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Subject: please help
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 17:04:22 -0500
From: "David Roberts" <>
To: <injusticebusters>

Keep going guys!
This is Dave Roberts from Ottawa. Ottawa's Margarrd. I've been selling the
crown attorney and polices perjury in the newspaper in Ottawa. I talked to
Shirley 2 weeks ago. I 'd like to say I know how important your website is
to this country. I was found wrongfully convicted and was promised criminal
investigation into police and crown attorney. It was agreed by crown that
police and top crown attorney in Ottawa had falsified evidence and with
held evidence. No investigation happened and they're still trying to cover
up. I need your help to advertise on your website, a court date on February
19th in Toronto, court of appeal of Ontario, 130 Queen St. West, in
courtroom 10 at 10:00 am. I'd like to get support. Also people can come and
see how crooked the system is, and how important your website is. I know
that the work you are doing is dangerous work because many times I've been
threatened to be killed and beaten. My phone number is (613) 521-5868. It
is amazing how crooked the system is if people aren't watching. I've had a
judge say, "I don't want to see the evidence, I'm friends with the lawyer-
you lose,". For copies of police and crown attorney perjury, please call
the number above. Keep going Shirley and Rick. If I can do something in
Ottawa, call. Dave Roberts.
P.S. You guys should get a medal for your work.

I saw your story and thought you may find mine interesting I have had first hand experiance in feeling the grinding stop of the wheels of justice My eyes were forced open to what we all would like to pretend does not exist. Repeat after me...GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION IS REAL and we must make them accountable. I APPLAUD YOUR EFFORTS!!

An Edmonton consultant, Zues Yaghi, has found a way to regularly beat some casino slot machines. Clever programmers and engineers devised a poker game for WMS Gaming of Chicago, which was supposed to be rigged to always win. In the good old days of the western saloon, a gambler who rigged a poker game and was caught at it would be lucky to get out of town alive. But times have changed because today's saloons have an accomplice, a government that shares the take. In order to protect its vested interests, it used the forces it had available, the police, and went after Yaghi. It's a mad world. Yaghi should be rewarded, not punished, for his efforts.

Ed H. Davis


Edmonton man beats casino slot machines

EDMONTON -- An Edmonton man has found a way to regularly beat some casino slot machines.

Computer consultant Zues Yaghi discovered a software flaw that allowed players to win thousands of dollars in minutes by touching a series of buttons in a particular sequence.

The slot machine manufacturer, WMS Gaming Inc., says it has fixed the problem. But the firm believes it was used by players in Canada and the U.S. to cut millions of dollars from gambling revenues.

Yaghi revealed what he knew to gaming officials in December.

Instead of getting thanks, his home was searched, the manufacturer launched a $10-million lawsuit against him, and Alberta gaming officials recommended he be barred from casinos.

The whole story could not be published until now because of a publication ban that was lifted Wednesday after efforts by the Edmonton Journal .

Yaghi, an independent software consultant and businessman, identified the software flaw on certain electronic slot machines manufactured by Chicago Illinois-based WMS Gaming.

The problem has cost "millions of dollars" in Alberta and in other jurisdictions in Canada and the U.S., said Edmonton lawyer Robert White, who represents the company.

Yaghi said the flaw allows knowledgeable players to win "absolutely and totally 100 per cent, as much as you want."

The technique involves a player using the "double-down" feature in conjunction with other commands to win, he said.

In court documents, he said the technique can be used on more than two types of casino slot machines found in Alberta and elsewhere.

Yaghi came forward and shared his discovery with Alberta Gaming officials and owners of Edmonton's Baccarat Casino last December, according to court documents.

Court documents show Yaghi also met with WMS Gaming representatives to tell them about the problem. He's been regretting those disclosures ever since, he said.

WMS Gaming sued him for $10 million, obtained a secret court order and searched his home, copying his computer files and taking personal items.

"If I had any vision of where it would go and how it would go, in a second I would have walked away from it," Yaghi said.

If one can believe even half of what one reads, the June 22 story, "City man finds a way to beat the odds," should go down in The Guinness Book of Records under the collection of "The World's Funniest Clowns."

As I read it, WMS Gambling Inc. of Chicago were offering something other than a fail-safe (for them) system on their slots. Suddenly, on two walking sticks, in rides one computer-smart western dude by the name Zues Yaghi, who calls in the sheriff's posse from Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, and proceeds to show these mental giants how the world and his wife could do in the gambling system and the WMS boys.

