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OFFSITE BBC Video: Cops doctor crime scene, place gun in dead teen's hand

Superintendent Brian Dueck

Benoit Roberge: Top Cop, Fueled 'Biker War'

Index to Saskatoon Police drunk-dumping scandal

Superintendent Brian Dueck (right) who masterminded the 'Scandal of the century'

Toronto Police Plenty here

Saskatchewan Drug Stories

McDueck's the satireMcDueck's the Satire

See also Police Sergeant Darren Strongman who Duecks in Ontario!

Constable Claudia Bryden

Constable Claudia Bryden, (right) the RCMP constable who acted out in Martensville resulting in a pile of bogus charges

Kevin Montgomery: Mr. Disgraceful Saskatoon Policeman

Saskatoon Cst. Collin Reddekopp: Sex on the job

Mountie Justin Harris: Cop without a single redeeming quality

Mountie Robert Blundell sexually assaults colleagues

Mountie Jim Brown: Under fire for posing in sexually explicit pictures

Five-Year Cop Charged with Possessing Child Porn

The Jason Dix story Police, prosecutor "cloaked in malice" Judge says


Falsely accused men: Apology from Regina Police Chief!

Serpico on NYC Police Commissioner Safir

Mountie Krista Carle breaks long silence of sexual harassment

RCMP Cpl. Catherine Galliford: Allegations of sexual harassment

Robert Read: RCMP whistleblower sanctioned for good investigation

Pittsburgh: Loren Pogue has served eight years of a 22-year federal prison sentence on drug conspiracy and money laundering charges. Pogue, a Missouri native, never bought drugs, never sold them, never held them, never used them, never smuggled them, never even saw them. Read this piece of real investigative journalism from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Win at All Costs. [OFFSITE]

We could sure use a reporter like Bill Moushey and an editor like Bob Martinson in Saskatchewan, Land of Living skies and braindead (complacent) people!

On Monday, April 5, 1999, a suspicious death occured in an RCMP holding cell in Wollaston. The story that Jonas Hansen committed suicide is suspicious, as are many deaths that occur in northern communities in RCMP lock-ups. Hansen was taken in at noon to sober up. Two hours later he was allegedly discovered hanged by his shoelaces.

Our condolences to the Hansen family. In the course of our investigation, we have learned that there are no qualified forensic pathologists in this province. Death by chokehold can be determined by an expert who knows what to look for in an autopsy. In Saskatchewan, we have coronors who can't tell the difference between a chokehold and a shoelace. And since when were people in custody allowed to keep their shoelaces?

Winnipeg's Bad Apples

The Mikolajewski Report exposes the shoddy work done on the Thomas Sophonow case and how Police Chief Jack Ewatski helped block a proper re-investigation to protect a retired inspector and the secrets a warranted search of his premises would reveal.

Jack Ewatski sat on a report that would have freed James Driskell of murder charges. "Not his reponsibility"

Loren Schinkel Jim Thiessen

A proper investigation would reveal that Police Union head Loren Schinkel (left) and his partner, Sgt. Jim Thiessen (right) conducted themselves improperly when they interrogated Monique Turenne.

Such investigation would further show that Loren Schinkel broke the law when he created statements allegedly signed by Monique Turenne and that he lied on an affidavit he provided to Florida officials.