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Sheila Steele passed away in November 2006. This is an historical archive of Exceptionally, if someone is finally able to prove innocence then the article(s) can be amended to state this or articles may be changed/added to insure continuity.

The opinions expressed in articles on the site [written as "we" or "I" or "injusticebusters"] are those of the late Sheila Steele.

The site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorised by the copyright owner. believes this constitutes a "fair use" of such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law, "fair dealing" as provided in sections 29, 29.1 and 29.2 of the Copyright Act of Canada, or "fair use" as provided under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 of the UK, or "fair dealing" as provided under the Copyright Act 1968 of Australia.

We launched this site in June 1998 with two intentions: to break through the publication orders surrounding the Foster parent case so we could rally public opinion and bring Saskatchewan Justice and Saskatchewan Social services to account; to explain and defend the right to publish, make fair comment and express oneself in words and pictures regarding anything we saw to be in the public interest. We succeeded in bringing the Foster Parent case to public attention but have not yet seen any accounting from those responsible for the "Scandal of the Century" as Fifth Estate dubbed the one hour show they did on the case. We have found ourselves fighting upstream against the many new ways the authorities have found to gag truthtellers.

We state, somewhat brashly, that we are experts in defamation. We are. We have been charged (and acquitted) with defaming the officials we have exposed: we have been -- and continue to be -- defamed by them. Saskatchewan is like a small city fueled by gossip and spread across a huge area. Those of us who are not proud of what was done to David Milgaard continue to raise that spectre, while most prefer to go on about their daily business, awash among the entrenched belief that on some level Milgaard deserved to be punished because he was an out-of-control hippy, and that, as Saskatoon Police continue to say, he was Fisher's accomplice in Gail Miller's murder even though he did not know the man. Bobbi Stadnyk, the second female firefighter in the country who was viciously assaulted by her co-workers at the Regina Airport, a story featured on W5 15 years ago has not received justice and most Saskatchewan citizens do not care. The rumour persists -- fueled by urban legends who claim to have heard his confession in jail -- that Travis Sterling was guilty. The same folks who spread this loose talk claim injusticebusters is run by dissatisfied ne'er do wells with criminal records and nothing better to do but mess things up for the rest of the community.

The recent police shootings in Saskatchewan, following on the heels of the investigation into police dumping drunks at the edge of town to freeze to death, has brought racism front and center to public discourse. This is not surprising in the province which developed and refined the Indian Reserve system to the degree that is became the model for apartheid in South Africa. Aboriginal people in Saskatchewan account for a disproportional percenage of the poor. Those who have managed to join the middle class have turned their backs on their less fortunate brothers and sisters, and the backlash is bracing. There is little sympathy for Melvin Bigsky and Kelvin MacMillan along coffee row. Meanwhile more and more farmers fall out of the middle class to join the ranks of the poor.

Saskatchewan is in crisis. A generation of children raised in poverty is now presenting itself daily in provincial courtrooms charged with small thefts, minor drug charges, all manner of ugly assaults against persons (mostly each other) and property crimes. Various agencies, supported by police receive funding for lame programs -- such as targetting grafitti or counselling boys and girls to quit hooking.

The University of Saskatchewan has raised tuition and lowered its standards in all areas except science -- where programs are lavishly funded by uranium, potash and pharmaceutical corporations.

These are the injustices we want to bust. But we have to start somewhere. -- May, 2001 Sheila Steele

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Our policy, as stated in our masthead, is straightforward and direct:

  • We expose injustices by identifying those responsible and naming them.
  • We expect all public officials to account for themselves
  • We have no respect for gag orders
  • We are no longer able to say that we will publish any story that is dispassionately written, fully documented and signed by the person writing it. We get too many. As of 2001, we have successfully fought off several gag orders which should make it much safer for people to put up their own websites. We will help people do this (as much as we can) and we will often run the story until you have got your own site up and running. We strongly advise you to be truthful and to use our website as a model. We strongly advise against airing personal vendettas on the internet or anywhere in public.
  • Once we have taken a case to publicize on , we will hang in with it for as long as it takes to get justice. Two cases in point, as well as our own "Scandal of the Century" story are the McCarthy child abduction case in Nova Scotia and Leon Walchuk's murder conviction in Saskatchewan. These cases both have their own websites now, but we got the story out there while they were building the sites.
  • We are willing to stand four-square behind everything on these pages in open court. We have been there before and we quite enjoy it.
  • We will explore any means which become available to us to name errant officials with the full intent of embarassing them and exposing them to the contempt they deserve.

Every item that injusticebusters has published on has been thoroughly researched by us or by other reputable journalists who stake their reputations on the truth of what they say. A large part of our reporting consists of keeping files to back up any controversial assertions we make. The stories which we have so far published and written are the products of thousands of hours of work. We pick and choose the stories we publish according to time restraints and the likelihood that such story will work with our other stories to break up the wall of injustice.

Apart from directing people to our court menu, we simply do not have time to give justice counselling. Like the truth itself, our advice is very simple: stay as far away from lawyers as you can, make sure you have full disclosure on any matter which brings you to court before entering a plea, do your own research at the library or on the internet and rely on the judge to protect your rights. Listen to your own common sense. If you have difficulty reading and/or writing, get help from someone you trust. These fundamentals will serve you well in criminal court.

Once you get into courts like the circuses run by Revenue Canada, Workmen's Comp, Employment Insurance, and Immigration you should consider yourself a pioneer. These scary outfits have been running roughshod over people for generations and they rely on fear and terror. They have stunned so many people into silence that it is really hard to get an edge into them. Great superstition surrounds these bureaucratic monoliths and many people are afraid they will turn into pumpkins if they speak about their experience. People who have received injustices from these courts are like rape victims or battered children. We need more people like Gord McMullen who are ready to take them on, armed with facts and a burning sense of justice.

Family court? Well, the best advice there is don't get married, don't have children and better yet, don't be born. Any part of the earth populated with a lot of social workers is as dangerous as a place full of lawyers. Bitterness aside, if you want to fight injustice, you have to be willing to set aside everything you thought you knew, find the brain inside your cranium and exercise it. We hope that tucked in there somewhere is a conscience which will stay true to yourself and to others. If you elect to settle for partial justice, you are settling for a partial life. You are part of the huge majority.

If you see the sense of our strategy, then you are part of that tiny minority which has always been instrumental in effecting social change. We urge you to follow our example, to share your experiences with us and to walk beside us down the road to justice. The road is not made of yellow bricks but the walking conditions are really quite pleasant.

…Sheila Steele 1943-2006