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The Thompson Papers (2)

The Klassen story
Breaking through to the public

The following are missing transcribed notes taken from the hand written notes
of Marilyn Thompson, and the three Ross children.

NOTE: At least half of these notes were not given to the defence until 1995 after the falsely accused launched the $10 M lawsuit.

They appear as part of the Statement of Documents. Most of these pages had been provided as part of the disclosure package before the preliminary hearing which indicted the Klassen/Kvello family.

They were handwritten and were obviously the work of a fevered mind.

Michael had been removed from the home of Dale and Anita Klassen, after four years of their diligent seeking help to correct his disturbing behavior. When Dale and Anita Klassen believed their young baby was in danger, they demanded Michael be removed. They kept the twins, Michelle and Kathy.

Michael was placed with Lyle and Marilyn Thompson, inexperienced people who answered an ad in the paper. Michael began telling tales of sexual abuse, with prompting from Marilyn Thompson who was coached by Brian Dueck and Carol Bunko-Ruys. Five months after Michael moved into the Thompson home, Kathy and Michelle were apprehended from Dale and Anita and placed back with Michael in the Thompson home.

The notes seem to have been written in October, 1990 just before the children were taken to the "soft room" at the Saskaton Police Station where they recorded many hours of videotape (which injusticebusters lent to the Fifth Estate, who in turn had the tapes assessed by Dr. John Yuelle) See also the Ross children's drawings and letters made as they were being prepped for court. They remained in the Thompson home for 43 months and Michael was viciously assaulting his sisters the entire time. (During the four and half months Michael was their only foster charge, before his twin sisters were brought to join him he assaulted a 3 year old neighbour child named Gus.)

(continued from The Thompson Papers, first page)

Took the lids off the jar & drank it
Just the 4 adults. The blood came from
All the adults and the kids not just
Me. The adults did it to the adults &
Then the kids these were 2 kids smaller
Than me they lived next door. Their
names were Sharly & Jason Rose (she
hesitated over last name) These kids
came lots of times with their
mom and dad. Then they came alone &
and got killed. They were in the room with
the table - they were tied to the
table & my mom got the butcher knife
with white handle and it was silver. She
cut the kids up in little pieces
cut the neck so the head, came
off-arms got cut into bits-legs
got cut into bits took all the
blood into jars-the bones they put
in the garbage. The blood came out
of the vagina & bum (Right now
Kathy is just whacking the doll.) She
Says they spanked it good
Before they cut it up they took the
Ears & nose off and popped out the
Eyes (she uses the knife around the
Eye area just like Michelle did to the


Page 29b
Dog'd cat.) Now she throwing the
Doll over & over on the floor. Stamping
Extremely hard on it. Now she says
They did this to the baby (kindergarten)
After they killed it before they
Chopped it up. The baby they stamp
On is on a newspaper is on a soft
Thing on the floor they cut it up
On the floor (now Kathy is chewing
And biting on the dolls head trying
To get it off before she throws it in
The fire this seems important that
The head comes off) Before she puts
it in the fire (bathtub) she stops-says
Before they kill it my mom & dad
Would kiss the bum cheeks-boobs &
Vagina-they wrapped the pieces in
Paper & taped it up then they hold it
Over the fire. The put the
Fire out & ate the pieces of skin
Where no no bones, (now she kind
Of falls over she says she's sick) she
Shudders shakes & says it makes me
Sick to tell you how the adults
Looked when they ate it, they used
Their hands & took big bites. They

Took turns. We all ate pumpkin-apple
Pie. This was a celebration. But I
Don't know what for. We did this
Every summer-a celebration-the
Fire was like our fire at the lake
A pit you know. But dad takes
The ashes out our dad didn't. the pit

Page 30b
The pit would get real full
Of ashes our pit was way bigger
Than the lake. I got to tell
You one more thing. There was
A farm a few blocks away and there
Were 2 farmers & my mom & dad
Sneaked up with a gun & killed
10 turkeys. They put a hole in the
turkey. I don't know where they put
the hole but they go all the blood
out and put it in a jar & drank it
they cooked the turkey in the pit
with the feathers on. Then ate the
turkey. - It wasn't even cooked. I
know it wasn't it wasn't brown,
If you cooked a turkey mom I'd
Like it to be called chicken: They
Force us to eat it but we ran
Away & ate gum (she keeps saying


We ate gum) done
Kathy (thinks) says she went & told
The neighbors about their babies being
Killed & she called the police & they
Took Mom & Dad away. (maybe that's
Where today finally comes into play
For her)
The other night when M&M had their
Orge she had the room freezing-
Window wide open she would only
Say it was too hot. She did the
Same then tonite in bathroom. She
Felt sick but said it was good

Page 31b
To talk about
Michelle- - ->says when she said
The baby was sick it & maybe
Died she says now they killed
It. They stuck the knife up the
Bum caught the blood - cut the
Baby in * folded it over
Put in box & wrapped it with
Tape & paper & then plastic
Says this is terrible stuff
I hate to tell you this
It's terrible.


