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Brian Dueck's crimes

Proof that Dueck had a malicious vendetta against Richard Klassen

The cross-country warrant was executed July 12, 1991.

91 July 27

Before tape started.
"I pray to god that you arrested that fuckin Richard Klassen."

Dueck's handwriting as he prepares to transcribe a taped interview with double-murderer Beryl Stonechild.

inJusticebusters will publish the full text of this interview as soon as we get it. I will be interesting to compare the techniques he used with Stonechild to those he used when interrogating Anita Klassen.

Dueck's record since 1990 | More of Dueck's notes which were not disclosed to the accused prior their preliminary hearings | Dueck walks

Interview with Beryl Stonechild

1 ½ yrs. Went to Peter's foster home.

7 when me, Richard Klassen, Greg Janzen went swimming. Greg Janzen got abused by Richard as well.

Happened in a churchyard - Close to the outdoor pool (Mayfair) there's a white church. There's a stairway at the back of the church that went down to the basement.

Rick started talking about girls. Then he started to show us things on us. Didn't want to give detailed description. Found it very hard. Spoke in some length of Indian spirituality. Spoke of working with the gov't. re a group to help foster children.

Spoke of being honest whenever dealing with the law. Emphasizing how he was telling the truth now.

Went from the Peter's home to "another" abusive family. - the Beck family in Loydminster. Spoke of problems he'd encountered at the Beck's for 4 yrs.

Richard Klassen is going to have to straighten himself out. Stonechild felt for some time that Klassen had to deal with his problems. Talked to him about Hugh Beck aka Stonechild, at the age of the kids involved as witnesses.

Stonechild's also talked a lot on a tape Indian spirituality.

The incident involving Rick K, Beryl, + Greg occurred at a church - desc. As being close to the swimming pool that was close to Harry Bailey pool. The church was "closer to the river from the pool (Mayfair). "I feel the church was probably one of the two on Ave E bet. 29+30 St."

Desc. Then going to the side of the church to a stairway that went to a basement door. First Rick gave them a cig. Then told them that he was going to teach them to do something that they need to know for when they have girlfriends. Then proceeded to have anal sex with both Beryl + Greg.

They then all performed oral sex on each other. At first didn't want to be a court witness, for fear of reprisals in the pen. Later changed his mind -
stated on tape that it was ok to use the tape + that he would testify.

Also told of a Kimberly Wenegarter (indicated female) who told Beryl of abuse by Rick Klassen.

Greg Janzen - cousin to K.
Abused by Richard same time
as Beryl. At the church.

Greg Neil
1628 D No. <---This name and date had a box drawn around it.
65 Mar 23

Dueck's campaign of terror

In the fall of 1994, Dueck along with Staff Sgt. MacDonald conducted a campaign of terror against Klassen, pulling him over on the street and taking him to the station to answer to allegations by convicted killer Beryl Stonechild. Klassen went to the station with Reg Parker as counsel. The cops produced a statement allegedly signed by Rick's cousin Greg and which was supposed to corroborate accusations made by Beryl Stonechild. They did not give Klassen a copy of this, but upon checking with Greg, Richard Klassen was able to establish this statement was false -- a "ruse" or a last ditch-effort in a failing investigation. (Dueck will use ruses and threats on postal worker Kim Cooper a few years later).

This was the second clear example of Dueck interfering with a plaintiff in the suit against him.

While he was manufacturing yet more evidence against Richard Klassen, Dueck stopped Klassen and his nephew on the street. Klassen phoned me and I arrived with a camcorder. His nephew also had a camcorder. It was too dark to get proper pictures of him taking Rick away in the police car. Dueck threatened to "wrap that thing [the camera] around Rob's neck."

Miraculously we were able to get Rick out of custody that night and got to his car just as a loading van was arriving to haul it away. This was after midnight.

When Richard Klassen appeared to see the statement his cousin, Greg Janzen, had allegedly made tying him to a sexual assault on Beryl Stonechild, it became clear the statement was phony. Greg denied ever having made any such statement about the childhood activities of the neighbourhood kids which Stonechild presumably was claiming turned him into a psychopath. The whole incident was stressful on all of us.

