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Evidence gathered by his family strongly suggests Clayton Miller was murdered by Cape Breton police while in their custody in 1990. Read the stories and examine the evidence.

The Clayton Miller Motorcade

inJusticebusters thank Iris Sparrow for this first hand report and pictures!

The Clayton Miller Motorcade

Burgundy ribbons made by Rayleen Eksal for the car areials were given out at the Colliery Lands Park, along with tiny burgundy bows representing "justice" made by Betty Miller, Tiny Pinkerton, Rayleen Eksal and Essie Murphy. Also given to all, were pin's with Clayton's picture on them and the words "Friend's of Clayton". The weather was beautiful.

We all kept tooting our horns when we drove throughout the main streets of New Waterford and Dominion and Glace Bay and onward to The Municipal Building. We received a lot of support from the public through horn tooting in return, thumbs up signs, waves, nods, and a few cars even pulled over to the side of the road.

I was told by Maureen in a phone conversation that same evening, that Glace Bay town Counsellor Gerard Burke, who was on his way into the building for a meeting, was very glad to meet the Millers and told them he was very familiar with their case. He met with them on the morning of Thursday May 6th, here in Glace Bay. He also asked them to hand him a resolution asking the municipality to write to the Federal Government (Prime Minister, The Justice minister & the Solicitor general), to have a Royal Commission Into the death and the circumstances surrounding the death of their son Clayton. He also suggested they attend the next monthly council meeting. He said that he would bring up the topic of the Royal Commission at the meeting. The meetings are aired Live on a local community channel 10. We will also attend and I am sure others will as well, to show support for this family's long battle for justice.

The May 5, 1999, motorcade went over well. The idea to bring attention to the Miller case with a motorcade came from Maria MacEachern, a resident of Lingan who also wrote the article in the news (letter to the editors "Royal Commission Would Get Town Back In Order) Feb.19th 1999.

I made up a collage of pictures and a few words from news headlines. (Nova Scotia Father Pursues Justice) Mauren and Gervase placed it on their car door. On the other door was a cloth banner reading "Come die On Our Island", bordered by the Cape Breton Tartan. On the door of Bruno Marcocchio and friend Mary Ruth MacLellan, was a cloth banner with felt letters reading "Justice for Clayton, Royal Commission Now!!" These banners were made by, Mary Ruth MacLellan and May MacKinnon.

Miller's parents at grave

The ATV news team who were told in advance about this, didn't show up but did put on the same coverage as was shown earlier on Global TV on their 11:pm news. CBC Radio and TV were at the Colliery Lands park early, waiting for the motorcade arrival. They did various interviews on film and radio and Mark Sparrow was interviewed (audio) by Wendy Martin. TV reporter on the scene was Frank King. The Global news team spotted the Motorcade as it headed towards its destination at the Municipal Building in Sydney and they turned around and came to the area to do some footage which was aired at 6:pm this evening. CBC News also covered the Motorcade on the news at 6. We had to leave that building on Grand Lake Road and go farther on down through the City of Sydney, to see the Deputy Mayor Brian Boudreau, at his office at the the Civic Centre, on the Esplanade. The news about the Motorcade has been broadcast here every hour, on our local radio, stations today (Thursday).

Mayor David Muise was out of town. The deputy Mayor of the Cape Breton Regional municipality, Brian Boudreau, had agreed to meet with the Miller family in advance should Mayor Muise not be available. About twenty of us who showed up at the office so the secretary showed us to the large Conference room.

The Miller's explained their reason for being there and asked the Deputy Mayor to pass the information on to Mayor David Muise along with their petition of over 1400 signatures calling for a Royal Commission to investigate the circumstances surrounding Clayton's death. I accompanied Maureen with the video camera when she was meeting with him and taped the entire discussion. The Millers told the deputy that they plan on filing civil suits against some of those responsibile for atrocity and poorly covered up murder of their 17 year old son. More comments were made to the Deputy Mayer by other family members and friends.

The producer of CBC radio had reporter, Ein McNeil, got in touch with Maureen at 10 am. Thursday morning. He stated that they received so many phone calls about the Motorcade that they were interested in doing their own interview to find out more about why the family is fighting for justice, why are they seeking a Royal commission etc. He stated that something has to be done about this situation.

During the motorcade, one of the participants, Bruno Marcocchio reported that his daughter called him on his cell phone to tell him that a girl at her high school had a teen magazine called What and in the Feb. 99 issue there was a small news clipping about Clayton Miller! He went to the school and picked it up for all of us to see.