Not only that, old Zues turns these winnings over to these clowns, and promptly gets a home invasion, pirating of his computer data, and some rather nasty name-calling suggesting he's a cheat. To add insult to injury, they then slap him with a couple of major million-dollar suits for being the good guy.

Personally, I think they should kiss the ground he walks on and hire his genius brain to keep them out of further trouble instead of sending in the goons to break the knee caps on his already weak knees.

Next time, Zues baby, keep your smarts to yourself -- or better still, give them to me and we'll split the profits. Nobody would dream of banning this little old lady from the casinos as a security risk.

Lads, I do believe the horse has already bolted.

Audra Hollingshead,

It's okay to play but you'd better not win

That's the message we're receiving after reading your article about Zues Yaghi. What a joke. ("City man finds a way to beat the odds," Journal, June 22.)

Casino operators are granted licences to legally take money from Joe Citizen, yet, when Joe Citizen finds a method to beat the system, he gets sued and/or barred from the gambling establishments.

What's wrong with this picture? Can you imagine Wayne Gretzky being banned from hockey for being creative and innovative?

Alberta Gaming Commission and the casino operators should be suing WMS Gaming Inc. for supplying them with inferior slot machines, if in fact they are flawed.

Yaghi should be congratulated and given a big pat on the back for his discovery and not be victimized by an American conglomerate who wants to pass the buck and take its ball and go home.

William Hall,

Fri, 26 Jan 2001 00:31:15 -0500 From: Robert Brown

Dear Mr. Klassen, Having sat through the Fifth Estate this evening Jan 25/01, both myself and my wife were absolutely devastated that something this immoral could happen in Canada. The lies and the torment your whole family must have gone through were bad enough, but to find out at the end that Brian Dueck is now a superintendent is incomprehensible. This is a travesty. I am a proponent of law and order and a supporter of our police, but this sickened me. This story is similar to the one in the US, I believe it was in Georgia at a play school. The stories told by the children were so outrageous that any semi-intelligent individual would know that it was imagination and adult innuendo. I will continue to follow the events on your web site.

Police stories, continued

I know for a fact, for example, that the chief of Victoria police is a demented scumbag. That's Doug Richardson. Doug is a pathological liar, at the very least. I also strongly suspect that Doug has tried to get me killed with the mountain of lies he - probably personally - deposited into the national police computer (CPIC) system. Doug Richardson bears some close scrutiny, for his fine conduct, as a police officer.

Toronto police have since 1991 been carrying on Doug's personal vendetta, here in Toronto, against me. But it all started back in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, in 1988. It started there over - of all things - me forgetting where I parked my car. Evidently in Canada, forgetting where you parked your vehicle is an offence which may potentially warrant the death penalty. I get that impression. I should have remembered where I parked that sucker. But...jazz concerts have a way of distracting people. Anyway, it has been some 12 years of hell and grief for me, since then. I have been subjected to a very vicious smear job, repeated false arrests, repeated periods - weeks and months - in jail for things I haven't done, beatings (I've been brutally beaten), threats, and general police harrassment. False traffic tickets, my path blocked on the street as I was crossing on foot at an intersection and I'm called a "fucking cocksucker".... Sigh. You name it, they've done it to me.

The last time I had a big, big flock of Toronto police all dressed up like Darth Vaders and all armed to the teeth - a heavily armed ETF team - come to my home, late at night. Just for me. They broke in to my home at about 3 a.m. and "arrested" me, yet again, without a warrant. But once again I was never charged with anything.

And even when I am charged, with something, concocted, I seldom ever get a trial. I think I have gotten...maybe two trials out of some 15-odd arrests. I have lost count now, of my arrests, there have been so many.

The routine in my case is usually some weeks or months in jail, on cooked-up, fabricated, concocted, bogus charges. The prosecutors always make me out to be some kind of very dangerous monster, like Clifford Olsen. So I am denied bail, but for no good reason at all. And then on the day that I'm scheduled to get a trial, the judge says: you're free to go. No trial. Because of course: there is no evidence that I did anything illegal.

Note: this has been done to me again and again and again and again. Many times.

