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Chris Axworthy

Covered up scandal first as a federal minister then as Justice Minister

Axworthy quits politics to practice law and teach it. We hope his sleep is stirred by a conscience. He's bought himself a job and left a mess for Eric Cline.

Roy Romanow and Chris Axworthy

CO/Minister of Justice and Attorney General: Hon. Chris Axworthy, Q.C. Room 355, Legislative Building Regina, Saskatchewan CANADA S4S 0B3 Telephone: (306) 787-5353

Dear Mr. Axworthy,

My name is Kathy Ross, and I am one of the children in the "Foster Parent Case" in Saskatchewan. I am writing this letter to explain a few things that I think might be of some importance and in the hopes that my concerns will be taken seriously by you, and your "Department of Justice". I know that I made several allegations against sixteen individuals back in 1991, and as a result of those allegations charges were brought against those sixteen people. I have since come forward and recanted what I had told, and have decided that I would like to tell the real truth about what happened to me.

1) I was removed from the care of Dale and Anita's foster home in May of 1990 and placed in the home of Marilyn Thompson where my older brother Michael was previously placed.

2) Michael was removed from Dale and Anita's for my own safety because Michael was sexually attacking me on a regular basis. It was felt that I would be safer if Michael was no longer allowed access to me, and he after he left, all the attacks stopped.

3) After I arrived at the Thompson home the sexual attacks started again, it took Michael a whole six months to start up again, and they were much worst than they were previously. The attacks were often, and included full sexual intercourse, as well as making me perform oral pleasure on him. I was tied up with a rope, and was threatened that had I ever said anything about this he would kill my new foster family, and me. Needless to say I was scared to death of my brother Michael, and would often tell my new foster mother as well as Corporal Dueck about what was being done to me.

4) At first there were steps taken to stop Michael from doing this, but those steps soon failed and the rapes continued on. Each and every time that I was raped I reported it to my new foster mother, Carol Bunko-Ruys, or Corporal Dueck and all that I was told that was that I had a touching problem. I was told on many occasions that they were going to keep me safe from the others who I claimed had sexually abused me, and ignored the fact that I was in immediate danger.

5) I left the home of Marilyn Thompson just after Christmas of 1997 and was placed in the home of Marilyn and Bob Turkington in Martensville. While living in Martensville I was seeing a mentally challenged boy, and ended up having sex with him. The parents of this boy wanted me charged and as a result I was taken to the police station in Saskatoon, fingerprinted and videotaped. I told them that I had sex with this boy, and no charges were ever laid.

6) I told Marilyn Thompson in about 1996 that the allegations I had made against the sixteen were not true. Marilyn told me that I should just put it all behind me and go on with my life.

7) I was later transferred to Joy Caulien's home in Saskatoon, and later moved with her to Vernon British Columbia in 1998. I informed Joy that the allegations that I had made against the sixteen people were not true, and I was told "leave it in the past" and assured me that she would try and help me to contact my family again. I had also told Carol Bunko-Ruys that it never happened and she told me that the court was now all over, and there was nothing that she could do about it now.

8) The Fifth Estate aired a program in November 2000, in which they showed both my brother and sister fully recanting their story. My teacher informed me at the time that she had seen the program, and I immediately set out to try and contact my sister Michelle. I called her in Saskatoon and was surprised when she answered the call. I was told that the Fifth Estate were looking for me, and that they were unable to find me.

I know that I have now been saying that the others have never done anything to me, and that in fact I was forced, or felt forced to say the things that I said about them. This is not my major concern and never has been. I have been trying to get someone to listen to me ever since I was small, and every time that I brought up the fact that I was being raped it was ignored. I am now asking you to listen to me, and to bring those responsible for allowing this to happen to me to justice. At the very least I am asking you to allow me to bring to the public my story and to not interfere with me telling my story. I feel that it is the least that all of you can do for me.