Were lawyers advising Dueck when he went on this vendetta against Richard Klassen? Is that why they are now advising him to keep his mouth shut? Had they advised him to keep his mouth shut when he told Western Report reporter Shafer Parker that if he failed to convict Klassen on libel in 1996 after Klassen won his directed jury acquittal, he would seek civil action?

He was blowing hot air, of course. Dueck has no further claim to defamation. The other defendants in the lawsuit (Social Services and the Attorney General) have indeed countersued Klassen for defamation but Dueck has not. It is hard to fathom how any one of them could claim they were defamed, considering their close association with Dueck's manufactured case.

The February 2-3, 2000 discovery hearings that Rossman said inJusticebusters unfairly reported on were all about whether Richard Klassen had publicly posted material about Dueck. We certainly did but we in no way broke any of the Rules of Court. Dueck is spending tax money to pursue an issue he has already lost in a Queen's Bench courtroom. The public purse is also loading up his pension which has grown considerably since he made the career move of using disturbed pre-adolescent children to tell his lies. As he has moved up the ranks, his pension increases.

He is laughing at all of us and if he gets away with this, he will serve as an example to other dirty Saskatoon cops that crime really does pay.

Was it Dueck who told the Crown to appeal that acquittal, placing Klassen under gag restrictions for an additional two years until they abandoned the action? And while Klassen was under gag orders instigated by Dueck, that Dueck continued to claim he was being defamed?

Dueck is no doubt gloating with his cronies that Richard Klassen is now being ordered to pay him $1650 in court costs. inJusticebusters are confident that the public will eventually know that Dueck has illegally interfered with the civil action since 1994. See the story at a glance page for the Western Report articles.

Exams for discovery continued on June 25. Dueck now has a new lawyer. A more expensive one than Rossmann, who, after all was paid by the City. We hope that he is reading our website carefully -- not to find information to browbeat us with but to learn the truth about his criminal, deceptive client.

Sgt. Dueck, after brainwashing vulnerable children to support his lie he enlisted the help of a deadly killer to back it up!

This page was first posted in early 1999. February, 2000 Dueck is now a Superintendent in the Saskatoon Police Service claiming connections to Hells Angels and running Saskatoon's West Side. inJusticebusters have no reasonable doubt that every rung on his ladder to the top has been grounded in malice. (update: June, 2001, Dueck is now the TOP Superintendent (CID) in the Saskatoon Police Service.


During the 1950s and 60s, Marie and Abe Peters fostered three to four hundred children. Mrs. Peters was regarded highly by the Department of Social Services. She had quit fostering in 1971 when Social Services persuaded her to take two neglected brothers from a larger family who had lost family members and their home in a fire on their reserve. She was told the placement was temporary. Reluctantly, she took Beryl, who was around seven and Hugh Stonechild, three years old and fostered them for the next several years.

Social Services found adoption placements for them around 1977 with a family named Beck who lived near Lloydminster. The Beck operation was virtually a slave labour camp. Life was harsh and eventually Beryl and Hughie ran away. Beryl showed up at Grandma Peters' a couple years later and she took him in. When she went to register him in school and with Social Services, she learned that he had run from custody and he was swiftly apprehended. The social worker's words to her were: "You're a brave woman, Mrs. Peters." Before he is taken away, he chops all the cabbages in the garden in half with a knife.

In June, 1990 Beryl was sentenced to life with no parole for 21 years.

Summer of 1989. 23 year old Beryl and 19 year old Hugh show up on Grandma Peters' doorstep, stoned and disoriented and wanting to stay. Grandma is frightened and calls her grandson Rick. Rick arrives just as Beryl has taken off his shirt and is showing her his scars from stab wounds. She is clearly frightened. Rick tells them they will have to leave because he is taking Grandma to Swift Current to see her sister. They leave.

Several months later, Hugh is killed in a vicious homosexual slaying and discovered with a rake handle shoved up his anus. A few months after that, Beryl commits a brutal double murder in Regina.

