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Before I was busted, I had never had more than a parking ticket. Few people knew about my attic garden and I believed I would be treated gently. How out of touch I was! The local police, the RCMP and the Crown set out to either humiliate or make me an example. I fell right into their trap, shouting and screaming about the violations of my rights as though I was still in the movement against the war in Vietnam! I quickly learned there are no rights when they have your life in their hands! As the case dragged on for years, I was able to confirm who my rat was (Maureen Donnelly who now works for the John Howard Society and started her career in the justice system as an informant) and learn how little I knew about justice in this country. That was August, 1993. I've picked up some knowledge since then!

January, 2002: I have posted a page beginning to outline the reasons I grew marijuana in the first place.

August 1994. It was a Wednesday. The bail hearing was to get out after being held from one the previous afternoon on charges of defaming Sgt. Brian Dueck and Carol Bunko-Ruys. It was a legal demonstration called to protest the whitewashing of Saskatchewan's role in the David Milgaard affair by the Alberta government. I did not expect to be arrested -- I had already left the demonstration.

I had asked Reg Parker to run my bail hearing, but he was so pessimistic (said he didn't think he could get me out before the weekend!) that I decided to run it myself. I blew the hearing in the morning because I couldn't hear what was going on and stood on a bench to get above the glass so I could hear better. The court guards grabbed my arm and I reacted strongly. (Those creeps just jump at any opportunity to paw a person). I was better prepared in the afternoon and Judge Seniuk let me out.

The charge of assaulting a police officer is really amusing. Disclosure on this contained a statement from Chartier about bruises he had suffered after I attacked him! At our preliminary hearing in February, they showed a videotape of our arrest. The Crown was showing the tape to establish that we were indeed demonstrating and carrying signs, none of which we ever denied. The tape clearly shows Constable David Chartier and another cop grabbing me, rather roughly, one on each arm. They were wearing boots, I was wearing rubber thongs as can be seen in photos throughout this site taken on that day! Chartier did not come to court, in fact he was in Hawaii. The Crown withdrew the charge. More about the bust can be found here.

Constable David Chartier is a whiney-poo as well as a liar.

Welcome. I am thrilled and proud to be placed on the Wall of Flame. Before I was busted, I was a mother, a teacher of English and an almost-retired social activist. Like many, I was very busy and, the truth is, while I paid lip-service to tsk-tsking at the policies of Thatcher, Reagan and Mulroney, I really had no idea how serious the so-called "War on Drugs" was. I took it very seriously when I was busted and credit that event for beginning a new phase of my education. I spent many hours on the telephone with Brother Walter and Brother Michael. It took me over a year to get the courage to take their advice and fire my lawyer. From that moment, my education in the Justice system began. Everything I know about the Just-Us system, I learned in the trenches. I have chosen to specialize in defamation, along with Richard Klassen who helps run this website. I want to defame every one of those hypocrites enlisted on the other side of this war against people. Telling the truth about them, and bringing them to account is our mission.

Sheila Steele

Everything I know about the law, I learned in the trenches. Everything else I learned from rock and roll and the movies.

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