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Activism: 1999

April 9, 1999 we picketed the police station with signs containing ALL the information we had previously been arrested for and additional information, including a signed affidavit from one of the child witnesses who had come forward to admit he lied. We thought we might be arrested and we kind of hoped we would be -- at least we could get our information into Court.

CBC sent a reporter who interviewed us but admitted that the CBC was interested only in covering an arrest. Other media snooped around as well, hoping for arrests. When none occurred, there was no coverage. The truth has not ever made headlines in Saskatchewan except when it is shoved down the media's throat by someone from outside with the courage of Joyce Milgaard.

ACTION: 1999

Why do we keep picketing?

1. In May, 1991, a Saskatoon cop and a therapist conspired to put twin girls, wards of the province, into a home with their brother who had previously assaulted them.

2. In September 1991, after they knew that the assaults had resumed, the cop, the social worker and the Crown conspired to keep the boy with his sisters.

3. In November, 1992, the highest levels of the Departments of Social Service and Justice were fully aware of the situation.

4. The assaults continued until December 1993, and stopped then only because citizens intervened.

5.This callous disregard for the safety of children allowed them to manufacture a case against sixteen innocent people, forever branding them as sex criminals. It is also highly likely that Brian Dueck and Carol Bunko derived sexual stimulation from talking to the children about sexually charged matters. They also got to talk about Tom's sex crimes to crown prosecutors. They got to mix religion and sex. Part of Marilyn Thompson's reports to them include discussion of some whacked-out therapy where Tom associated his penis with an angel. He would tell them "his angel was growing."

Whatever it was that possessed them to keep his twin sisters in the same house with him is partly related to money (The Thompsons as "special needs" foster parents were making big bucks, Bunko-Ruys got to put in hundreds of hours as their private therapist) and career advancement (Dueck got promoted to Sergeant). But it is also related to sexual perversity sicker than the crimes they charged innocent people with! They used innocent children to manufacture their own masturbation fantasies!

6. The lawyers who got involved with this case are perverts as well.

BELOW: Demo Apr. 9 | The Call we posted | Watching the Detectives | Talking to CBC

Everybody should know: After the Ross Ross & White trial, during November 1992, local crown prosecutors Matt Miazga and Sonia Hansen met in Regina with senior crown prosecutors McKay and Cotter and head of public prosecutions Richard Quinney. They were concerned about the integrity of their case. Their cover story has always been that the children were "traumatized." No doubt. Tom had disrupted the trial of his parents to shout Bingo numbers and the bevy of social workers brought to court to control Tom and his sisters had lost control. The children could no longer keep track of the lies Dueck and Bunko had coached them to tell. Their testimony had become a flat litany whereby the same grotesque acts had been repeated identically by different defendants at different times and the disingenuousness was apparent to all.

Everyone involved in that meeting knew their case was based on lies. The Supreme Court confirmed this when, in 1994 it acquitted one and ordered new trials in the other two original convictions.

Nonetheless, the Crown proceeded with a costly preliminary hearing and took thirteen more accused to the brink of trial, finally staying the charges on twelve of them in exchange for a guilty plea from Peter Klassen, whom they knew was innocent of all the charges from the children. Since eligibility for parole requires an inmate to re-enact his crime, and it is impossible to re-enact a crime one hasn't committed, Peter served every single day of his four year sentence.

The evidence for our allegations: Michael's adult affidavit | Carol Bunko-Ruys report | The Thompson Papers | Background: Saskatchewan Cover-up | Scandal of the Century Feared | $10 Million Lawsuit

ACTION: 1999

April 8 we informed the press, the police and Greg Walen that the following day from ten until noon Rick Klassen, Sheila Steele and John Lucas would picket the Saskatoon courthouses, Greg Walen's law office and the Saskatoon police station in the continuing effort to bring to justice public officials and officers of the court who have committed crimes.