Page 32b
90 Oct 20
The house on 8th St was
The worst house I was in. the
Baby there. ( Now he's talking
In general not necessarily 8th St.)
I had to do a knife to the
Vagina & penis of the baby
They drank the blood (we
Said how little sips?)
He said lots of it
We buried a dog at 310 Street
- - - cat "C Where dad
lives now
there was a barbeque hole in
the yard of 8th & tires like
from a car or truck that (marginal note "over*")
they made us lay in & push
ua so hard we flew out.

My mom forced me to cut the
Baby. When the adults got
Cut sometimes they had to
Go get stitches.

Page 33b
*The tire thing compare with
Him & Michelle having sex in
The inside drum of a dryer
We have. They play in it
In the back yard - they
Get inside and push each
Other around. Kathy wouldn't
Do it but when M&M had
Sex in this drum - after the
Act Michael let out such
A blood curdling scream -
Whoop - whatever that about 3 of us dropped
What we were doing to
Run outside. All was well
He said they were just playing.
Kathy would have nothing to
Do with them - she spent hours
Raking the garden playing farmer
We didn't know they were sexually active
At this time.

Page 34b
Sunday Oct 28 Michael Video
-He hasn't admitted that anyone
but him & Michelle used Teddy
the dog in Anita's house
-Never heard that Dale - Grandpa K Rick did it together to M& K& M.
Michelle Video


She's denying the 2 sets of
Parents knowing each other
But confirms that dad brought
Them blood.
She told us there were no
Stitches on her ear - it just
Healed. & she thought the mark
Would be gone by now.
Never heard about the spoons

Page 35b drawing. No writing

Page 36b
Grandpa Klassen
Stuck his finger
In my vagina
& his penis
in my vagina
& bum

Anita bathed
Us & put soap
Rubbed our
& put
her finger
up our


We had
A bath

Page 37b
Doris Sanford
Graci Evans
Crystal put
Finger up
Don White
Stuck his
Finger where
I put my
Cream & bum
& penis in my
vagina & bum
when we stayed
over night.

Page 38b
She (Anita) would come into our
Bedroom naked at night
And touch our bodies at least
10 times - Michelle was uncom-
fortable wouldn't look (top bunk)


Anita touched both girls at
Different times. She would
Lay on our bed naked & say
Go to sleep & then she would touch us. -

Kathy. Sometimes Dale would
Come into my room & stick
His finger up my vagina
& his penis up my vagina
not bum., He thot I was asleep.
Jackie came and did it
Too. She stuck her finger
Up my vagina. When I was
In bed at Pams and at
Anita's sleep (Why would she Anita not do it to Jackie)

Page 39b
Jackie was her own duaghter
She did it to us because
We were foster.
When I was at Dianes -s
Dennis - Sherry did it to
Me. She stuck her finger
Up my vagina.
Aunty Vivre did it to me
At her house not at
Anita's She done it when
I went to the bathroom
& I was peeing. When
I was done she stuck
Her finger up my vagina.
M y boyfriend Jonathon
Pulled down my shorts and
Stuck his finger up my
Vagina then he put his
Penis in may vagina

Page 40b Sentences school work
Page 41b drawings"Costumes my past wore"
Page 42b
Brian 4
Twice last night Michael
Said they tied to force
Him to cut the dog & cat
In half but he says he
Didn't & didn't care if
They go mad at him he
Wouldn't cut them in half
This was interjected when
Michelle was acting out. I
Didn't add it in the notes,
Liz is wondering about Michael
Wanting - asking - begging
Forgiveness. Is it for what
He already told us or is
It for something really bad

He's had to do & can't tell us
Yet. Like Jon says that little
Blip could be a key. I didn't
Get it down because I was
Concentrating on Michelle and

Page 43b
What Michael was saying
Was like Jon says they
Talk about an airplane
Going over or the fan etc.

