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  • The main story that injusticebusters has been trying to break since we first launched this website in June, 1998 on "free" space which was provided by Sympatico as part of its subscription passage, is still very much alive.
  • The story is simple and can be found all over this website. Namely Supt. Brian Dueck (then a sergeant) was guilty of gross misconduct for coaching childwitnesses to lie and ignoring the pleas for help from two of them, 8 year old twin girls who were being raped by their brother.
  • Everything we said was true and we have gathered more evidence to back our allegations. Two of the childwitnesses have come forward and described to us how Supt. Dueck got his witnesses to lie. They have further told us that they received no treatment once Dueck was finished with them.
  • Our site was up for about a month when Sympatico arbitrarily removed it from cyberspace. For a while we ran the site from Geocities and by the end of July we got a more secure site. The only reason that this site is still up is that Supt. Dueck has been unable to threaten the hosts. injusticebusters pays for this site and apparently free speech can be bought. For that we are grateful but we are appalled that SaskTel has been such a willing participant in using unfair means to try to shut us down. We have no idea how many other people have lost their sites by illegal removal by Sympatico.
  • Now Sympatico has gone after John Lucas and accused him of owning a site which is not even connected to his Sympatico account! (see correspondence below)
  • When SaskTel first removed the site, we said we would sue. John Lucas is also threatening to sue. It takes a lot of work to get a lawsuit together, but if they keep offering us evidence of their illegal conduct, it will be easier.
  • The Supt. Dueck story is not the only story we have developed on this website. We have to stories from Cape Breton, one about the illegal abduction of 3 yr. old Emma McCarthy from her parents and the other about Clayton Miller, the teenager who was murdered by Cape Breton Regional Police ten years ago. Currently we are carrying a point of view on the Saskatoon Police corruption story which is nowhere to be found in the mass media.
  • We stick with these stories because we believe in them. The main media in Saskatchewan tires quickly of any story which makes them uncomfortable. Supt. Dueck weieds a lot of power in this province and his press releases are accepted without question.
  • We are also very critical of the legal profession in Saskatchewan. Like the media, Saskatchewan lawyers also become quickly bored with the truth. Cover-ups are far more lucrative for them. It is our hope that eventually this province will attract a lawyer with courage and without greed, who understands that justice belongs to all people, not just those who have gone to law school.
  • We are also happy to be working with other sites all over the world who understand the power of the Internet to bring truthful news and unpopular points of view to others and who are committed to developing their skills in doing just that. We now have in our hands the power to use words, sounds and images to tell these stories. Next year we will be posting movies.
  • The current bruhaha about e-commerce sees Sympatico scrambling to expand its paternalistic enterprise and of course, there are many parts of the Internet that promise people protection from discomfort, a kind of Disneyland in cyberspace. Sites like this will continue to exist for those who get sick of the junk food and hypocritcal presentation of a world which bears no resemblance to the one in which we live.
  • The part of the world where we live, Saskatchewan, is dismal right now. Relations between Natives and whites are terrible and as each year goes by there come of age more disenfranchized, uneducated poor people of all races who can be quickly whipped up against each other. Police, governments at every level and the media are promoting this tension and offering no solutions for the problems created by the morally bankrupt education and social services departments.
  • injusticebusters intend to stick around and offer a voice for those who want to rise above the frustration and get the skeletons out of this province's closets. There are many. wrote:

Dear Mr. Lucas:

Your website maintained in conjunction with your personal Sympatico service you receive from SaskTel has been brought to our attention. The terms and conditions applicable to your Sympatico service provide that the customer of such service agrees not to use the Service to post or transmit information that could give rise to criminal or civil liability or which is contrary to your Service Provider's policies. If such terms are breached your service may be terminated.

SaskTel does not wish to be associated with the type of material that is located on your website. Please be aware that we have removed your Sympatico Web Site at We have not removed your access service.

Please be aware that we will take further action in the future if you do not comply with the terms and conditions applicable to your Sympatico service agreement.


Chris Dotson Corporate Affairs Director

Mr. Dotson,


If you would check your records you will find that I never applied for, or obtained the above site from Sympatico... Though the last name appears to be the same and I know who did get it, there is no family relationship. The fact that I know of these things, and agree with the material posted does not mean that I had anything to do with the phone number and Sympatico account. If you check out the phone you will see it was from Harris, and that the RCMP would have more than just an idea of who obtained it. I think you should also know that the each and every level of Court in the Province of Saskatchewan, plus the Supreme Court of Canada had full knowledge of any connection I had with the above mentioned site since September, 1999. Don't try and lay some trip about criminal prosecutions etc. on me. In case you don't understand, that was not my site, so don't ever try and threaten me again, ever. Nor get stupid and believe that Saskatchewan Justice would ever take action, because they won't. If you are interested in why they won't, check out / .... That is not my site either, but it carries much more of the same material that you found to be criminal.... Again the RCMP and Justice Saskatchewan are aware of the facts and for their own reasons have decided not to prosecute.... For the simple reason that the site deals with truth. Don't make any more threats or you will find yourself in Queen's Bench... And that you will find is not a joke.

John D. Lucas

About a year has passed since we had out last flurry of outrage and correspondence about Sympatico. Complete with missing links and frenzied outrage, that page can be found here: SaskTel bans injusticebusters.