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The Thompson Papers (1)

The Klassen story
Breaking through to the public

The following are missing transcribed notes taken from the hand written notes of Marilyn Thompson, and the three Ross children.

NOTE: At least half of these notes were not given to the defence until 1995 after the falsely accused launched the $10M lawsuit.

They appear as part of the Statement of Documents. Most of these pages had been provided as part of the disclosure package before the preliminary hearing which indicted the Klassen/Kvello family.

They were handwritten and were obviously the work of a fevered mind.

Michael had been removed from the home of Dale and Anita Klassen, after four years of their diligent seeking help to correct his disturbing behavior. When Dale and Anita Klassen believed their young baby was in danger, they demanded Michael be removed. They kept the twins, Michelle and Kathy.

Michael was placed with Lyle and Marilyn Thompson, inexperienced people who answered an ad in the paper. Michael began telling tales of sexual abuse, with prompting from Marilyn Thompson who was coached by Brian Dueck and Carol Bunko-Ruys. Five months after Michael moved into the Thompson home, Kathy and Michelle were apprehended from Dale and Anita and placed back with Michael in the Thompson home.

The home that Marilyn and Lyle Thompson purchased with the help of Saskatchewan Social Services, and where these notes were taken.

The notes seem to have been written in October, 1990 just before the children were taken to the "soft room" at the Saskaton Police Station where they recorded many hours of videotape (which injusticebusters lent to the Fifth Estate, who in turn had the tapes assessed by Dr. John Yuelle) See also the Ross children's drawings and letters made as they were being prepped for court. They remained in the Thompson home for 43 months and Michael was viciously assaulting his sisters the entire time. (During the four and half months Michael was their only foster charge, before his twin sisters were brought to join him he assaulted the three year old child of friends of the Thompsons when they took him there for a visit.

Ed Holgate, solicitor for the plaintiffs in QB. No 271/1994, transcribed these notes.

Page 1b drawing Upper left "not fucker"

Page 2b


Kathy Oct 24

-I'm just think of the past.
-(she dug a hole under the fence
to let the neibours dog thro.) why?
- Mom, I love you, do you understand
- That? Yes. - is it ok for mom to
- Write down what you say?
- Yes. Why? Because we have to let
- Brian & Jannet & Liz, know. How were
- You digging the hole? With my hands and a hoe
- Why? Because I wanted Chico, (the
- Neibour's dog to come thro our
- Yard. Is that a lady dog, or a
- Man dog? It's a boy dog. How
- Do you know? Jeff told me. Is
- There something bothering you up here? Yes,
- I'm thinking of the past? Does the
- Dog play a part of the past? I
- Never touched the dog. We never
- Said you did) Kathy." If the dog
- Had come under the fence to
- Our yard. What would you have
- Done with it? I'd touch it where

I'd turn it on it's back. Touch
It. Because it's a boy. What's
- Different about the boy dog?

Page 3p
- It has a part that come down
- That I can play with. In my
- Thots I'd like to touch it. That's his
- Penis. Would you do that to Pansy?
- No became Pansy is the family
- Dog. If Pansy was the neibour
- Dog would you want to play with
- Her body? Do. Why? Because she's
- A girl dog and doesn't have the parts
- That boy dogs have to play with.
- Are you saying that you'd rather
- Play with Michael's body than
- Michelle's body? No. ok if it was
- A boy and a girl on the street or
- At school which body would you
- Rather play with? Oh the boy's.
- Have you touched other boy's at
- School? No they've touched me.
- At Carolyn Robins - Bradley - Brody - Jonathon
- Kept taking me to the bushes forced
- Me to lay down and they screwed me.
- When they did it did you like it?
Now I'm going to say good nite)
- she went right
- to bed after she
- said good nite and
- made sure Sara
- would tie the door to
- keep M & M out.

Page 8b
- Saturday Oct 20 - am
- Michael asked Sara and Shauna
- If they ever had eye ball
- Soup - Sara say's eyeball
- Soup what did it look
- Like what color was it.
- Michael gets very pale
- Shauna say's did you
- Ever eat it Michael. MR
- Say's no no no it was
- Just something I saw in
- A cook book.