Page 44b same as page 32b
Page 45b same as page 33b
Page 46b same as page 42b
Page 47b same as page 43b
Page 48b same as page 10b
Page 49b
Michael says this is serious stuff
Sometimes a baby was used in place
Of an animal & all the adults & kids
Would line up the same as with the
Animal (baty) they would do the same
As the did to the animal. Peniss up
Bum ladies finger up bum & the kids
Had to do the same. The baby got
Slapped & punched lots. Really beat up
Sometimes they tried to cut off his penis


The dog that died they killed it. My
Mom called her friends on the
Computer to tell them to come over
They watched our mom kill the dog
And they didn't shed a tear.
She put the dog on a newspaper on
A coffee table. She took the knife and
Put it up the dogs bum. We were
Scared scared. There was plastic under
The paper. After my mom killed the
Dog - the blood came out - the dogs
Eyes were open & my dad stuck
The knife up his bum to kill him
Again. Then my mom gathered the blood
In a container and a sign on it
"blood from a dead dog" before they
put the dog in a box my dad took
the sharp end of a knife & popped
the eyeballs out & put them in the
blood. They put the dog in a box and
wrapped it in a black plastic so no
one could know what it was. The
dog was bigger than Pansy like a

page 50b

german shepard. They (mom & Dad) put
the blood container in their room in

A cupboard. My mom had a halloween
Gorilla mask all hairy and she would
Wear it when the baby or animals
Were there. She'd scare the lights
Out of the baby & the dog. The
(Marginal note *Lyle gets sick leaves at
This point) 
Cat had to run. She'd wear black
Clothes that went with the mask
She wore the mask when she killed the dog
We used cats. Whenever we wanted
To scre the cat we's tie their
Paws separate so they wouldn't
Scratch. When the cat was old
My mom took a picture of the
Cat before she killed it. We did
The same with the cat as we
Sis the dog. Put the knife up the
Bum, My dad killed the cat & my
Mom popped the eyes out. The blood
Went into the container. The sign
Said "It's time to kill the cat"
The eyeballs went in the blood.
They brought the same container with
The dogs blood there was blood in
The container. It was crusty on top
It oi looked on top of the blood like
Edges of burnt paper but the under


Neath was runny blood then it
Wasn't crusty because they added
The cats blood to it. Well show
You how-  the knife looked
Like this

Page 51b
Michaels drew
This knife
Then Michael &Michelle have a
Discussion over who
Kills who & who
Pops the eyes out. They bring out
A cat & dog (stuffed animals) Lyle
Has to come back to watch. Michael has knife
& dog Michelle has a knife
and a cat.
Michael performs first he shows how
The dog would be on all fours. Some
People hold it up. Its alive and the
Take a knife & put it up the bum
Then the dog drops flat. Then they
Would cut up the back & take the
Bones out no not bones just one bone
That my mom didn't like. They cut
It up and put it in blood container. Now
Michelle shows us how the eyes were
Popped out (*eye) make little pokes
All around eye and then pop it out
Mom killed the dog Dad popped the
Eyes - Dad killed the cat Mom

Popped the eyes out. My mom
Would put her finger in the eye
Hole after it was popped out and
Twist her finger in the hole. Guess

She wanted to feel what it was

Now Michelle demos on the cat.
She shows how they cut around
The you know hole in a circle the
Fur and d stuff would sink in so they'd
Take the knife & pull the hair & hole
Out when the knife went into the
Bum - then the back same as the dog.
Then the eyes.

The baby belonged to the bad
People they didn't care if the
Baby got killed. The knife would come
This close. This bad family had a
Boy with penis. The good family
Had a girl baby that we babysat -
When my mom would take the knife
Push it on her vagina & turn her
Over & push the knife in her bum lightly
But it would bleed, she'd put a bandage
On the baby would be naked the
Mom would pout the diaper on so
She could push harder than she
Would check again for blood
She would put the hand over her
Mouth so she wouldn't yell. They'd

Hang the baby upside down,

Page 53b

When there was blood coming from the
Baby mom would tie her to the edge
Of. (not sure here sounds like car seat??)
And catch the blood in the container
There was lots of cats blood so we
Got another container for blood. They
Had about 5 containers with different
Colored lids. They put little notes
On the lide (cats blood - dogs - baby etc
If there was enough room in the
Container it would say cat - baby etc
One time Michael saw his mom & dad
Putting the containers in a bag to
Take to take to their friends. She's share this
Blood with her friends like leave some
They would take pictures of naked
Babies getting the vagina cut.
Sometimes they'd force Michael - Michelle
Kathy to do it to each other have
Sex & they'd take pictures of us &
We'd wee them. They'd have a picture
That came right out. They would
Take videos of us. - A secret guy

