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After 5½ yrs of silence about his real accomplices, liar Ralph Crompton reveals existance of possible real accomplices: he may be telling the truth this time but Florida and Canada won't give disclosure to indicted Monique Turenne so she can answer to Crompton's lies which find her facing extradition to a Kangaroo Court.

Ralph Crompton claims jury was coerced

Ralph Crompton

A convicted murderer was back in court Friday to argue again that the jury that found him guilty in 1996 was coerced.

Ralph Crompton, 46, was sentenced to life in prison on Nov. 25, 1996, for the first-degree murder of David Turenne. Crompton, according to investigators, was having an affair with Turenne's wife, Monique, and beat to death the 42-year-old Canadian airman outside his Panama City home in February 1996. David Turenne was stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base.

Crompton admitted hitting Turenne, but says Monique Turenne delivered the fatal blow.

Monique Turenne moved back to Canada sometime after the killing, but before she was indicted. A Canadian judge cleared her for extradition in 1999. Her case has been working its way slowly through the high court system there without a resolution expected in the near future.

On Friday, Crompton argued in front of Circuit Judge Don T. Sirmons that he should be given a new trial because his defense attorney didn't talk to some possible witnesses and two jurors may have been coerced into delivering a guilty verdict.

That argument was denied at trial after Circuit Judge Glenn Hess, the trial judge, interviewed the jurors in question after the verdict. Crompton again argued the jury was coerced in 1999 before the First District Court of Appeals. That court upheld Crompton's conviction and denied him a new trial.

On Friday, Crompton brought two daughters and two former bailiffs to the stand. All said they heard arguing in the jury room during deliberations. One female juror apparently left the room and might have been crying, his daughters said.

Sheila Sharp, a bailiff for nine years who was chief security officer for Crompton's trial, said when she opened the jury room door to allow that woman back in, two other women told her they were tired, wanted to leave and speak to the judge.

The deliberations had gone into the early morning hours.

Sharp said she relayed the message to Hess. Hess, she said, after conferring with defense attorney Waylon Graham and prosecutor Larry Basford, told her to ignore their request and let them continue deliberating.

"Everyone agreed to let it go on without interruption," Sharp said. Crompton wasn't present, she said, for that meeting.

Basford asked Sirmons to give him some time to get Hess on the stand to rebut this testimony. Sirmons continued the hearing until the scheduling could be worked out.

Crompton also asked the court to review some evidence presented at trial. Hairs apparently found in a stocking cap by Turenne's body were tested for a DNA match, which came up inconclusive. Crompton wanted those hairs tested again using more sophisticated methods now available.

One reason why, he said, Graham didn't do a thorough job representing him is because he didn't investigate a possible suspect - Diablo, "the tattoo guy."

Crompton's daughter, Mandy Tilley of Atlanta, testified that she remembered several conversations with her father before trial in which he mentioned "the tattoo guy." Diablo apparently worked at a tattoo parlor, she said, and Crompton told her he acted crazy. Crompton, Tilley said, told her Monique Turenne asked about Diablo at some time before the murder.

Sirmons didn't rule on any of the motions put before him. He said he'd keep Crompton in the Bay County Jail until the next hearing.

Why has no one investigated a possible connection between the use of David Turenne's credit card in Montreal five days after his death and the crazy "tattoo guy" Crompton told his daughter about before the trial?

Gary Wagner (who provided false testimony that Monique had approached him to get her a gun) was asked by Crompton to find Diablo a few days after his arrest. Gary Wagner NEVER informed the authorities/lawyers or the court about this. Could he be the man on the other side of the door while Diablo held Monique hostage in her own house the night of the murder? Who has the suitcase of money?

It is being raised in Quebec courts that a clear criminal pathway runs between Florida and Quebec as authorities seek to indict Hells Angels on running cocaine along that route.

Feb. 2003: Daniel, who drew this likeness of the probable killer, turned 18 this year. In the course of trying to gain access to the funds in David Turenne's estate, more information has surfaced which points to dirty police work. Monique Turenne has known for some time that Winnipeg cop Loren Schinkel made up a statement and forged her signature on it. She has also been aware that the police collaborated with mischievous relatives whose only interest was gaining control of the estate. It now seems likely that the police have forged another signature.

pony-tailed man

This rendering is by Monique Turenne's son Daniel who also saw the pony-tailed man who threatened to kill her and her children if she said anything: this was just before she discovered her husband's murdered body outside. Later, references to "another suspect" and "Diablo" would show up in the Panama City press; disclosure of Crompton's trial transcripts and the transcripts of her extradition hearing have been denied Turenne by the state of Florida