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Sheila Steele passed away in November 2006. Exceptionally, if someone is finally able to prove innocence then the article(s) can be amended to state this or articles may be changed/added to insure continuity.

The opinions expressed in articles on the site [written as "we" or "I" or "injusticebusters"] are those of the late Sheila Steele.

The site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorised by the copyright owner. believes this constitutes a "fair use" of such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law, "fair dealing" as provided in sections 29, 29.1 and 29.2 of the Copyright Act of Canada, or "fair use" as provided under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 of the UK, or "fair dealing" as provided under the Copyright Act 1968 of Australia.

Right to disclosure

It is our firm and unwavering belief that every individual is entitled to full disclosure regarding any information concerning them which is held by other persons, whether that be parents, teachers, or authorities.

We believe that no one should fear the truth. To that end we bust minor deceptions as well as major lies, like the one Superintendent Dueck has covered up for six years.

It was to expose Dueck's crimes that propelled us to launch this site in the first place. As you will see, throughout the website, these crimes are numerous. He has had many innocent people charged for crimes they did not commit. Two people, John and Johanna Lucas have gone to jail for trying to expose the truth about this policeman's crimes. Richard Klassen, one of the persons originally falsely charged on the basis of Dueck's manufactured evidence and Sheila Steele, the two owners of this website were both charged with defaming Dueck.

The public's right to know the truth about Dueck and Bunko-Ruys

Number one on our agenda was and is bringing Brian George Dueck to account for facilitating the rape, sodomy and torture of an eight year old girl in the town of Warman for 43 months. John and Johanna Lucas were convicted and had their convictions upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada. Any squeamishness we may have had about the truth of the words on the sign, particularly "If you admit it, Dueck, you can get help for your touching problem," have evaporated as we have discovered the extent of Dueck's depravity. The only part of that sign that we might have a quibble with is the suggestion that Dueck could get help. This, we think is highly unlikely for either him or Carol Bunko-Ruys, the other facilitator of the torture of Michelle Ross.

Short of murder, Dueck's crime is as bad as it gets: doubly so because of his position

Not only did these two people know for sure that Michelle was being sexually brutalized, they made videotapes of the children talking about sex crimes which never happened and which they placed in their minds by encouraging Michael in extremely dangerous fantasies. The videotapes were not meant to be seen by anyone except the other perverts in the justice department. Once Saskatchewan Justice found the tapes had been widely distributed, they set about to tighten disclosure laws and to punish John Lucas, who they believed was responsible for disclosing the tapes to the public. That is the real crime that the Lucases went to jail for. Not only did they tell the truth about the crimes those tapes revealed, but they clearly identified the perpetrators of the crime.

As in the David Milgaard case, the Justice Department found itself implicated in another cover-up of a scandalous investigation by the Saskatoon Police Service. The Saskatoon Police Service chose to try and stare down the truth by promoting Dueck (he has had two major promotions since he first made those pornographic tapes.) But Dueck's past keeps coming back to bite them. Dueck has been dressed up as a survivor of polio who has overcome adversity to rise in a tough profession. The truth is that he is a bully and a sadist, quite possibly a sexual sadist.

We don't care a fig's damn about the sensitivities of the Justice Department regarding our publication of the disclosure material. We are proud that two (now all three!) of the child witnesses have found such publication helpful in sorting out their own pasts. We know that justice has been served by the access we have provided to this "sealed" material. And to the prosecutors, the social workers , the cops and the Appeal Court Justices, we say: Admit you did wrong and get help for your lying problems!

This site exists to tell the truth and expose the entire Saskatchewan government for its involvement in this cover-up. We believe because the Ross children were diagnosed as fetal alcohol syndrome, the parents were deaf and working class, and the Klassens and Kvellos were also working people without higher education, that they believed they could get away with all of this and the lives of these people didn't matter. We believe they have counted on public prejudice to be on their sides. Alcoholics, the dregs of society -- who cares? Saskatchewan is as bigoted as the next place -- possibly more so because it covers its bigotries with self-righteousness and has gained an international reputation for some progressive achievements. Do not be deceived. We are told that the South African government visited Saskatchewan and used the reserve system here as a model for the South African townships -- the structure for apartheid. This province has always been good at creating one thing and calling it something else. In Dueck's case they have created a monster and called him a Superintendent.

Cape Breton Children's Aid Society

The other case which we have highlighted on this website is the illegal abduction of Emma McCarthy from Florida by Cape Breton Children's Aid Society. This is another case where many authorities have participated in covering up the truth, largely because it is embarrassing to them. Because after they illegally apprehended this three year old child from her natural mother, they placed her in a foster home where she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by a retarded adolescent boy!

None of the allegations we make are frivolous. In both the Dueck and the Cape Breton cases our errors have been on the side of giving the authorities the benefit of the doubt. We state as fact only what we can prove as fact.

Getting these stories up is a lot of work, but we are prepared to commit that work, as long as those who are trying to bust the injustice have the courage of their convictions, are prepared to "go the distance" and trust the truth.


Libel is the telling of lies. We do not libel. We do not tell lies. We do not advocate the telling of lies or defend those who do. In the Lucas matter, we defend the truth of all the statements made by John and Johanna Lucas and believe that his counsel, renowned civil libertarian Clayton Ruby was wrong to present it as a free speech case. We have defied the Supreme Court decision by repeating the words used by the Lucases and challenge the authorities to get us into court so that the truth of Dueck's crimes can be exposed. We also challenge the Cape Breton Children's Aid Society, about whom we make equally strong allegations to take us to court. We are not concerned that we are in Saskatchewan and they are in Nova Scotia. We believe the truth is valid in all jurisdictions.

…Sheila Steele 1943-2006 and Rick Klassen, April 27, 2000