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One of the many sleezy tricks pulled by the civil defendants in the lawsuit launched by Richard Klassen in 1994 has been their attempt to oust him from the lawsuit based on his participation in the internet and, in particular, this website. These attempts have failed but Klassen has assured Judge Mona Dovell he has not ever had the codes to make changes on the site. This remains true as Klassen prepares for the civil trial scheduled for the month of September, 2003. Pretrial briefs will be heard May 1 and Klassen will be ready.

What follows is a small portion of the notes that the foster mother Marilyn Thompson took while Brian Dueck was conducting his investigation on sixteen persons the children named. The below description of the notes is mostly direct speaking from the children, however I spiced it up a bit with what I think is better writing.

I would not want to see another case creep out of the woodwork as a result of reading these notes so a note of caution: These notes should not be read by young children or anyone susceptible to mischievour suggestion.

It is October 1990 in Warman, Saskatcheman

Brian Dueck

Marilyn sits at her kitchen table this morning enjoying her first cup of coffee. The children will get up soon, and she must prepare them for more questions. Kathy is the first to get up but she quickly runs outside to play. Michael now rises and takes his position at the table as he does every morning; he is the one of the three who craves attention most and he seems to be the one who has the most to tell. Marilyn decides to start right in on Michael this morning. "You know Michael that we have to talk about your past some more because we need to let Brian [Dueck], and Liz [Newton] know right?" "That's right" Michael replies as he sits eating his morning cereal.

Michael runs to get his scrapbook that he keeps in his room and returns taking out a picture that he had done at school the other day. "That is a nice haunted house Michael, and I really like the ghosts!" says Marilyn.

Michael becomes agitated and Marilyn now asks, "What is wrong with the picture, Michael?"

"Well," Michael replies, "The worst is the word Halloween. It says happy Halloween but it should say - bad Halloween".

"Why Michael? " Marilyn asks. "Well," Michael replies, "because it reminds me of the sexual abuse that was done to me on Halloween night, and even during the day when I first got up in the morning. My dad used to stick his penis in my mouth first thing in the morning, and you know, he would make me suck it, and he would also stick it in my bum, and my mom would also be there and she would do the same to me."

Marilyn now sits back in her chair knowing that it will be another long day of disclosure for this 11 year old boy. "I can't wait to tell Brian [Dueck] and [Newton] this new stuff" she thinks to herself, jotting a note in the margin. "I wonder if they will be able to get their heads around this?"

"You know what else happened to us on Halloween night?" Marilyn shakes her head indicating no. She knows that there is much more on the way, and she is sure that whatever it is will be worse than what he just told her. She lets Michael continue talking, as Carol [Bunko-Ruys] and Brian [Dueck] have advised." My mom and dad did this every Halloween, and they would do it to my sisters too. They did this all on the bed, and they would do it right after we got home from school, and then they would dress up and go out treating with us."

Michael is on a roll now, and just keeps talking, as Marilyn sits quietly nodding her head and looking motherly to let him know that she is listening. "And we would go over to my mom and dad's sometimes, where they kept the bat," Michael continues. . "The bats were tied up, and they would screw the bats, don't ask me how but they did! After they were done with the bats they would stab them and would untie them and put a rope around their necks, and then they would hang them outside their door." Marilyn now decides it is time to intervene and quickly asks. "What time of day would they hang the bats outside Michael?" Michael is now confident that she is still listening and goes on with his story. "Right after we screwed the bats they would put them out there" "

What did people think when they saw the bats out there? "

"Well they just thought that it was a stuffed bat, but we all knew that it wasn't"

Marilyn pours herself another coffee preparing herself for the next round of disclosure. This is the work she is being paid to do, for which she was qualified by Social Services to run a "special needs" foster home. Snever quite sure anymore what he will say next. She is not used to this kind of talk. She was raised to believe that sexual talk was a no-no and certainly she and Lyle didn't speak this way in front of their own children. She starts to wonder what she has got herself into and feels embarrassed.

"What was the name of the family that would have the bat Michael?" she asks.

