as well as my wheelchair-bound mother. These same children accused their biological parents of killing and eating several babies, mutilating animals and children, including themselves, collecting their blood and drinking it, poling out animal and human eyeballs and serving them for dinner, and regularly eating feces and drinking urine as part of their meals. The children claimed to remember that this was done to them when they were infants -- one of them said she was two years old and still crawling when she watched her mother slaughter the neighbours' babies and bury them in boxes in her backyard, and she reported on how angry the neighbours were when they came to get their children and were told by the (deaf) mother that the babies were dead! Nevertheless, according to this child, the neighbours did not complain to the police because they had other children at home! Needless to say, the police never looked for nor did they locate any human remains in the back yards of these accused, and neither did they find anyone whose children had been murdered by these people. Also, a social worker and a medical doctor testified at the trial that there had been no signs of this type of massive physical abuse of the children when they were still living at home.

These children were fostered by my brother Dale and hs wife Anita, and at no time did the children mention anything about how they had been mutilated and tortured by their parents. They only made these accusations, first against their parents, and then against Dale and Anita and the rest of us, when the older brother, Michael, was removed from Dale and Anita's home because of his obviously disturbed and violent behavior, which had been fully documented by teachers and social workers alike. (Among other things, the boy threw one of his siters under a moving vehicle, causing her severe injusries.) The bizarre "disclosures" started coming out only when the boy moved into a new foster home where the parents were stong fundamentalist Christians who believed that the boy, Michael, "had the devil in him." In no time Michael and then later his sisters, accused members of our family, no matter how little contact we had had with them. These accusations were taken at face value by the police and the social services, who should have been competent enough to realize that there was no truth to what the children were saying.

Our family has been torn to pieces by these false accusations. We have lost of livelihoods, our reputations, our mental health, and even hope. My sister Pamela, who lost her much beloved adopted son because of these charges has since tried to commit suicide on numerous occasions. It was to protect her from having to g through a trial that my father eventually pleaded guilty to acts that he was not guilty of, and he is now serving a sentence of four years in the Bowden Penitentiary in Alberta.

I am asking you, from the bottom of my heart, to call this public inquiry without delay. We are innocent people who have been injured by a process that completely disregarded our lives and our rights. We want to have our names cleared and the public has a right to know what happened to us because it could happen to anybody, unless these kinds of abuses get stopped. I have enclosed a set of articles that were recently published in the StarPhoneix about my wife and me, my mother and my brother's sister-in-law and her family. They will give you a little glimpse of the hell we have been through and are still living.

Sincerely (signed)

Rick Klassen

11 A Gibson Close
Red Deer, Alberta
T4P 2Z3

Tel: (403) 340-3195

CC.: All Saskatchewan Members of Parliament

Rick's fighting back page (2001)

In August, 2001, Rick moved back to Saskatchewan. His most current page.

Rick has sustained enormous expense throughout this fight to bring Dueck's "Scandal of the Century" to the public. Many people have written and asked where to give financial support.

Any money received will be used to keep Rick going during this time when he has been unable to pick up painting contracts becase his time has been taken up with the case. Please e-mail injusticebusters to let us know if you would like a public -- or private -- thank you when you donate. And here is a thanks in advance.

Feb. 19: Thanks to Richard Coomber and Mario deSantis

Klassen responds to Jan. 30 gag fiat

I was innocent when Dueck charged me. In the disclosure material I found evidence stronger than DNA evidence which not only exonerated me but showed that Dueck used criminal means to have me prosecuted.

Who is going to say that the better-than-DNA evidence I have presented to the public, and the program shown by the Fifth Estate is not in the public interest?

Joyce Milgaard's voice was heard. No orders were placed against her. David Milgaard was vindicated as a result of her voice. She and her lawyer (who was not from Saskatchewan) spoke loudly all through the court case. Now I want to be heard. I want to remain part of the lawsuit which I started. So far the only place my voice has been heard is on the Fifth Estate, a program produced outside Saskatchewan. Global and John Gormley have not used my name or spoken to me because they have respected this order.

Judge Zarzeczny needs to clarify his order. What I read him ordering is to stop me talking to the public about allegations that were made about me (that were false) and allegations from me about Dueck (that are true.) The charges that were laid against me and my family, which could have resulted in severe prison time cannot be spoken about, according to this order. I would state again that all of the information on this website was obtained by me as a result of their prosecution against me. All of it. That disclosure made clear to me, as I have made clear to others that two young girls were raped, sodomized and tortured, all under the watchful eye of the defendants in this lawsuit. Those very defendants have always stated that their only goal was to protect the children. I have proven beyond a shadow of a scintilla of a doubt that these defendants not only failed to protect the children but harmed them beyond what we can ever measure. This is what Zarzeczny's order seeks to keep from the public. Nothing more, nothing less.