No one ever apologies to me, for that unwarranted time behind bars, because (of course) these guys _never_ make a mistake. Ever. They are infallible. That's why they have pulled this same thing over and over and over and over again. Many times. Time in jail, but no trial. Or: in one case, there was a trial, and they lied. Bare-faced lies. What happened in that case was: I messed up a cop's hand with my face. I did his knuckes permanent damage, with my face. That's how I got a conviction for "assaulting police". It was actually a beating that I got, at 3 a.m., in a Toronto police station, and they got a little over-zealous in punching me and stomping me.

I've been arrested - repeatedly - even though they have no evidence at all that I have ever broken the law in Ontario. And flatly and frankly, I am _much_ more law-abiding than Toronto police. Absolutely. I have no hesitation at all in saying that.

Toronto police disgust me. They make me sick. And also frankly: I loathe the very ground they walk on. I have nothing but contempt for them. In my opinion Toronto police are undisciplined, dishonest, brutal, arrogant goons, and bastards, and I spit on their badges.

I have _yet_ to meet an honest Toronto cop. In my opinion they are all liars. It's like they have to get a passing grade in Lying before they can graduate from the Police College! I have never in my life met any group of people more dishonest - or arrogant - than the police. They are number one on the lying hit parade, and anyone who would deny that is either ignorant of the facts, or a liar himself.

Take it from me; I have by now nearly a Ph.D in dealing with these guys, and I know, what they are like. They are extremely dishonest. Now, I would never believe _anything_ that came from the mouth of a cop, because I have learned so much about how they actually operate. Dishonesty is like the grease that lubricates their machine. But that machine is something straight out of a Franz Kafka novel, or...the KGB, in Russia. Stalin's Russia. And I don't think that is being too harsh, though it may be...overly analytical. A bit.

The former chief of Metro Toronto police was instructed by the former head of the Police Service Board in Toronto - Susan Eng - to investigate, what was going on in my case. To wit: they had put me out of work (from a very good job on contract to IBM), falsely arrested me several times, beaten me up, threatened me, smeared me, etc. Well, that was _quite_ the "investigation" that was done.

To wit: Mr David Boothby (supposedly a "reformer") let one of his more dumb, slightly retarded, goon detectives cook up yet _another_ smear job, and then that "Internal Memorandum" was kept secret from me for more than two years. I was not given a copy, nor was I allowed to read it. Even though it was about me. Or...some person who had the same name as me. Because it wasn't about me, it was about their distorted ideas about me. I could have corrected them on a lot of points, but you can only do that if they're willing to let you read it. And they weren't. My conclusion: just another smear job.

It was kept secret, for quite a while. When I finally obtained a copy of it, some two years later, and was finally able to read it.... My jaw dropped, of course, because it was all lies, a rotten pack of lies, from beginning to end. Then they found out that I had a copy of it, and a Metro Toronto detective started calling me. About that. He called me repeatedly, in fact. He seemed very concerned that I had a copy of it. I said, "You had better be more concerned about what it says about me than that I have a copy of it. It's about _me_. I should have a copy of it, I think."

Nobody - no one - ever talked to me before that BULLSHIT was concocted. I never had even one single solitary conversation with a cop. They knew where I lived, and they had my phone number.

Then Dave - who was subsequently to become police chief (for his extreme honesty) turned that pack of outright lies over to Susan Eng, as the truth, when it was anything but. Now to me, the victim of that, that's obstructing justice. Because there was no "investigation". It was just another cook job. And I think Dave should be visited at his home, and arrested and charged, for how he handled that so-called "investigation". An "investigation" that he was put in charge of, which came out onto Susan Eng's desk as a concocted pack of outright lies, and a smear job, from beginning to end. That is obstructing justice, when a police officer evades doing his sworn duty, properly. Which was: to investigate. To determine the truth. Not just re-hash Doug Richardson's lies.

Moreover, when I told Ron Dick, a former Toronto police superintendent, that I was getting very tired of being painted by police as a nut, and a head-case, and kook, and as mentally ill, Ron said to me: "I have never seen any evidence of that. That we've ever done that to you." But there in Ron's own hand, in the document he was holding, in his hand - the same Internal Memorandum that was withheld from me for over two years - it was right there. That I'm a nut; a kook; a head-case.