He could hear - talk.. He'd take a
Video camara. He's put the camara on
A stool & he'd push record and we
Do what he'd tell us do what your
Dad taught you to do. After we
Did it then he'd take part. Like in
A play if you wanted to take part
His part would be like stuck his
Penis up our bums. Then after our
Mom & dad would take part in the play

Page 54b
Without us kids when us kid
Did it Mom & Dad would watch.
He came once in a while. When
We were done he'd give us the videos
We'd put hem in a secret place
We'd ask to watch them. Mom & dad
Would show our videos to the
BAD family. We liked to watch them.
_Now. Michelle shows us on the
doll what mom did to her - she
cut her the same as the babies
and they took by my blood. -
*Michael at this time is shivering
going ohhh he takes the doll & the
knife and shows us how the same
or happened to him only he has a

Penis they do it to him hard enough
To hurt and get blood - Very often
They did this - whenever they needed
They did it worse to Kathy cause
She was so scared - she was little
The put the knife into her vagina
They would get more blood from
Kathy because they put it up
Her vagina. The vagina got mor
Blood on both Kathy & I than the
Bum. My mom would put her finger
In Kathy's vagina after she cut her.
My mom would have to get someone
To hold Kathy sometimesâ¤|hold.!

Page 55b

We had plants on hangers under
The table. She undo some of the
Plants and use the ropes to
Tie the kids to the table example-à
No adults - just the good family
Were tied to the table one by
One because the wanted to be
Bad. They were scared of
My mom. The good mom got
Loose and she ran with her


Family. My mom was touching
The good lady on the table.
She (mom) took pictures of the
Good people having intercourse

At this point Michael clears the
Kitchen table & Michelle demonstrates
The tie down on Michael.
They appear to be
Willing to do this
Demo for Brian etc.

Page 56b drawin "stick figure"

Page 57b

My notes - there seemed to
Be a definite difference between
Mom killin the dog - for sure
And dad killing the cat - then
The opposite for eye popping
When the kids performed on the
Animals (stuffed) it didn't seem
Important to them which was
Which they'd just decided who'd
Kill what. Michelle did the eye
Popping demo each time. Michelle
Would appear to have more of


Her moms guts (ex demo on doll
For blood) Michael talked but then
I gave him the doll & asked
What did they do to you. He was
Quick to show with the knife
The difference was his penis
I asked if he had scars he
Said yet yes on the bottom side of
My penis. I don't think he's
Circumcized so there shouldn't be
A scar there. They are willing
To go to Dr. to check. (Could
This be part of the inside
Scaring the med. Report shows.)?
--this could all be a link to
what we feel Kathy is concealing.
When Michelle started to talk about
The dog & the butcher knife last week that's
The only time we've really seen Kathy
In denial. That's when she went down
On the floor & said Michelle !! Then

Page 58b
M&M say we don't have a knife big enough like the butcher shops have)

She lay face down sucking
Thumb but she never said or
Expressed that Michelle was lying


All of this talk tonight was with
M&M - Kathy was in bed - We've moved
Her out of Michelle presence for
Now - she slept all night - she
Knows nothing of this conv. If asked
Im sure sh wouldn't lie but will
Be able to confirm mmm story. We
At this time will not question Kathy
Unless the other 2 bring it up in
Conv where she is present. MMm
Say she's really afraid because they
Did it worse to her they still
Know things about Kathy that
Are not ready to be revealed
CAROL has to figure this one out
So we don't blow K's mind. She'll
Likely have nightmares.-

This conv. Started with
Michelle & Michael telling us about
About screwing 3 hrs.
Sucking penis kissing vagina Etc.

Question - for Carol. - the speaker says
Masterbation etc give release how
Come after days & hours of intercourse
- masterbation Michelle acts like there
is still no release.


Does all this mean that perhaps people
Like Don White are involved with this stuff.

