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Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. -- C.S. Lewis

Ontario gives $2 million to fight Internet child pornography

TORONTO - The Ontario government has announced it will funnel an extra $2 million to fight Internet child pornography.

The money will be used by Toronto police for specialized officer training and new computer equipment.

Attorney General David Young says Internet child pornography is a growing problem.

In 2001, Toronto police seized 200,000 pictures and movies of child pornography.

The $2 million was collected through a surcharge levied on fines, and comes from the Ontario Victims' Justice Fund.

In those days anyone who knew the jargon, was able to send an email, and had a good courtroom presence could be presented as an "expert" in a trial. This same person had quasi carte blanche to say almost anything, knowing it would be taken at face value since there were few people qualified to understand and challenge what was being said... and there were careers to be made and promotions to be had. --

James LeCraw was charged in Operation Snowball. After further investigation charges against him were withdrawn but he never recovered from the stigma. He lost his job, His friends, His reputation.

James LeCraw killed himself.

So-called Porn seizures often just a screen for cops stealing people's computers and crowns boosting their conviction stats. If they say it loudly and often, and the media keep printing their press releases, they hope people will believe their outlandish claims.

Ontario Police have gone wild in claims that child porn is a huge problem on the Internet, making claims to have seized hundreds of thousands of such images, we don't believe their claims are accurate. -- Sheila Steele

York dad busted

Markham man charged in child porn crackdown

A Markham father of three who coached an under-15 girls' soccer team was one of five men arrested across the province on child porn charges, police said yesterday.

The OPP's Project P also announced separate arrests of a man in Guelph, another in Fort Frances and two in Thunder Bay between last Tuesday and this Monday.

OPP Det.-Sgt. Rob Nickel said none of the arrests are connected and the suspects don't appear to have known each other. "It's not part of a ring," he said.

The arrests followed the Toronto Police seizure of 200,000 pornographic images which included violent kiddie porn. Police said Toronto is a major distribution point and a growing centre of manufacture of child porn.

In the latest arrest yesterday, York Police raided a Markham home and an IBM office and seized computer equipment when they learned child porn was being distributed. Three people who received the pictures were cops, two in the U.S. and one in York.

The quick arrests by Project P "is just typical. We've got 14 officers in our unit and all we do is child pornography," Nickel said, adding if his manpower doubled, "we'd keep everybody busy."

Nickel said police are finding more porn because of the Internet. In the past, collectors feared being caught by Canada Customs or having material seized from the mail.

"The Internet and computer technology has made it a child pornographer's dream come true," he said. "You're in communication with people with the same interests worldwide, not just in your province or neighbourhood."

Also, with the digital revolution, there's been an increase in homemade child porn.

Randy Weber, 42, of Markham, is charged with three counts of distributing child pornography.

The coach with the Markham Soccer Club appears in Newmarket court today.

Five-Year Cop Charged with Possessing Child Porn

BRANTFORD, ONTARIO (CP) - Darryl Renton a five-year veteran of the police force in this city has been charged with possessing child pornography.

The charges were laid Tuesday, after a five-month investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police Child Pornography Section, known as Project P.

Project spokesman Det.-Insp. Bob Matthews said the charges rock confidence in police.

"When a person is in a position of high public trust, this shakes up the public's confidence," said Matthews.

"It certainly is a sad day."

During a search of a city residence, police seized a computer system, computer peripherals, floppy diskettes, video cassettes and other articles pertinent to the investigation.

Police say they found a large number of digitalized graphic image files on the computer and external storage devices, which depicted prepubescent children engaged in explicit sexual activity.

Matthews said it is believed that all of the images were copied from other sources. There is no evidence yet that local children were used or that the material was distributed, he added.

"We will be doing a detailed search of the contents of the computer we seized," he said.

Matthews said city police co-operated fully with the provincial police investigation.

Darryl Renton, 29, is charged with one count each of possession of child pornography and making child pornography. He has been suspended from duty at the Brantford Police Service.

Renton was to appear in Brantford provincial court on May 1.

Cops make "large" kiddie porn bust

CAMBRIDGE, ON (CP) - A man has been arrested and charged with possessing and distributing pornography involving children as young as newborn babies.

The Toronto-based provincial police child pornography unit joined forces with Waterloo regional police after receiving tips from a foreign country alleging the man's involvement in kiddie porn. Police raided a townhouse on Monday and seized three computers, floppy diskettes and other articles.

Police said graphic and movie files depicted children - from newborns to pre-pubescents - engaged in urination, masturbation, bondage, violence, sexual intercourse and oral sex.

"The contents - urination, bondage, violence - pretty well speak for itself," said Det-Insp. Bob Matthews. "It's extremely sickening material." The images were not computer-generated but involved real children. It is not known where they originated, Matthews said. Matthews said he considers this a "large seizure."

Andrew Guille, 19, was charged with three counts of possession of child pornography, two counts of distributing child pornography and five counts of breach of probation.