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If you are not familiar with this story, a good starting point would be Scandal of the Century StarPhoenix feature June 19, 1999 and Globe and Mail feature, Martensville Redux where you will find the original news reports and the beginnings of this case. All the links in the box below, right, also relate to this cover-up. Our main map to this story at a glance

Shame on Saskatchewan Justice!

On February 23, 1999, inJusticebusters learned that Michael went directly to Ranch Erlo, a youth custodial institution, directly after he was removed from the Thompson "special needs" foster home in Warman in 1993. Ranch Erlo is a group home for troubled youth. Once there, you're in the system where counselling, lifeskills training courses, addictions, anger and other socially unacceptable behaviors are all grist for the victim machine, of which one of the largest branch plants is the shuttle from corrections to the street and back. A variety of persons from the mildly qualified to the dangerously incompetent depend upon this shuttle for their jobs. The younger the fodder which is fed into this machine, the less hope there is for any meaningful rehabilitation, never mind a long life. Michael has now been in it for six years and has already survived longer than many.

The above animation shows Dueck and Bunko-Ruys urging Michael to make up stories from a list of members of the Klassen family in the "Softroom" at the Saskatoon Police Station in November, 1990.

In April, we had in our hands the evidence we needed that both Michael and Mary have recanted their stories. Julie is probably in Vancouver. M & M (as Marilyn Thompson referred to them in her notes) are clear that they were never victimized by the Klassen or Marcus families.

These young persons were in deprived and perhaps depraved circumstances when first apprehended by Social Services. For an unqualified contract therapist to use them to get hundreds of hours of billing to Social Services was fraudulant. For Cpl. Dueck to use them as a stepping stone to his sergeant's stripes was criminal. The head of Social Services, Richard Quinney, head of public prosecutions, the Ministers of Social Services and Justice, and the Premier of the province who have withheld justice from the accused, knew they had been falsely accused, since November, 1991. They no doubt think their careers are worth more than the ruined lives of the people they falsely charged. We think they are wrong.

Everything we have learned confirms what we have said all along: Michael perpetrated sex crimes against his sisters with Sgt. Dueck's and Carol Bunko-Ruys' knowlege and tacit consent in 1990. Carol Bunko-Ruys was well aware that Dale and Anita Klassen had concerns about his precocious sexual development and obsession with cross-dressing when Michael and his sisters were first placed in their care. They responsibly had Michael removed from Michele and Julie. What kind of cockomamy experiment were Dueck and Bunko-Ruys conducting when they put Michele and Julie back into the same home with Michael? Once they knew that Michael was sexually assaulting his sisters,what possessed them to allow it to go on?

Michael's case records also show that the social workers knew he was a little liar.

Yet throughout their interviews with him, Bunko-Ruys and Dueck assure Michael that they believe what he is saying. This is a "technique" which they use : by assuring a witness that you believe him, you get him to say more, right? Wrong. In this case Bunko-Ruys and Dueck were highly selective about what they told the Crown was their true and honest belief and what they had to set aside as being too unbelievable. They had no more expertise to make such selection than would you or we. And make no mistake, you would rapidly conclude that every word coming from this boy's mouth was a lie as soon as you read the reports on him and heard five minutes of his taped testimony. Furthermore, Dueck provided a couple hours of taped testimony as evidence and this was the very best testimony he could get from Michael. How many hours of preparation happened? His direct answers to questions about the sexual abuse are flat, rehearsed and incredible.

Carol Bunko-Ruys

When Dueck went to Red Deer to interview the Klassens there, he used the reverse interrogation technique: particularly in the interviews with Anita and Rick, he tells them that he disbelieves them, that he has credible evidence from the children who make allegations against them, and that children do not lie. This is ass backwards. Before he interviewed Michael, Dueck had expert assessments from MacNeill Clinic, from Margaret Graham Wolosyn and from Carol Bunko-Ruys (right) that Michael was at best disturbed and confused and at worst a liar and a sex tyrant. Before he interviewed the Klassens he had absolutely no reason to believe they were untruthful. Yet he tells the Red Deer Klassens outright that he will not believe them, that he intends to proceed with the charges no matter what they say -- unless they confess, in which case one can presume he would go back to the Crown to come up with a plea bargain.