"Oh they were the bad family, they came from Weyburn, and the bats were kept at Uncle Ken's house in Weyburn. Uncle Ken lived right next door to my grandpa Vogel, and they would also bring the bats to Saskatoon in a cage." Michael now sits and draws a Halloween picture as Marilyn ponders her next question for him. Michael draws a Halloween scene, and then is ready to reveal more of his tales.

Marilyn suddenly decides that it is time that she gather up all three children to talk to them about what will happen on Halloween, which will take place now in just three more days. Michelle had already got up and joined Kathy outside so she calls the twin girls to come in. She does ner best to hide her panic now as she tells them that there will be no treating for them this year:" We will just all stay home and have a hot dog party, and maybe carve some pumpkins."

Carol Bunko-Ruys

Michelle says that this is ok because skeletons remind her of the dead babies that she watched being slaughtered, and that the bats remind her of vampires with blood coming out of them.

Marilyn has now heard enough for the day, and decides to take this all up again after she has checked with Corporal Brian Dueck, and Carol [Bunko-Ruys] (right) and Liz [Newton] about how to proceed. "I wonder if they will be able to figure this out," she thinks to herself, making another note in the margin.

Saturday OCT 27/1990

Marilyn sees Michelle first this time. Michelle is quick to tell Marilyn that Michael had twice come to her room last night and that they had sex. Marilyn decides that she had better confront Michael about this right away, and calls him to the kitchen table. Michael is very confused this morning and finally says, "Yes - No - Yes - No" He runs to get his coat, but he doesn't go near the door. I tell him that it would be all right for him to go, but that first he would have to sit down and finish talking with me.

"I need blood NOW," Michael says over and over.

"Why do you think that you need blood Michael?"

"Blood gives me power",

"But why, Michael," Marilyn maintains her patient tone. "You know that if you can give us a reasonable answer that we will try to get you what you need."

"I need human blood not animal blood!"

"But why Michael? You have not had blood for many years so why do you need it now?"

"No-no I had blood when I lived at Dale and Anita's before they brought me here. My dad would bring the blood over for us, and if I don't get blood now I will just cut myself right now and drink the blood".

Michael now wants to draw a picture for Marilyn and takes the paper that she is writing on to do it. He draws what looks like a devilan angel, and a grandma. Before this he would always be the joker in the picture, but now he draws himself as the devil. He now puts the picture on the floor at starts to stomp on it to get rid of the Devil.

Marilyn's son Ross brings his pet snake out of his room and one of the other children says something about fangs. Michelle becomes visibly upset about the word fangs. "I think I will now talk with her". Marilyn thinks.

Michelle takes her seat now at the kitchen table and Marilyn assures her that she is there to listen and to help her. Michelle goes right into a recitation of how the fangs remind her of the bats, and starts to tell a story of how her mother would wear a Gorilla or a Vampire mask. "The Vampire mask had big fangs, and there was blood and she would do things to us when she had the mask on, and it was awful. And they had bats in the attic, and we all took turns looking after the bats in the attic. We had to put gloves on like plastic ones, but heavier so that they would not bite us" Marilyn decides that the gloves must have been rubber and not plastic. Michelle continues to tell how there were four cages in the attic, and that there were baby bats in the cages that looked like little mice. Marilyn realizes that Michelle knows all about bats, that she does not remember ever talking to her about bats and so this must be an authentic memory!

Sunday OCT 28th/1990

Michael is quick to take his place at the table again this morning, and starts to tell about how he was tied up in the basement of Dale and Anita's, hanging from the ceiling. He says that they tied him there so that he would not screw Michelle, and Kathy, and Jackie, (Dale and Anita's daughter.) He now tells that they lit a fire under him, and describes that the fire was something like you would see on a stick. He describes how he would have liked to put the fire on Anita's head, but feared that he would get ashes on her head. Marilyn quickly adds to her notebook that "yesterday Michelle told us how all of them were held over the fire place at their home on Streb Crescent, and how her mom cut her ear to get blood, and how scared she was when this happened. Michael threatened Kathy Friday night. He told her that he would drain her blood and kill her and Michelle. He told her that he would kill Brian Dueck if she says anything to anyone."