Now that - right there - is police corruption, in a nutshell. When a police superintendent LIES to you, in order to keep a vendetta going.... Ron Dick was _lying_ to me that day. He _knew_ what that report said. I didn't know. But Ron knew. And his boss, the second in command - soon to be chief of police in Toronto - then lied to his boss, the chief. Who in turn then lied to Susan Eng, by presumably passing on that pack of lies. Then Susan obviously decided: OK. This guy's a nut. A kook. Fine. I guess there is no problem then.

Yes there is indeed a problem, Susan. Still. There has been a problem for a long time, and that is that: you - Susan Eng - left a big mess, that never got cleaned up. And: Toronto police are rotten from top to bottom, inside to out, rotten to the core. That I could prove in court, so I have no hesitation in saying it. That: at every level on that force - from constables on the street, up to inspectors, up through a superintendent, and even on to the chief, the very top dog - there is deceit.

Toronto police operate - routinely - on the basis of deceit. In fact, to my mind, they are little better than gangsters.

These are things you learn after dealing with them for about ten years. These are things you finally know with certainty. You know - for sure, finally - that you would rather deal with the Mafia, or a motorcycle gang, than those guys. Because: I doubt the Mafia or the Hell's Angels would ever harm me, without good reason. But that rule obviously does _not_ apply to those bastards: the police. The ones who wear the uniforms. The police, in Toronto.

Their understanding of the law - which I do respect, deeply - seems to be: you mess with us, you should expect to get hurt. Why? Because the police are in charge? There is one thing fundamentally wrong with that belief. It is: that actually: the law says: that we - the people - are in charge of them. It says that the police are accountable to us, the public, and not the other way around.

I think the public's understanding should be: we are losing control. The police are out of control, in this country, now, as I see it, because they can operate on the basis of deceit, and brutality, and threats, and harrassment - routinely - with impunity. They can do whatever they please, to do. And because: crown prosecutors just play along with that sick game, and they also do _that_ with impunity. They carry the football for the cops in court. They carry on the vendetta there. When there should be no vendetta in the first place. When that vendetta is in fact illegal, and anyone who is party to it ought to be prosecuted.

And because: even judges fail to get it stopped. If judges just turn a blind eye to it, and meekly go along with every crown prosecutor's request that you be detained in custody, and denied bail.... Even though you haven't broken the law, or done a damn thing wrong.... And this is done repeatedly, to you....

What's wrong with that picture? I say: a lot.

Meanwhile, my formerly successful career as a computer programmer-analyst has been destroyed. It is kaput. I haven't worked for years. For about ten years, I have not worked. In fact, I'm now medically disabled - officially - owing to chronic depression, which stems 100% - purely - from police harrassment. Twelve years of police harrassment, in two different provinces. And: I live in fear.

In my case it's not paranoia. It is experience.

Recently, for example, there was a water leak just outside the door, in this condo, where I live. The building manager came up at 4 a.m., and knocked on the door. But I didn't know who it was. Even when I looked out the peep hole, I couldn't see. So...I was scared, by that knock. Very scared, in fact. That it was them again. Because: we have security here, in this building, and no one comes to the door unannounced. Especially in the middle of the night. Except, of course: the big all-important all-powerful police.

I thought - sigh - they have come to my home - yet again - for more fun and games. Because: they have come to every place I have ever lived for the past 12 years. Every place, to either harrass me, or arrest me. So: I was scared. More jail, for nothing, I thought. More weeks, maybe even months, in jail, probably a lot of it in solitary confinement. Because I always get a lot of solitary confinement - weeks of it - for some undefined "administrative reasons".

Later - after I knew it was just a water leak (water dripping down onto the door sill), I was shaking for a while. Trembling. Even after I knew it was just a water leak, just the building manager, not the cops. You know, when it is a _relief_ that it's a water leak.... That is not a good life.

It would have been my...what?...16th false arrest, or thereabouts, in the past 12 years? I've had - I'm sure - an average of more than one false arrest per year for well over a decade. With - of course - almost always unnecessary force used against me, even though I have never in my life resisted arrest. Ever. I am not violent. I always go peacefully. Yet, I often get the thrown to the floor, the hard boot on my ear trip, like I am some sort of animal. And judging from the massive firepower brought to my home on the last occasion, and the threats I have received - to the effect that "we're going to get you, you fucker"....these people apparently do want me dead. I once had a lawyer tell me, after I described my many problems with them, "It sounds to me like you're being set up to be killed."

