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Monique Turenne Headlines

Murder trial in Panama City Florida

Monique Turenne has consistently denied that Ralph Crompton was her "boyfriend" or lover.

She has also denied sending David to the store for Midol: "The only time I used [Midol] was when I was 11 years old," she told inJusticebusters.

Monique Turenne to face more charges?

June 19 1996: AP, Panama City, FL

Prosecutor is waiting to evaluate scientific evidence beforing deciding whether to file more serious charges and start extradition proceedings. Doesn't anticipate any action being taken in the next five to six months.

Canada does not allow its citizens to be extradited and then charged with more serious crimes. Another factor is Canada's refusal to allow extradition on death penalty charges.

Turenne is accused of being an accessory after the fact to murder.

Ralph Crompton, a retired US Air Force master sergeant, is charged with first-degree murder of Canadian Forces Major David Turenne.

Media reports say she confessed to luring her husband outside where Crompton was waiting.

Confession detailed

Police say Turenne killing admitted

Oct 12 1996: AP, Panama City, FL

"I did it" said Ralph Crompton according to a police officer testimony. David Turenne was killed in the front yard of his Panama City home. Lawyer states Crompton will testify that it was Monique who used the hammer.

But Det. Mark McClain said Crompton told him a different story. Said "Monique had nothing to do with it. She was a modern day slave and I tried to set her free."

Crompton tried to kill himself by slashing his wrist and plunging a knife into his chest.

Crompton's defence contends Monique knocked out her husband, as the two fought, then finished him off as Crompton fled.

It is claimed that: Monique told police in Winnipeg that Crompton killed her husband. She setup her husband by sending him to the store to get medicine for menstral cramps. She insisted the plan was just to rough him up.

Woman's ex-lover [Ralph Crompton] convicted in killing [David Turrene]

Widow hopes pain is over

Winnipeg Free Press Oct 16 1996

Woman advised not to testify

Crompton faces death

Winnipeg Free Press Oct 16 1996

Monique to face trial predicts killer's [Ralph Crompton] lawyer

Says Canada will extradite her to Florida 'sooner or later'

Winnipeg Sun oct. 16, 1996

Turenne indicted in US slaying

Winnipeg woman could face death penalty in husband's murder

Winnipeg Free Press March 20 1997

This is how Monique Turenne learned she had been indicted: she was unaware a Grand Jury had been convened in Florida; she was most certainly not invited to attend to give answer to the charges against her.

Turenne categorically denies ever having had an affair with Ralph Crompton. Crompton had already been convicted of first degree murder and faced the death penalty when he concocted the affair and implicated Monique Turenne as an accomplice.

Meanwhile, Loren Schinkel, the Winnipeg cop who manufactured a statement attributed to her and supplied the Florida Grand Jury with an affidavit attesting to its truth, had for two years been wreaking havoc in Turenne's life -- behind her back, feeding information back and forth among her in-laws and ex-husband. It is to be hoped that his actions will be properly aired in public, either in a court of law or a public inquiry.

His malice is everywhere on this case.

Turenne arrested in 1996 murder

Faces Florida trial in husband's slaying

Winnipeg Free Press June 12, 1998

Turenne to contest extradition warrant

Winnipeg Free Press June 12, 1998

Turenne gets bail

Extradition decision on Florida murder charges may take year

Winnipeg Free Press June 13 1998

Legal hurdles still ahead for Turenne

Winnipeg Free Press June 13 1998

Florida hides game plan: Lawyer

It is being deceptive about case against Turenne, says Brodsky

Victim's sister Frustrated

Monique [Turenne] did it says [Ralph] Crompton

Winnipeg Sun Oct. 23, 1998 Winnipeg Sun Oct. 23, 1998

Judge rules release of statement

Local Turenne interview unprotected

Winnipeg Sun Nov 21 1998

This was the first time Monique Turenne was able to see the "statement she made" to Loren Schinkel, which he alleges is almost as good as a confession.

The only problem with the statement was that she didn't make it. The nine page typed document, as he describes it in the affidavit he provided for a Florida Grand Jury, is either a transciption of a tape or a verbatum statement taken at the time of the interview (the night before her husband's funeral).

Turenne did not even know a Grand Jury had been convened in Florida to indict her: she learned that she had been indicted and ordered to stand trial from reports in the media.

Extradition law unconstitutional

Don't breach her rights to fair trial, he pleads

Winnipeg Free Press March 27, 1999

Her own government has allowed her to be branded and damned and is helping her accusers cut off her only avenues to clear her name.

Avaricious relatives conspire to get widow's pension

Winnipeg Sun February 21 2001 Winnipeg Sun February 21 2001

Pat Turenne became executrix of her brother's estate after Monique was charged with his murder. She has had a heyday with the less-respectable press who have given her a platform to express her malice.

She has mismanaged the estate, failing to deal with outstanding bills within the proper time period. She claimed Monique was receiving a large amount of money when in fact Monique has been receiving less than $500 a month since David's death.

In 2003, she has been to court several times to answer to Monique Turenne's requests for funds to support her two children. Danny has turned 18, and is attending university and he is also making claims against the estate.