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Police fail to protect Michelle Ross

On October 25, 1999, Brian Dueck contacted Michelle Ross by telephone at her residence. He seemed to be very interested in her current attitude to Michael Ross.

Unless he has been hiding under a rock down at the Saskatoon Police Station, he is well aware that Michael assaulted her and that she has pressed charges against him. It would seem Dueck is wanting to re-establish the intimidating control he had over his child witnesses when he extracted lies from them in the soft room nine years ago. Because he is a defendant in a lawsuit over these very issues, what he is doing is absolutely illegal.

Meanwhile, Social Services is illegally preventing the twin sisters from having contact with each other. They also have a vested interest in keeping the manufactured lies intact. Diane Ens controls the life of the twin in Saskatoon and withheld spending money from her for the entire month of October.

Fallout from the StarPhoenix article:
child witness recklessly placed in danger!

Michelle told a StarPhoenix reporter her testimony about the Klassens and Kvellos was coerced testimony. Then she expressed her intention to tell the truth in open court. Four days later, Dueck' star witness, her older brother Michael, tried to strangle her, she says, and on Monday, June 29 he attacked her again. As of July 20, the Saskatoon Police have not yet picked up this violent attacker who is a danger to the whole community.

inJusticebusters know Michael's address and so do the Saskatoon Police. However, the Saskatoon Police Department, continues its whisper campaign that David Milgaard murdered Gail Miller and promotes the lie that those charged in Martensville and the Foster Parent Scandal are also guilty and escaped justice because of an imperfect court system.

A couple weeks before the StarPhoenix feature appeared, child witness Michelle, who had recently turned 17, contacted inJusticebusters. She had been reading the website and she had some questions. We answered her questions and encouraged her to call us any time. She was polite, apparently self-confident and claimed to be doing all right.

She called again shortly after the article appeared June 19. She said she thought it was a good article and she was glad that she had told the truth. She said that her brother Michael was angry about the article.

In the small hours of the morning, June 24, Michael attacked her and attempted to strangle her. On Sunday, June 27, she called John Lucas and told him about the homicidal assault. On Monday, June 28, Michelle met with Sheila Steele who videotaped the faded, but still clearly visible chokemarks on her neck and a deep bruise on her upper chest. She also disclosed on videotape the details of Michael's terrorizing of her and her twin sister over the past ten years. She said that she was very scared of him.

Steele accompanied her to the Saskatoon Police Station where Michelle filed a complaint. Both Steele and Michelle told the police that they were scared of Michael and that neither of them would feel safe until Michael was picked up and placed in closed custody. Michael is under a strict probation, order and it should be very easy for the police to find him.

On Tuesday, at three o'clock in the afternoon, Michael found Michelle and attacked her again. She contacted Lucas (who lives more than an hour's drive from Saskatoon) who contacted Steele. Both Lucas and Steele contacted the police to communicate the danger Michael was presenting to the community. The police seemed uninterested, although Sgt. Robson eventually told Steele that he would alert the patrol cars.

Steele asked Sgt. Robson to phone her once Michael had been picked up. There has been no phone call.

The police seem to have no interest in protecting Michelle or Steele. They seem not to grasp that Michael is extremely dangerous. They seem not to grasp that he is a danger to the community. Whatever therapy he has received since he testified at the trials in 1991 has not worked. He has an uncontrollable temper and Michelle's description of him as "manipulative" understates the seriousness of his condition.

The Saskaoon Police would seem to be more interested in preserving the "reputation" of officer Brian Dueck who is even more dangerous than Michael. Dueck created the dangerous situation and lied under oath about his role in putting words in the mouths of his child witnesses and maliciously charging sixteen innocent people with crimes that happened only in Dueck's sick mind.

We have enough evidence to put Dueck away for fourteen years. That's the sentence for perjury. Witness tampering in the Foster Parent case