We carried out our action, as promised, and postered the call for a public inquiry (below), copies of Michael's affidavit and posters advertising the website. Full report

Call for a Public Inquiry

These questions must be addressed:

  • How did the Foster Children and Martensville investigations happen
  • Why did Crown prosecutors allow Carol Bunko-Ruys and Brian Dueck to enable and facilitate the rape and sodomy of two eight year old girls by their older brother
  • Why did the Minister of Social Services hire Greg Walen to keep the child witnesses out of Court
  • Who really traumatized these children
  • Why have people been arrested and jailed for making public the truth about this case
  • How can we ever trust Social Services or the Justice Department to investigate sex crimes when they continue to cover-up and deny their mistakes in the Martensville and Foster Parent cases?

Many of the answers to these questions, and the evidence to support these answers are posted on the Internet.

ACTION: April 9, 1999

Our signs said:

on one side. The other side said:

We left began at the corner of 20th St. and Second Avenue at five to ten.

We arrived at the provincial courthouse at ten, posted our information (Tom's affidavit and the call below), picketed for half an hour.

We proceeed to Court of Queen's Bench where we picketed for another half hour.

We moved on to the Hnatyshyn Singer Law offices where we picketed briefly, delivered signed material to Walen and then went for coffee.

We arrived at the police station shortly before noon and picketed there until almost 12.30, just as the nurse's picket line was arriving at the Sturdy-Stone center.

We were under continual surveillance by plainclothes in a grey Chevy Lumina and at the police station, we were photographed and videotaped at length from a smoked-windowed van.

We spoke to many people along the way, including several police who were friendly and supportive and a reporter from CBC radio who interviewed us.

Because of the constant and obvious surveillance by the Chevy Lumina, we feared we might be arrested after we had packed up our signs and left. The Lumina followed us back to out starting point and then left.

Detectives watching

The men in the van who were taking our pictures were wasting tax money! We had/have nothing to hide. We are all experienced activists who are not intimidated by cops with cameras. We had cameras, too Johanna Lucas took this remarkable shot of those who were "shooting" us. We would like to know who these men were taking their orders from: Sgt. Dueck? Greg Walen? It is normal on a demonstration for a representative of the picketed party to speak to the demonstrators. On Friday, no one spoke with us even though we were friendly and approachable and prepared to defend our actions

Marie Klassen We practice justice without a licence

We picket in memory of Marie Klassen. We promised her we would not stop until we won. Almost five years after her passing, we are still trying to bring these perverts to justice! | Sgt. Brian Dueck: The corrupt policeman who bullied Marie

Sgt. Dueck helped/took part | Richard Quinney | Saskatchewan cover-up | Martensville | Scandal of the Century feared (StarPhoenix story from 1991) | Globe and Mail feature (1994) | StarPhoenix feature, June 1999 | $10 Million Lawsuit | Why we hate lawyers | Sheila Free speech page | Registry of dangerous sex offenders | Free Speech in the U.S. | What are we fighting?

This is a Canada wide problem, but since we live in Saskatchewan, we will start here and begin cleaning up this terrible situation. We welcome help from all over the world.

Greg Walen was made Queen's Counsel shortly after we picketed his office. Many careers have been furthered in this case!

Sheila Steele

Sheila Steele explains to a CBC radio reporter the seriousness of helping/taking part, comparing it to aiding/abetting or conspiring to commit or cover a crime. In murder cases, the helpers/abetters/conspirators are often considered equally guilty with the person who actually killed.

By this reasoning, Sgt. Dueck is as guilty of raping the eight year old girls as if he actually did it. To say that he committed these acts is not to defame him but to tell the truth about his criminal actions and demand that he be brought to justice like any other citizen.

Through our actions April 9, we have shown that the truth of our allegations is not in dispute. See new page on Peter Klassen.

We will continue to push our truthful allegation until the Justice System stops its cover-up, acknowleges that the sixteen people charged are totally innocent, and the excuse that their witnesses were "traumatized" by facing the (falsely) accused in court was a lie created to save face and deceive the public. We will camp beside Joyce Milgaard on the Legislature lawn. We encourage westerners to join us in Regina. Easterners should consider joining the Clayton Miller motorcade.

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