Thank You

Kathy Ross

Fifth Estate crew and Axworthy Fifth Estate and Axworthy

The Fifth Estate caught up with Justice Minister Chris Axworthy at the Saskatchewan Legislature August, 2000. The entire country saw him refuse to deal forthrightly with a simple question: Now that we know that innocent people were falsely charged in Saskatchewan, what are you going to do about it?

Fifth Estate crew and Axworthy

See also Marlon Gidluck, who lost half his penis because of a severe bacterial infection he contracted in the Saskatchewan Correctional Centre in Saskatoon. Jeff Bohach, one of the aides shielding Axworthy from Linden McIntyre, spoke for the Justice Department to claim Gidluck was lying about the nature of his infection.

Mr. Roy Romanow
Premier of Saskatchewan
Legislative Building Regina, Saskatchewan
S4S 0B3
July 25, 1993

Dear Mr. Romanow,

I am writing to you on behalf of myself, my wife Kari and my three children, Krystal, 11 years, Kayla, 4 1/2 years and Brady, 2 1/2 years, to ask that you order a full public inquiry into the treatment we have received at the hands of the justice system in Saskatchewan.

On February 10, 1993, after a long ordeal that no human being should have to endure, my wife and I, along with six members of my family which included my sister, my two brothers and their wives, my mother, as well as my brother's sister-in-law and her nusband, had charges against us stayed for unspeakably gross acts of sexual abue of three children.

The charges against us were so obviously false that they should never have been proceeded with. The three children, a boy and his twin sisters, made up unbelievable stories about being raped and assaulted almost daily by each of us, men, women and teenagers alike, as well as my wheelchair-bound mother. These same children accused their biological parents of killing and eating several babies, mutilating animals and children, including themselves, collecting their blood and drinking it, poling out animal and human eyeballs and serving them for dinner, and regularly eating feces and drinking urine as part of their meals. The children claimed to remember that this was done to them when they were infants -- one of them said she was two years old and still crawling when she watched her mother slaughter the neighbours' babies and bury them in boxes in her backyard, and she reported on how angry the neighbours were when they came to get their children and were told by the (deaf) mother that the babies were dead! Nevertheless, according to this child, the neighbours did not complain to the police because they had other children at home! Needless to say, the police never looked for nor did they locate any human remains in the back yards of these accused, and neither did they find anyone whose children had been murdered by these people. Also, a social worker and a medical doctor testified at the trial that there had been no signs of this type of massive physical abuse of the children when they were still living at home.

These children were fostered by my brother Dale and hs wife Anita, and at no time did the children mention anything about how they had been mutilated and tortured by their parents. They only made these accusations, first against their parents, and then against Dale and Anita and the rest of us, when the older brother, Michael, was removed from Dale and Anita's home because of his obviously disturbed and violent behavior, which had been fully documented by teachers and social workers alike. (Among other things, the boy threw one of his siters under a moving vehicle, causing her severe injusries.) The bizarre "disclosures" started coming out only when the boy moved into a new foster home where the parents were stong fundamentalist Christians who believed that the boy, Michael, "had the devil in him." In no time Michael and then later his sisters, accused members of our family, no matter how little contact we had had with them. These accusations were taken at face value by the police and the social services, who should have been competent enough to realize that there was no truth to what the children were saying.

Our family has been torn to pieces by these false accusations. We have lost of livelihoods, our reputations, our mental health, and even hope. My sister Pamela, who lost her much beloved adopted son because of these charges has since tried to commit suicide on numerous occasions. It was to protect her from having to g through a trial that my father eventually pleaded guilty to acts that he was not guilty of, and he is now serving a sentence of four years in the Bowden Penitentiary in Alberta.

I am asking you, from the bottom of my heart, to call this public inquiry without delay. We are innocent people who have been injured by a process that completely disregarded our lives and our rights. We want to have our names cleared and the public has a right to know what happened to us because it could happen to anybody, unless these kinds of abuses get stopped. I have enclosed a set of articles that were recently published in the StarPhoneix about my wife and me, my mother and my brother's sister-in-law and her family. They will give you a little glimpse of the hell we have been through and are still living.