MR disclosures about seeing
Pictures of a birth.
- 5 pictures
- of his mom having a baby
- his dad took the pictures
- he said the doctor only
- let his dad take the pictures


If you promise not to show
- them so MR promised never

Page 9b
To tell he saw the pictures.
He seemed very agitated
- when I said we could
- probably ask the doctor
- because he wanted us
- to forget he told us about
- the pictures. At that time
- we and Nancy decided he could
- even be mixing up with
- porno mag etc.
- maybe mom did have another
- baby that he saw born and
- something happened to it .
- We questioned him after
- Anita's call about the awful
- Birth his grandma said he
- Saw. If he had any
- Other bro and sisters. He said
- Not that I knew of
- The fact that Ron Puff

Page 10b
Got his Hosp. Record of
Birth etc. is important
To him

Page 11b
Oct 26 4:15
Michael brings a picture out that
- he did at school today - haunted
- house with ghosts - skeletons etc.
- what's so bad about the picture
- Michael? The worst is the word
- Halloween - it says happy - He says
- It should say bad Halloween
- Why? Because it remindes me of
- Sexual abuse on Halloween night.
- What time of the day was bad about
- Halloween? Well first of all when
- We get up in the morn at our
- Birth parents our birth dad stuck
- His penis in our bum and vagina and our
- Mom would stick her finger up my
- Bum and the girls vagina - Did they
- Just do this one Halloween? No.
- They did it every Halloween morning.
- After we came home from school
- Our dad and mom would do the
- Same thing - this would be all on
- The bed. They'd do it from after
- School till time to go for treats

Mom & dad would dress up and go
Halloweening with us. Sometimes
We'd go to our birth parents friends
And they had bats & they would
Bring them out. Don't ask me
How but they screwed the bats
Who screwed the bats. Everybody - Men
Women - Kids. The bat was tied
And laid on a table.. Have you
Screwed a bat? Yes.

Page 12b
After everyone screwed the bat the
Owners would stab the bat & kill
It then they untied the feet and
Wings and put the rope around
- the neck like your goint to
- strangle it and hang it outside
- the door (front.) what time of the
- year or day did they put the
- bat outside the door? Halloween
- nite first thing after we screwed
- it. What did the people think that
- come to the door? They thot it
- was a stuffed bat but it wasn't.
- how long did they leave the bat
- hanging there? Until the next day.

The friends came over and gave
- my mom a bat and we put
- it in a little box - the bat was dead
- they taped it the same as the
- cat and dog and buried it in the garden
- Did they ever kill anything but the
- Bat on halloween. On my 4th halloween
- They killed the dog. On my 6th
- Halloween we killed the bat. What
- Was the name of the family-that
- Had the bats? The Vogens. They came
- To Saskatoon to rent a house for
- A few months. Who's house were
- The bat's kept at. At uncle Ken's
- In Weyburn. Across the street from
- Grampa Vogens. They brought the
- Bats to Saskatoon in a cage.
- What else don't you like on the
- Picture? Skeleton- Why? My cousin

Page 13b Drawing lower right "This is a halloween scene"

Page 14b
Would dress as a skeleton. What about
Halloween at Anita's we got dressed
Up but first we had to do sexual abuse
With Anita before we went.

Out. Me & my sister
We got all 3 the kids together
To talk about what will happen
On Halloween. Michelle says I don't
Like the skeletons because they remind
Me of the dead baby bones. She said
& bats remind me of vampires
with blood coming out. We've
decided we'll stay home Halloween
day & have a hot dog party &
carve pumpkins ( that's the only
part of halloween so far that
they sho no fear about.) Right
after school we'll leave & go do
Saturday Oct 27
Michael is very confused this AM.
Michelle says he spent considerable
Time in her room Fri. nite. Two different
Times during the night. He says
Yes - no - yes - no. Finally he says
Just a minute. He come out with
His coat & a school bag. At this
Point he obviously thinks ir would
Be easier just to leave but he
Never goes near the door. I told


