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Early Activism

ACTION: 1994 Acquitted!

Sheila Steele and Richard Klassen

inJusticebusters Steele and Klassen postering in front of the old Provincial Court building, Saskatoon, 1994

ACTION 1999: Five years later, we have sworn evidence that proves we were on the right track, no criminal defamation occurred in this case, and eleven people had charges against them stayed not because the children were traumatized by too much court but because they were all innocent! Whole new actions page on this triumph of tenacity.

The 1993 StarPhoenix file photos below tell the whole story. Rick and Kari Klassen are shown picketing in front of the Saskatoon Police Station in September, 1993 several months before filing their ten million dollar lawsuit to clear their names. John and Johanna Lucas were charged with criminal defamation against Dueck at around the same time. Rick Klassen and Sheila Stele were arrested and charged with defamation in August, 1994. The Lucases were convicted after a lengthy proceeding which generated more charges as it went along as the Lucases were forbidden to poster, picket or even speak about child sexual abuse after they were first charged.

Saskatoon Sgt. Michael Grisdale made it his personal business to shut up the Lucases, going so far as to "confide" to Rick Klassen that Lucas was a dangerous man who had possibly got away with murder. So poisoned was the case against the Lucases that not even Clayton Ruby could get their convictions overturned at the Supreme Court. Grisdale did not personally speak to Sheila Steele, but was seen pointing her out to CBC reporter Amy Jo Eamon during one of Lucas's many breach hearings and while Steele's drug charges were still pending.

The authorities did their best to muzzle Steele, as well. Her defamation charges were quashed by writ of certiorary a year after they were laid, leaving Klassen to fight on his own. During the year that Steele's charges were still pending, she was placed on an undertaking to shut up, which was appealed and upheld by Queen's Bench Judge Hunter. When the Lucases lost at the Supreme Court in a cruel April Fool's decision in 1998, the Crown finally dropped its appeal against Klassen's directed jury acquittal.

Steele was under undertakings which denied her free speech until August, 1997. It too us until the following summer, when Klassen was once again free to speak to learn about the internet and get this site up.

inJusticebusters is grateful the StarPhoenix has published the material which might lead to dozens of Saskatchewan citizens having their names cleared. (Many pseudonyms are already cleared by this story!) (Dueck) New on the site: Letter to Roy Romanow and all Saskatchewan Members of Parliament, July 25, 1993, sent by Rick Klassen before he ever took to the streets.

Demonstration where we were charged with Defaming Sgt. Brian Dueck

On August 27, 1994, three people were arrested and charged with criminal defamation against Saskatoon Police Sgt. Brian Dueck and contract social worker Carol Bunko-Ruys.

Sheila Steele carried a sign which read:

Steele was also charged with assaulting a police officer. All charges against her were quashed a year later.

It was a beautiful day for a demonstration. But by one o'clock, three of us were locked up in the city buckets so we didn't get to enjoy the rest of the day.

Marie's grandson and Richard's nephew, Rob Klassen, who was sixteen and therefore a "young offender" carries a sign which reads:

His sign was identical to the one carried by Richard Klassen.

Both Rob and Sheila are wearing pro-legalization of marijuana T-shirts.

Richard fought his defamation charges for almost four years.

The charges against Rob were stayed one year later. Judge Albert Lavoie had the nerve to suggest that his uncle and Steele had coerced him to demonstrate!

The three who were arrested were not the only ones who picketed that day.

Time out from picketing at the Courthouse, Queen's Bench, Saskatoon

Before we went to the police station, we picketed the Saskatoon government offices for an hour.

Sheila's defamation story

More postering adventures on Sheila's free speech page

Taking it to the streets

I wrote a call for a public inquiry in May 1994 after the police, the police complaints investigator, and elected officials had refused to address the issue. I posted it all over Saskatoon streets.

Hey! People were being charged with ritual Satanic abuse and plain gory sexual abuse of children in their care. I wanted to know if this was really happening!

It wasn't.

Yet hundreds of people in Saskatchewan believe it happened. That dozens of foster and daycare kids were being eaten and fucked by organized groups of adults. Worse, they think these adults got off on technicalities and are now at large among us. They are wrong. But Brian Dueck and Carol Bunko-Ruys are at large among us and that is scary!

inJusticebusters 1999 actions have included researching and intervening where possible in the Saskatoon Police drug sting called Flotilla where the most brazen and objectionable use of a police agent resulted in charges of trafficking (for very small amounts of drugs) against at least 19 people. We see this abuse of citizens (both the agent and those charged) as completely unacceptable and believe the higher courts will also view it this way when the full facts of the case are placed before them. This case is an anatomy of how

  • police construct cases from the flimsiest material,
  • the media give substance to the case by accepting police PR on its face,
  • crown prosecutors use multiple charges and over-charging to extract plea bargains from terrified "dealers" at the same time they withhold exculpatory evidence and
  • defence lawyers in Saskatoon play right along, even to the point of agreeing to delay trial dates when the Crown loses its witness!

inJusticebusters will follow this case and show the bones of corruption, which are not the individual officers of the court involved but the exceptions to proper law which are allowed because of drug hysteria. The success with breaking the law to serve the "greater good," that is, the idea that drugs could be controlled by enforcement at the ass-end of things, became the rationale for "relaxing" (that is, breaking) the law in the service of ridding the public of other hysterically generated social phenomenon:

  • satanic child abuse,
  • women's right to deny father's rights because of exaggerated vulnerability,
  • outlawing child-porn, making the infantile and spoiled personalities who pursue such endeavors more insistent on their right to have it,
  • exaggerating the numbers of actual child-diddlers so the real ones can get lost in the shuffle, and
  • a complete collapse of the distinction between thought and action.

Everyone is a potential victim of the war on drugs!