Evidently Mr Doug Richardson, back there in Victoria - Chief Doug Richardson (who in the spring of 1991 shook my hand in the presence of the Mayor of Victoria, David Turner, and assured me that he had nothing against me, and that Victoria police held me in "high regard").... The same Doug Richardson's actions in behind-my-back promoting the idea in the national police computer that I am "violent", "dangerous", "mentally ill", etc, speaks of a very different agenda, which is definitely _not_ "high regard". Instead it is the lowest form of back-stabbing.

And that is the type of person we have acting as a chief of police in this country. A low-life, back-stabbing pathological liar. And I won't go into all the details there, but I could prove - easily prove - that Doug Richardson has lied on many different occasions, enough that I know with deep certainty that he is a pathological liar.

In fact, I think Doug Richardson - rather than being "chief of police" in Victoria - actually belongs in a cell in a penitentiary, for up to five years, because that is the criminal penalty in Canada for defamation of character. For trying to get me killed - which is attempted murder - I think he should stay there even longer, and have a visit from Bubba and his big penis. Up his backside. But despite knowing that defamation of character is a criminal offence in this country, you won't see me ever refraining from referring to Doug Richardson as a cockroach, in public. Because I could prove in court that Doug is basically the lowest form of life on this planet. In fact, calling Doug a "cockroach" is actually being kind to him, and unfair to cockroaches. I want that bastard to take me to court, so I can PROVE that he's a night-crawling cockroach, who ought to be stepped on.

It's the agenda of someone who obviously wants to destroy my life, and Doug has really succeeded admirably well there. With his "high regard". (Of course I cannot even get access to my CPIC file, because that too is a secret, of the all-powerful state. Access denied.) I have concluded that the "violent" and "dangerous" business is intended - probably - to also destroy me biologically, and get me dead. Sooner or later. That's why all the guns abound now. When I don't even like guns.

But: it is also my impression that police in Canada are supposed to PROTECT people, like me. Innocent citizens. Not destroy our lives.

These guys are straight out of Russia. They use the very same Stalinist, KGB methods, with great success. Including mental hospitals. Which can - in my experience - essentially be torture units. If you're strapped to a bed day after day, unable to get up - for days on end - until you are in literally agony, from your aching back - that is to me, torture.

So. Please: sock it to them. Make them wince with your increasingly vociferous and vocal and vehement attacks on police corruption, and exposure of cases like mine. Publish my letter, please. Let's call a spade a spade, and let's call the slime-leaving slugs: slime-leaving slugs. If it is Toronto police: they leave a trail of slime. If it's Doug: he's a cockroach.

And you know the Canadian Civil Liberties Association? Do _not_ trust them. I simply phoned them for help, and I got two months in jail for it. And I could prove that, easily.

Also: regard the provincial Ombudsman in Ontario - Clare Lewis - with considerable suspicion. Because: the new Ombudsman in Ontario is one of the people who has shafted me, in my long fight for justice.

Mr Lewis claimed - in order to refuse me any help, while he was head of the Police Complaints Commission in Ontario - that I "pleaded guilty" to a charge. That is absolutely not true. Nor was I ever found guilty of anything. Sorry. Innocent, sir. I phoned his office repeatedly, to try to set them straight. To no avail.

Now the very same Clare Lewis is the Ombudsman in Ontario. He is going to protect us all, from the excesses of government. What a joke. I spit on Clare Lewis' office door, as well. Clare Lewis is in my opinion just another one of the puffed-up bozos and IDIOTS who badly needs to lose his job, over failing to do it properly. He is, in a word, incompetent. If not incontinent.

I don't see _any_ sign of accountability in the province of Ontario, when it comes to the conduct of police, or the conduct of crown prosecutors. And that is sad, and frightening, to me.

Hamilton organizations

On another note... I would like to show my support, by telling you about an organization, here in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, that is involved in many aspects of the, Child and Family Services Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter 11 and especially, Part III, Child Protection. We have founded an organization called, "people4people". Within this organization, we have launched the, "U.N.I.T.I.", Campaign. ( U aNd I Together Involved ).