Page 15b

Him it might be alright to go
But first he had a conversation
With me that I'd like to
Finish. He said I don't know
What to say he yes or no. I need
Blood now he says this over
(marginal note thinks power
comes w/blood
Michael wants
To lesson control.)
And over I tell him if he can
Tell me why he needs blood and how
It will make him feel then I'll
See what we can do for him.
One of our kids said maybe we
Can get a dog or something. He
Says empathically I need human
Blood not animal blood - I say
If you haven't had blood since
Your birth why do you need it
Now. No - no - I had blood at
Anita's (he confirms this in an earlier
Disclosure) his dad would bring
This blood over. He said I have
To have blood now so I'll just
Cut myself for blood to drink.
I can't cut anybody in this house


So I'll cut myself. Where would
You cut yourself for this blood?
On my hand. I say you wouldn't
Get much blood there would you?
No but I'm sure no gonna
Cut my penis.___________No he
Wants to draw a picture (att)
He relates this picture to one
He did in July of an angel - devil
&grandma. He remembers this
being their time the drew th

page 16b
devil.- prior to this it was
always the joker instead of the
devil.- he puts the drawing on
the floor & stamps and jumps
stamping getting rid of the devil
so he thinks. Spends most of afternoon
in his bedroom- Michelle is out
for the afternoon- Ross bring his
pet snake out and someone says
something about fangs. Michelle
reacts visibly to the fangs word
She says that make her think
Of bats. She tells us her
Mom not only has a gorilla

Mask but a vampire mask that
Was scary - big fangs and blood
She'd do things to them that
Were awful when she had
The mask on. She says that
They had bats in their cages in
The attic. The kids (marginal note:
Michael & Michelle) had to take
Turns going to the attic to look
After the bats. They"d go to the
Attic - put gloves on like plastic
Only heavier than plastic.
(Marginal note: Probably rubber gloves) the gloves
came way up her arms. These
gloves were to keep the bats from
biting us. There were 4 cages
the little baby bats look like
mice - at night sometimes the
bats hang upside down on the bar in
the cage - (we have never talked
about bats with Michelle - she knows
all about bats.-)
(Marginal notes
here he talks about the devil*&angel in his head
Michael and Michelle
Probably rubber gloves


Michelle throws out.

Bed bugs game. - ( in good shape ) !!
Why? "Because it reminds me of
Pam Klassen making me do sucking
(marginal note---She's busy cutting the box and
getting rid of game, piece by piece)
bum, & boob stuff & kissing her
poop hole. She gave me this for
Xmas. No it was for all 3 of us.
-Doll that reminds me of my Grandma
& Grandpa in Weyburn sexually abusing
me. They gave it to me for Xmas.
I don't want you any more,
You're yucky. (cute doll).
-a little lace bag that reminds her
of kissing Anita's bum boobs etc.
Anita gave me this on my B'day,
This is part of a set with kids
High heels etc that you buy at
Canadian tire, or Zellers. She cuts
And rips the bag.
-A pair of gloves that remind her
what she had to do in winter
when Anita put me out in the

page 22b 42a


go out of his room for a minute.
& then he told me to come back
in & told me to take my pants down.
He wrote all this down on paper.
Then he took his pants off and
Put his penis in my bum & took
It out. It felt bad. He did it
4 times when we went to visit.
-When Anita would come into our
room,-she would say look at me&
and I would go under the blankets. She
did that to Kathy Jackie & me.
She would want me to touch her
On the boobs She would be naked.
-She used to soap her finger in
our bath, and put it up our vaginas
her nails were long & it hurt."

Page 28b
KATHY 90 Oct 20
You know when we were at our birth
Mom & Dads we had to get tied to a
Big table in the bedroom there was
No bed just a table. We got tied to the
Table face down & got a knife stuck up
Our bum and they got blood out of our
Bum & put it in a jar then the (go to page two)