Sincerely (signed)

Rick Klassen

11 A Gibson Close Red Deer, Alberta T4P 2Z3

Tel: (403) 340-3195

CC.: All Saskatchewan Members of Parliament

John Lucas placed the 6 hour video tape of Sgt. Dueck's interviews with the Ross children into Axworthy's hand at at 3:15PM, July 17, 1993.

Lucas talked with Axworthy about the included letter at 1: PM on August 26th, 1993. He also talked with Romanow for a moment as he delivered two tapes to his 22nd St. office.

After finding the true facts on this website about how she had been used by Dueck , Michelle Ross wrote to Chris Axworthy asking why nothing had been done to protect her. Axworthy replied that if she wanted to raise a complaint about the Internet, she should get in touch with them! We know he is not stupid so we guess he's just bad.

Letter received by John Lucas Oct. 24, 1999. Mr. Axworthy just doesn't seem to get it. He should be firing Quinney. Instead he is once more setting the fox among the pigeons.

No doubt Axworthy considers this just another rough patch that goes with the job of a professional politician. It remains to be seen whether we can bring him down. We also know Saskatchewan is full of opportunists who would gladly take his place. inJusticebusters remain committed to making Saskatchewan safe for the truth.

Porn spawns misguided bill. (the Internet Child Pornography Prevention Act)

Do a search on the Internet these days and no matter how innocuous your key word, you'll often be presented with some links to pornography. Indeed, it is unfortunate that the world's most progressive communications tool can be used to carry out decidedly un-progressive activities, which is especially true when you consider the abundance of cyber pornography involving children

With a click of the mouse, pedophiles can access everything from mildly suggestive sites to the harshest kiddy porn. And in every instance, there is a victim.

Anonymous, cheap, and instantaneous, the Internet makes it easy for pornographers and pedophiles to pursue their interests. That's why a law prohibiting the use of the Internet to promote child pornography is needed, according to Saskatchewan MP Chris Axworthy.

The Internet Child Pornography Prevention Act, introduced as a private member's bill in the House of Commons on June 11, calls for the licensing of Canadian ISPs, creates a separate offence for anyone who uses the Internet to facilitate specified sex offences, and grants cyber search warrants to law enforcement agencies. Canada is not the only country grappling with the notion of regulating the Internet. The former head of CompuServe in Germany was recently convicted of aiding and abetting the spread of child pornography and given a two year suspended sentence. Now the European Commission is calling for international talks on how to regulate the Internet.

Here in Canada, the CRTC announced in late July that it is considering regulating new media, including the Internet. And an Ontario judge recently ordered seven ISPs to divulge the names of people in an Internet chat group who allegedly made libelous comments about Philip Services Corp.

The problem with these developments is that they are individual, reactionary, and shallow attempts at controlling a technology few decision-makers understand. Although ISPs facilitate the exchange of information, and thus the potential exchange of child pornography and libelous statements, they are clearly not the villains here.

In fact, Ontario police commenting on Axworthy's bill say ISPs have always cooperated in tracking and stopping pedophiles on the Web. And most Canadian ISPs have a notice-and-take-down policy. If advised of child pornography on a site they host, they will investigate and take action when appropriate. Licensing ISPs, as Axworthy's bill suggests, will only create a burdensome bureaucracy for legitimate businesses while leaving gargantuan loopholes for those the legislation is truly trying to impede.

The Internet Child Pornography Prevention Act, though endorsed by the Canadian Police Association, is unlikely to survive. Private member's bills must go through an elaborate process governed primarily by luck before even standing a chance of becoming law. But Axworthy says legislation is a means of expressing community values and this bill is a chance to clearly state that child pornography on the 'Net is unacceptable'.