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The Federal government released the Report on the Prevention of Miscarriages of Justice. This should be required reading for every prosecutor, cop, and criminal defence lawyer in the country. Federal prosecutor's report 2005

Wilson Nepoose

Wrongfully convicted of rape, freed after spending four years in confinement, he committed suicide after release.

Wilson Nepoose

In 1999: Lester Nepoose, Wilson's brother, said six years have passed since a petition was presented to Alberta Premier Ralph Klein that called for an inquiry into the matter.

"What happened to my brother took the spirit away from my brother and damaged him a lot. We met with our leaders today and the support is there and the lawyers have said they are moving ahead with it - and it's not going to stop here - so that the Native people, the uneducated people, will know that we will be there for them too if they are victims in a situation like this," he said. "Ralph Klein claims to be a friend of First Nation people. I would like to ask him what happened? Back in 1993 we gave him 7,500 names and we haven't received a call. The people who signed that petition, I'm pretty sure they'd like to know what happened. Why has there been a miscarriage of justice?"

Bob Sachs, an Edmonton lawyer who has taken an interest in the Nepoose case, said it has the potential to break down the obstacles to accountability that authorities construct when mistakes are made.

"The most significant aspect of the case is that it is, depending on your perspective, one of the worst or one of the best examples of how an injustice can happen to a Native Canadian and it just sort of slides away," he said.

"That's why it's so encouraging for the Nepoose family to have Donald Marshall here today to lend his support, for the Samson Cree Nation to come forward and indicate that they will do what they can to support the continuing efforts of the Nepoose family to clear their name, why Kathleen Mahoney is here today on behalf of the AFN to lend their support to the continuing struggle to right the injustice.

"This whole case is an embarrassment to the Alberta government, to the RCMP and to the federal government for that matter. You have to recall that the court of appeal called this a miscarriage of justice. I can't frankly understand why the federal government and the Alberta government aren't knocking on the Nepoose family door with an apology and an offer to help them in any way they can."

Instead, the lawyer said, government officials have abused their powers and privileges to protect themselves from bearing the responsibility of their mistakes.