Brian Dueck was the investigating police officer on what is now referred to as the "Foster Parent Scandal". Carol Bunko-Ruys as Carol in the above notes was the contract therapist hired by Social Services to treat the children. Liz Newton, as "Liz" in the notes is the children's Social Worker at the Department of Social Services.

Michael London Ross, born Oct 18/1979, was transferred to Marilyn and Lyle's home from Dale, and Anita's home in early December 1989 at the request of Dale and Anita. Marilyn had answered an ad that was run in the Star Phoenix looking for recruits to foster children 11 years old and up. Michael started to come up with some of the allegations only two weeks after arriving at Marilyn's home in Warman, Saskatchewan. He claimed that his sisters who remained in the care of Dale and Anita's. Michael claimed that they too needed to be saved for they too were being abused. Michael's parents were Don and Helen Ross. Both parents were deaf. Helen gave up the children to foster care in 1987 because she felt they would be better off, they were living on the edge of poverty at the time, and she had a severe drinking problem.

After Brian Dueck, and Marilyn got what they needed out of Michael they removed his twin Sisters Michelle and Kathy from Dale and Anita's home. This apprehension took place in May of 1990. Michelle and Kathy were born on March 4th/1982. Kathy was the smaller of the two, she was half the size of Michelle. Dale and Anita had Michael removed because he would on a regular basis be caught trying to have sex with his sister Michelle, and other children down the block. They felt that it would be in their best interest to have him removed, and were told that they were doing the right thing by none other than Liz Newton herself.

No babies were ever found during Brian Dueck's investigation, and as a matter of fact none were ever looked for. The children gave specific addresses where they say they witnessed bodies being buried. No bats were ever found in any attics, and in fact no evidence of any kind was ever found to collaborate the children's stories.

Michael continued to have sex with his two sisters during the his stay at the Thompson foster home, and was eventually removed in 1994, and taken to Ranchero, a group home for children just outside Regina, Saskatchewan.

16 people were eventually rounded up and charged with numerous charges of sexual abuse on all three of the above children. 9 of those accused were from one family. There remained one brother of that family who did not get charged, he was however named by the children as having done the same things as the rest had. Four of those accussed were from another family. The two parents and both their children were arrested. They were foster parents like Dale and Anita, and as a matter of fact were Anita's sister, and brother in-law. Both deaf parents of the children were charged, along with the now mothers boyfriend, Don White.

There is a whole lot more in the notes of Marilyn Thompson , and they can be read in their entirety by clicking The Thompson papers The rest of the evidence that we have which consists of may interviews with each of the children, as well as medical reports can be seen on the website.

I am one of the accused in this bizarre case that the Saskatchewan Government, and the City police are covering up, and I am the only one out of the sixteen who has decided to fight back. I launched a ten million-dollar lawsuit, and encouraged the others to join. The Fifth Estate picked up this story from our web site last fall, and as a result things are starting to happen. I can never thank them enough for what they have done for this case, and only hope that they will continue to stay with the case to the end. As a member of injusticebusters I say this to Dueck, and the rest:

I think that you should all consider taking that early retirement package if there is one available to you. You can always head for the Mexican border. Hell you can all get nice tans before you enter the prison system.

I most recently came into disclosure material from the crown that reveals a lot more than the "Fifth Estate" saw. I had never been given this material at our court. and I fully intend to share it with the public. Some might ask why I am not satisfied just to be in the lawsuit, and why I persist in telling this story. Well here is why!

I believe that this case will never get to court, and that the other side will want at some point in time to get out of this whole mess. Surely "they" do not want a jury to hear all the evidence we have against them? I do not want this cover-up to go unexposed and if I were to somehow settle out then that is what I would be allowing. Besides if one is to look at the Stinchcombe ruling 1991 you will clearly see that the disclosure belongs to us all, and that it is not the property of the crown.

inJusticebusters received a lot of correspondence during, and after the Fifth Estate program was shown. All of that email was positive. I am sure glad that there are others out there that want to see that justice is done on this case, and I thank each and every one of them for their support. I will be here to the end of this case, and there is nothing that they can do to Sheila and I to stop us from speaking out!!!