The purpose of our U.N.I.T.I Campaign is to butt heads with the Children's Aid Societies and lobby to change, what you have obviously seen, as an archaic law, that has proven itself, time and again, as the sword that has found many victims, through the dispensation of its' Mandates. While our Website is not nearly as impressive, as yours, yet, we are a relatively new organization, founded only this month. However, we are resolved, within our beliefs. We are determined to dispose of the methodologies, therein, that implement the same techniques and practices as those used during the Witch Trials, in Salem, Massachusetts and the MacCarthy quest for communists, in the United States of America. Fear, is the Mind Killer... It taunts the sole and plagues the mind... It leadeth us to act without thought, but upon the most basic and primal forces, from which we have stemmed. Let not fear, be our guide, our control, our mistress. Let the light of day shine and wash over the dark and dank places where secrets and discretion dwell. For there is nothing that grows well, in these places. And what does grow, can be as the deadliest of poisons. Our primary goal is to become a viable force, to eliminate terms like, "concern", "good faith", "reason to believe", "best interest of the child" and numerous other terms that have spelled out innuendo, feelings and opinion, within the applications of the Law. The Law should be a process of investigation; to discover the truth and support this truth with a reasonable amount of facts and evidence. We want to abolish any Law that would seek to choke the fragile flame of the Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees, within our Constitution.

We wish to forge a return, from the dark ages, into the light of the twenty first century. Truly, the investigating officer, the social worker and the Government offices that supported them, had already tried and convicted you. The rest of the procedures were just an application of due process, to seek out and prove their theories; not a quest for the truth. Sometimes, Mr. Don Quiote, a windmill is just a windmill and not a raving dragon. Or to put it another way, "A Zebra is always a horse, but a horse is not always a Zebra". Putting those stripped pajamas, upon you and your brother, didn't make that horse a Zebra either. These people were looking for the exotic and they were prepared to give the children, anything they wanted, in order to obtain the effect, they wanted. (Never mind whether it is the truth or not) Enough said ! I just wanted you to know that I, too, was the victim of the rantings of a small child. While, in this case, the child was mine and the allegations were nowhere near as monumental, as the ones made against you. I feel a kinship, towards you, in empathy for the plight that your family must have gone through. I do hope that this e-mail finds you well and resolved, of the issues that destroyed the harmony, that once rang through the hallowed walls of your home. I hope that you have found the resolve, that I have, in getting on with your life. My prayers will certainly include you, " May you find the courage and the fortitude, to press on with your Lawsuit and provide the consequence, to the Government, that will deter them from such future flights of mayhem." In my case, however, I managed to find the support of powerful voices, within the bureaucracy. The Courts finally had to concede, there was no abuse, in my case and no substance to the innuendo that had formed the foundation of the state's case against me. Tah, for now and hope to hear from you soon. Your comrade, in arms, fighting the good fight against tyranny.

B.C. Foster Care Support Network

In 1996 I started the BCFSN. The BC Foster Care Support Network is very simply a network of people who exchange information that advocates for Foster Parents, Foster Children and Social Workers.

We are privately funded. There has been a need for better representation for foster care in recent years due to the influx of media coverage of child deaths in BC. The B.C Foster Care Support Network was born on December 1, 1996 by Kim Dupont, the former President of The West Side Local of the South Island Foster Parent Association, (funded by the Ministry of Children and Families).

Kim Dupont was appalled at how the South Island Foster Parent Association advocated for a traumatized foster parent, which left the foster parent even further traumatized to the point that not only did the foster parent leave foster care but also left Vancouver Island. The BC Foster Care Support Network, as of August , 13 2000 has been contacted by over 3061 concerned foster parents and social workers throughout BC. The original name of the network was The Foster Care Network but had to be changed as we were contacted from all over the world via Internet, with foster care concerns, so the name was changed to The BC Foster Care Support Network. Support is what foster care has been lacking. By the response from the Internet it is very obvious that BC is not alone with it's problems within "the system." Most recently Ontario has come under the same microscope, as their issues seem to be the same. We have been in correspondence with other provinces and it seems that the question for positive change to the foster care system is Canada wide. Unlike the BC Federation of Foster Parent Associations, the BC Foster Care Support Network does not rely on the Government of BC for its funding. The BC Federation of Foster Parent Associations receives approx. 1.9 Million of tax payers money and currently only has 2224 members of the estimated 7900 hundred foster parents in B.C The BC Foster Care Support Network are very critical of the Ministry of Children and Families business practices and policies within child protection.

Kim Dupont Director/Founder

2786-Scafe Rd Victoria, B.C V9B 3W7 250-474-0100