I now call upon the public to help and to voice their concern both for the children and the maliciously accused. Please call upon the Saskatchewan government to order a full judicial inquiry into the only crimes that were committed in this case. These were committed by the defendants in the lawsuit who now are using the public purse to silence the truth.

Costs have been awarded against me. I have no money and I will need help to pay these costs (which will be in the range of one thousand dollars). I can be reached at 306-867-2026. A bank account number will be posted shortly. We will publish a full accounting of all moneys received and dispersed.

Note: Several people have already offered to make donations. We will publish the number of a Bank of Nova Scotia account where money can be deposited. This will go to keep Richard Klassen alive, to allow him to travel to Saskatoon when necessary, to cover the costs of his appeal, etc.

The StarPhoenix article on our on-going court fight against Saskatchewan's attempts to gag us can be found here. An updated version of Fifth Estate's Scandal of the Century can be seen this coming Wednesday, January 24 at 8 p.m. on CBC television. If you are new to this site, and chances are that you are because we are getting several hundred new visitors each week, I encourage you to spend some time on the site familiarizing yourself with the story of my fight to bring to public the injustices done to me, my family, the Ross children and the public. This is the website that has refused to let them get away with it! Enjoy.

E-mail sent to Dueck Oct. 30, 1999

Subject: Are you in prison yet?

Sgt. Dueck,
I bet you thought that I fell off the earth, but I am still here just in a new province, and now have a better computer . . . I was reading on your site tonight and just thought that I would drop you a line and see if you had been arrested for your crime, Sex offenders belong in prison, you know . . .
Heard that you have been trying to get the kids to stop telling the truth about you, but I think that we have enough on video so you can quit trying. . . Have fun in prison, and some advice: keep your back to the wall when taking showers. . .

Rick Klassen

The above e-mail, sent from Manitoba, was part of the material Barry Rossman, Dueck's lawyer refers to as intimidating and which is why injusticebusters are dangerous.

My name is Rick Klassen. I now feel safe to publish all the names the court once banned in the foster parent case. I feel that it is in the interest of these victims to have their stories told..... in fact, one of the child witnesses has used the information on this website to begin to put the missing pieces of her life ino place.

Justice: Those who know the truth must stand up for it!

Matt Miazga Lady Justice

Prosecutor Matthew Miazga stated in open court that he himself did not believe the charges against me. However for reasons known only to him, he proceeded. When the charges were stayed as part of a plea-bargain with my father, the reason given to the media was that "the children were too traumatized to continue." It would have been far less damaging to me if they had said, as Miazga had said in open court, that they did not believe I was guilty of the charges. I have been defamed ever since by the police, prosecutors, and media. The Saskatoon police carry on a rumour campaign which suggests that all of us, and the Martensville Nine as well, were guilty of molesting children but the poor overworked underpaid police couldn't make the case because the children became traumatized. The media has been afraid to use my name because it might identify the child witnesses. By staying the charges in the manner that they did, they defamed me and have been doing so ever since. On this website I have been fighting back by using my name, publishing the manufactured disclosure evidence so it can be seen for what it is, and holding their non-publication orders in contempt.

Without courageous advocates, Justice is only a shadow of herself!

I think I must be doing something right because six years after the charges against me were stayed, I recieved the following e-mail :

Hi Rick.
This is Michelle Ross here. I am at Sheila's right now and her and i are talking about things that have happened with the case. I told her that i would like to go out picketing with her. she also told me about the court case you are coming to town for. and that you want them to drop the defamation libel charges because you have evidence. if you want, i would love to march in court right beside you and tell them that you are not lying. I'd be happy to discuss this with you. I also heard that you are nervous that i might make more false accusations against you. you have nothing to fear. i am 17 now and i don't go around doing that. i am also willing to go to court and tell the truth about what really happened. my email address is (email address). so please don't be nervous around me. because i want to get everything straightened out.


Michelle Ross (November, 1999)


Michelle Ross, born March 4, 1982. Michelle's parents were Don, and Helen Ross. She had a twin sister Kathleen Ross, and an older brother Michael London Ross, In 1991 Michelle Ross resided in Warman, Saskatchewan with her foster parents Lyle, and Marilyn Thompson, and her brother, and sister. Michelle Ross accused me of sexually abusing her while she was a foster child in the home of my brother and sister-in-law, Dale and Anita in 1989. The investigating police officer was Cpl. Brian Dueck of the Saskatoon City Police, and the therapist who handled the case was Carol-Bunko-Ruys, also of Saskatoon. The charges against me were stayed in 1993 after a long preliminary hearing where I was held to stand trial. I stated then that I was innocent, and I state now that I am innocent. However, the pain still remains.

This is Michelle, on Monday morning, Nov. 22, 1999 working to create her own webpage

On Nov. 23, 1999 Michelle intercepted Michael outside the Provincial Courthouse to let him know she was serious about the assault charges she had laid against him. (Read the full story )