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Defying the gag order

This is the first information we posted defying the gag order. Within a week of posting it in July, 1998, our website was removed from the Sympatico. The Michael information was adapted from a leaflet we had prepared to distribute in Warman. The page was called "Dangerous sex offenders."

First Michelle came forward and then Michael. Both confirmed the truth of our allegations and in subsequnt years we have learned that matters were much worse than we had speculated.

Michael had sexually attacked a 3 month old baby shortly after being moved to the Thompson residence in Warman, before Kathy and Michelle were moved into the residence with him and his violent molestations of them were allowed to go on for 43 months.

We removed Michael from the Dangerous Sex offenders page shortly before the first fifth estate program aired in Nov. 2000. We helped him file a lawsuit jointly with Peter Klassen in 2001. This was part of a flurry of litigational activity, following Richard Klassen's receipt of shocking disclosure material which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that a fraud had been perpetrated on the Saskatchewan court.

Queen's Bench Judge Mona Dovell dismissed the suit with the following words:

. . . The Court has attempted the difficult task of dissecting the plaintiffs' statement of claim to determine whether or not any of it can be salvaged after striking all of the parts for the various reasons given in this judgment. This is not a case in which only certain paragraphs should be struck. This is a case in which unfortunately all of the statement of claim must be struck as either not discloslosing any reasonable causes of action and/or being an abuse of process of the Court . . . .The statement of claim of the plainiffs shall thus be struck in its entirety as against the applicants to these three motions. . .

Scandal of the Century: Justice slowly but surely

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Cop Minister Boss Crown Crown Crown Premier Therapist Minister

The following appeared on our "Dangerous Sex Offenders" page when we first launched the website. We now know some of the information in it is inacccurate. Our fears for public safety were based on authentic documents. Those documents show clearly that the school and social services considered Michael dangerous and spent a lot of money making sure he was kept away from children. They were not always successful. The Thompson papers disclose that he was caught in the school bathroom having sex with two other boys. Most of the parents whose children were attending Warman school had no idea that Michael, who had more or less been given a green light by Saskatoon police corporal Dueck who failed to charge or punish him, was at the school. As Michael approaches his 21st birthday, he is setting the public record straight. He does not deny that he was a troubled child who was dangerous to others and to himself. He offers thoughtful insights into how it all happened, though, and often states "the truth will set me free."

During August, September and October of 2000, injusticebuster Sheila Steele has had daily conversations with Michael.

The truth is that Michael has not ever been charged with sexual offenses. Michael came from a background of violence, abuse, and neglect, compounded by his parents' deafness. He was placed in a foster home with parents who had specifically requested that they not be given children with the type of problems Michael had because they did not feel qualified to parent such a child. Social Services and later the police and the justice system did nothing to improve Michael's situation and everything to insure that he would develop into a very bad boy. And when he became just that, for their own career reasons they trained him to lie and allowed him to threaten his sisters to back up his lies.

Michael quickly learned he could get away with just about anything, without consequences, and he did some terrible things of which he is now ashamed. inJusticebusters will do everything we can to hold Michael to the truth.

Michael London Ross (As published June, 1998)

Michael was already weird when Social Services took him. He received hit and miss therapy and went from weird to dangerous. He is over 19 years old now and is almost certainly a dangerous psychopath. He has sodomized boys, girls and animals so his drives can be triggered easily and no one is safe. Saskatoon street people in particular should watch out for him! The public need to be warned and protected from Michael is more important then any privacy issues concerning Michael.

What follows is a profile of a serial sex offender who attended Warman Elementary School and who sexually assaulted several small children in your community. What you are about to read may frighten you. If you had children at elementary school between Dec. 1989 and May, 1993, you should be frightened. Saskatoon Police Sgt. Brian Dueck described Michael as one of the worst boys he had ever seen in may years in Youth Division.

This is not fiction.

When he entered your community Michael was ten years old, a permanent ward from a foster home in Saskatoon where he had lived with his twin sisters. The foster parents had demanded his removal because of uncontrollable violent sexual behaviour.

Carol Bunko-Ruys

So Social Services sent him to your town to live with the T family who had no previous experience with special needs children. Nonetheless they were certified as a special needs foster home.

What follow are the notes made by Mrs. Thompson during October, 1990 at the request of Sgt. Brian Dueck and Social Worker Carol Bunko-Ruys. These notes have been authenticated by the provincial Court. We have changed the names of all children except Michael.

From the Thompson Papers

. . . He's screwing and doesn't like to be caught up. Today started with him screwing (his sister) right after they got up and then admitting that he was screwing at school in the washroom. Him, Bobby and Danny. He said he screwed Bobby lots before Danny, for a long time. He denied he knew the name, but called him Fred. L__ knows Bobby and that's who he had a quick verbal exchange with in the hallway yesterday a.m. when L__ took him to school. They speak quick? Michael told him he'd meet him in washroom but Mrs. Jasnoch took over yesterday. I don't know if she goes into the washroom with him, but she did last year and we told her she'd have to do it again now. Obviously their plan didn't work yesterday but Friday it did because Shauna lets him go at 12.30 and obviously the plan is for Bobby to be there at 12.30. That won't work now. Michael says they have been three in a cubicle together, and they line up and do it to each other. He says sure, Bobby and Danny do it to each other, they like it too. He obviously doesn't know Bobby and Danny are connected outside school. They have told Michael not to tell or they will (Danny in particular) kill him. He seems very afraid but still enjoys it. I'm sure that's why he wouldn't say Bobby's name. He's been threatened.

Back to the gun issue. (This is just one page from approx. 40 which inJusticebusters will publish soon.) From the Thompson papers