Anita Klassen's sister Diane and her husband Dennis were also charged in the same case. The evidence against them was from the Black children as well as other foster children who were in their care and who were also interviewed by Dueck. One of these young persons has disclosed that Sgt. Brian Dueck scripted, coached and rehearsed their videotaped testimony! Many days after school, Dueck would take this boy to McDonald's to prep him.

inJusticebusters only now have become aware of this new information. We also know that Dueck's interrogation of Janet Marcus was monstrous and in violation of all her rights. This is more clear evidence that Sgt. Brian Dueck and Carol Bunko Ruys suborned perjury to manufacture a case against innocent people. And he has gone to great lengths to keep these crimes a secret. He has tried to put sixteen people in jail for severe terms! injusticebusters has evidence to back up these allegations six ways from Sunday! We think Brian Dueck should be taken off the street and the public should be protected from him!

The Saskatoon Police surely knew about his sloppy techniques in the David Green case. Read COSA, an academic journal which closely examines the Casualties of Sexual Allegations. The case of Peter Ellis in New Zealand clearly shows that even after a man has been wrongly convicted and has served half of a ten year sentence, it is still possible to successfully raise the call for a public inquiry!

There is no question that Sgt. Brian Dueck and Carol Bunko-Ruys aided and abetted in Julie's victimization, that they suborned perjury and that their crimes have now been approved by the highest Court in Canada! There is also no question that the academic community, when it chokes back its revulsion/sentimental reactions and truly examines the methods of Bunko-Ruys and Dueck finds they do not pass scrutiny. Dueck and Bunko-Ruys are like the inquisitionists who would drown a person and if the body floated, they determined it was that of a witch.

Proof that Social Services Head Sheila Gagne knew Michael was raping his sisters in 1993

The animations in the section above are from disclosure tapes of the interviews Sgt. Dueck conducted at the Red Deer RCMP Station. He interviewed Anita, seen here in her Dairy Queen uniform, for almost an hour, making her cry and telling her the very children she had worn herself out caring for for three years were telling the truth and that he simply did not believe her. Dale refused to answer his questions and Dueck tried very hard to override his resistance. Kari asked for a lawyer, also and he acts as though he doesn't hear her. And a more detailed account of his interview with Richard is on a separate page. We also devote a page to Dueck's treatment of Michael's birth mother Helen R. More about Social Services' treatment of Anita.

Sgt. Dueck's Crimes

Brian Dueck

Sgt. Dueck does not have impunity. It is all very well for him to have overcome physical obstacles (he had polio) to have a professional career. It is quite another thing for him to use his position as a cop to manufacture cases against people. Even the President of the United States (who has the physical obstacle of a misdirected libido) has been called to account. And General Pinochet who is old and decrepit in a London hospital is being forced to remember that he is responsible General Pinochetfor murder and other war crimes against his people. Pinochet may die before he is brought to justice, but Dueck has a few years left. And those who have helped him cover-up his crimes will have to account for themselves as well. Certainly allowing Michael to rape his sister in return for getting the boy to make up stories is a crime which must be accounted for. And the use that was made of this manufactured evidence has led to more crimes.

International justice awaits Pinochet. As soon as he is well enough to leave the London hospital, he will be taken to Spain to be tried for crimes against humanity. Impunity doesn't last. And it won't last for Dueck, either.

The same counsellors who led the child witnesses in both the Foster Parent and Martensville cases now urge the victims to put the past behind them and get on with their lives. Life in a corrupt world where the past is a repressed memory of defeat is hardly worth living. Perhaps the days are coming to a close when tyrants can run roughshod over the lives of other people, gain wealth and position, and tell their victims to get on with their lives! Even the Kathies of this world have someone looking out for them.

There is a lawsuit before the courts:

Queen's Bench, Saskatoon. No. 271 January 31, 1994 Between DENNIS Marcus, DIANE Marcus, xxxxx, xxxxx, KARI Klassen, RICHARD Klassen, PAMELA Klassen, MARIE Klassen, JOHN Klassen, MYRNA Klassen, PETER DALE Klassen, ANITA JANINE Klassen , Plaintiffs


Richard Quinney, director of public prosecutions, has scoffed at this and other lawsuits, including David Milgaard's, again on the assumption of official impunity. Official impunity along with help from lawyers! Certainly it has taken a long time for this one to work its way through the courts. Lawsuits filed by the Sterlings, Jack Christopher and others seem to got lost. There are civil lawyers who are happy to file a lawsuit and sit on it -- after receiving a minimum of $10,000 from the plaintiffs!

Globe and Mail report on the foster parent case

It is an ominous sign when citizens are jailed for criticizing the government. It has happened in Saskatchewan and hardly anyone has noticed.