Page 59b drawing "dog's blood"
Page 60b drawing "knifes by Michael Ross"
Page 61b Drawing no writing "sharp edge"

Page 62b
During disclosure last night
Michelle would swing into
Baby talk - especially when
It came to performin the
Act of cutting the doll &
Collecting the blood. They
Would keep going to the
Cupboard to find the right
Container for the blood.
*Question would it be possible
to dig up this box in the
garden. They told how the bad
family & Mom's DAD dug this
gig hole so no one would know
what happened to the dog.
Jon says dolls??? our kids are
Showing & talking with their
Own cat & dog. This is good -
Had ??? Michael's dog (stuffed
Animal) is well used - months


Page 63b
ago when Michael had
intercourse with Gus. I
encouraged Michael if he had
to have intercourse use your
teddy bear - Without realizing
Michaels teddy bear is this
Big stuffed dog. Its ripped -
Stuffings out - An ear or
Some part is off and inside
The zippered part (this is a
Pjama bag teddy) the tail
End is very well used with
A hole. He uses this hole so
Made it easy to insert the
Knife into the dogs anus area.
The cat doesn't have a hole
So Michelle shows very intensely
How the cutting slit - the
complete cutting around
anus area. This stuffed dog

page 64b
of Michaels was given to him by Anita Klassen - question
could be t be a connection

page 65b 4a


Then he wrote keep the 25 c he'd give
Me 25 c's for good things & dumb things.
Some times he'd give us $2 bill for real
Real real extra good things. Like (lost him)
For icky things like laundry - the clothes
Were icky, like poop or pee, or something
One thing real real stinky & icky that I
Had to do my dad would babysit a cat,
& I had to clean the litter. Sometime
I screwed the cat. Screwing the cat
I figured out was the same as a human
Being screwed a little child. The boy that
Had the cat showed me how to screw
The cat. Some of my birth mom's dad's friends
Screwed cats & dogs. I saw them
Doing it. My mom's friend showed me
How to put her finger up the cat &
Dog. My birth dad's man friend took the
Dog right in the living room, and screwed
The dog right infront of everyone

Page 69b 30a
But first he shut all the curtains &
Doors. At home mom & dad, screwed the
Cat we babysat, and the dog we owned.
My dads - moms friends would come over
And everyone would be in the living room
Everyone had to be there, the kids had

To be there, or else if we didn't come
They'd come down stairs pick us up.
We had to do it - like screw the
Animals. Everyone. First al the adults
And then all the children. We were
Forced to watch & then forced to
Screw the animals. The girls were little
But they were forced. One of the
People would get a big knife and
Almost cut their head off. When
They took the knife all the children lined
Up and they were forced by the knife.


There would be a sign that said, "If you
Do not put your finger or penis into the
Animals bum your head will be chopped off.
Drawing at end ogf page

Page 70b 31a
The first kid in the line if they wouldn't
Do it an adult would pull out their
Finger, and pull the hand until it
Was in the bum. Flee adults would
Sit in a circle, and if the kids
Wouldn't do it they'd get butchered.
But nobody got butchered. The adults
Would laugh when the adults screwed


Michael says


I think before they were going to abuse
Us they'd use the dolls
They had other dolls like rag like Brians
And my dad would do it to the
Doll. Then they forced us to do it
To the dol and after we'd all do it
To each other. Why do you think
The dolls were important at your dads
House. He says because before they
Did it to us I think they wanted


To practice on us. Why is the doll Kathy
Has so important to you? It brings
Back old memories of all of us
Dad mom - bad fmly good fmly screwing
The dolls. My mom & dad would have
The dolls laying out the bad family
Would Bring there dolls too. We were
Going to have a souvenir party after
We screwed the dolls we'd drink the
Blood. Everybody would drink about Â* glass
Of blood. (He sets up the coffee table
Dolls on one end blood in a jar &
Glasses waiting.) boys line up
Drawing at this point

First person would pick a doll etc.
Everybody is standing naked we
Picked a doll - screwed it - then
Put The doll back down - then I'd
Go to the end of the line up.
We did the line up over & over.

Page 89b 11a
until my mom & dad said
how many times. Then my mom poured
the blood and we'd all drink the blood
as soon as the blood was drank


The following are materials previously obtained, but not disclosed in Dueck's
disclosure, b
Page 17a
Making of penis out of
Play dough--- Sensaltionalizying
About Scott - penis etc.
Babysitting $101.25


Page 22a
(1) Liz
Oct 24 Michael
Michael comes out of his room
With this picture of doctor
Tools aand another letter. Ths is after
Kathy has talked to us. She's gone
To bed. We asked him when he
Moved to Dale aand Anitas if he remembers
Who moved him He wanted me
See the doctors pictures first aand then
The letter.

Is he ever going to
Quit asking for
Forgiveness? I'm not
Sure How much more
I've got. Pansy's sick

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