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Monique Turenne's father's letter to the Law Enforcement Review Agency

Law Enforcement Review Agency
2nd Floor - 379 Broadway Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 0T9

RE: Perjury of Loren Schinkel and misconduct of Jim Thiessen

Dear Sir/Madam:

This letter will serve as formal complaint against Loren Schinkel and Jim Thiessen, members of the Winnipeg Police Service. After Judge Peter Cory noted the Winnipeg Police Service showed 'tunnel vision' regarding its investigation of Thomas Sophonow, I am disappointed to find the same practice in place regarding my daughter, Monique Turenne.

In this case, the 'tunnel vision' is even worse. It would appear that Loren Schinkel and Jim Thiessen, after speaking with Pat Turenne Oscarson, Suzanne English (David Turenne's sisters) and Henry Thorimbert (Monique's ex-husband), determined that Monique Turenne was guilty and set themselves inside the tunnel of proving this was so. Loren Schinkel and Jim Thiessen had originally obtained a statement from Mr. Thorimbert a day or so after David Turenne's death. On February 14th, after discussion with the Turenne family, they set about to obtain a second statement from Mr. Thorimbert. This second statement was a fabrication of lies and the complete opposite of his original, yet enough to motivate them in investigating my daughter. In the face of her denials, they set about to extract from her a confession and when they failed to do so, manufactured one.

This set in motion a chain of events which resulted in false information being provided to Florida authorities, and, in turn, to convicted killer Ralph Crompton who seized the opportunity of claiming Monique Turenne was his lover and co-conspirator in the murder of her husband in order to avoid execution.

There was not then, nor is there now, any evidence to substantiate these claims of a notorious liar.

Nor were the speculations of Pat Turenne and Henry Thorimbert ever investigated, despite the fact that it should have been evident to the investigators that these two were malicious in their attitudes to my daughter and that they had motive to concoct stories which would put her out of the picture. Having taken control of the late David Turenne's estate, they had strong financial motives to frame her. Note that the executrix, Pat Turenne, also aided the Florida police detective, Michael Jones, in the fabrication of false evidence. Pat Turenne and her sister, Suzanne English, believed then, as they do now, that they should have been entitled to the estate, without any consideration for my daughter and grandchildren.

It was unprofessional of your police officers to act upon their speculations without further investigation and it was criminal for them to deceptively lure her to the police station, while she was in a state of shock and grief, to extract from her a statement.

I have attached herewith a copy of my letter dated September 5, 2001 sent to Chief Ewatski. I have yet to receive a response to same. Note that I have also attached a copy of the Panama City News Herald dated May 19, 2001 which clearly states that Ralph Crompton, upon seeking appeal of his conviction, had finally introduced a new suspect.

The Winnipeg Police Service has been adamant in refusing to co-operate. Their reason for same is, quote, 'There is an on-going investigation.' unquote. To date, I am not aware of any new developments from the Winnipeg Police on-going investigation.

In any case, Loren Schinkel has signed a perjured and false affidavit - a criminal offence.

I strongly urge LERA to investigate these members' fraudulent activities.

Yours truly,

Jean-Emile Paillé,

CC: Professional Standards Unit - Winnipeg Police Service
CC: Mr. Greg Brodsky
CC: Mrs. Joyce Milgaard
CC: Mr. Dan Lett, Winnipeg Free Press

Loren Schinkel

Loren Schinkel

Jim Thiessen

Jim Thiessen