The Peters' foster home

Marie Peters was a traditional Mennonite God-fearing woman who fostered hundreds of foster children who adored her. She had no aptitude for understanding evil and to this day recalls Hughie and Beryl as good children from the days before they were adopted by the Becks. She could not properly register their crimes, even when she saw Beryl on television.

From the Regina Leader Post June 25, 1991

". . . It was one year ago Monday when neighbours gathered around John and Jennie Yaremko's McAra Street home in east-central Regina, expressing shock and disbelief as they learned the well-liked couple had been brutally stabbed to death.

"According to court testimony, John Yaremko was found with a pair of scissors buried in his upper body. He'd been stabbed more than 20 times.

"His 68 year old wife, Jennie, was also dead, having suffered more than 20 stab wounds. Police later learned that she had been sexually assaulted as well, apparently while she was dying.

"Stonechild, a troubled foster child who had sexually assaulted a three year old girl when he was 18, was staying next door to the Yaremko's home, at his cousin's house, when the stabbings occurred.

"According to defence lawyer Dave Andrews, Stonechild broke into the Yaremko's home in search of food. He had cut the phone lines and jimmied a basement window to gain entry.

"But for reasons still unknown, the break-in exploded into violence, Andrews said"

If there was thought to be any merit to Beryl Stonechild's later claim that he suffered sexual abuse while in foster care, that line of ivestigation would be quickly dropped by any proper investigator. If it had happened to Beryl, it must surely have happened to several of the hundreds of others who had passed time in that home. Judging from the resources Dueck brought to bear on this frame-up, it would seem there were none to be found.

But this was not a proper investigator. This was Brian Dueck, who had already talked seriously disturbed children into making false allegations and now saw an opportunity to get a good old jail-house informant allegation from a man starting out on a life sentence for murder who had some tenuous connection to Rick Klassen, the person Dueck sought to frame.

If abuse happened to one child in a foster home through which many hundreds of other children had passed, surely there would be at least one other to confirm the allegation. We can assume that Dueck looked for others. He found none. So he attempted to claim that Richard's cousin Greg had confirmed the murderer's story.

There was malice aforethought, malice during and there is continuing malice as Superintendent Dueck continues his campaign to discredit Richard Klassen and injusticebusters.

This was posted on injusticebusters Dec. 98

Hypothesis: During his lazy invesigation into the background of the Ross children, Sgt. Dueck connected Dale and Anita to Grandma Peters (this would have been on record at Social Services when Dale and Anita first applied to foster. Dale's grandmother would be an excellent reference!) -- and the Stonechilds. Dueck (or one of his agents) visited Beryl in prison. Beryl chose to make allegations against Richard since Richard was the person who had kicked him out of Grandma Peters' house a year earlier. (Part of Beryl Stonechild's evolution from neglected, abandoned six or seven year old to murderer and rapist of a dying elderly woman was a transitional period of discovering his Native ancestry and rejecting white influences in his life.)

Hypothesis: Hugh Beck (Stonechild) did not come into the Saskatoon Police Station and make an allegation about Richard Klassen. Beryl may have made some kind of allegation (a couple days of perjuring testimony in Court is an outing for someone serving a life sentence!) but Dueck didn't trust Beryl so he threatened Rick with Hughie because Hughie was already dead and could not answer for himself.

After Dueck's platoon arrested us for defamatory libel in 1994, Sgt. McDonald, Dueck's sidekick, asked Rick to go to the police station. Rick went, accompanied by lawyer Reg Parker. During that interview, McDonald alleged that he had evidence that Rick had sexually assaulted Beryl Stonechild in the early seventies and that he had a sworn affidavit from his cousin Greg. He flashed some papers but did not show them. Very upset, Rick contacted Greg who said not only had he not ever sworn such an affidavit, but that the police had questioned him and he had vigorously denied witnessing any such thing. Complaints were laid but nothing came of them. We have learned that the Saskatchewan Police Complaints Department is one of the most corrupt agencies of them all!

The utterly false assumption here would seem to be this: that Rick's parents ran a foster home where they abused everybody in sight. The kids abused each other and this pervert's fantasy carried on into the next generation with Rick's brother Dale abusing the R. children. Several generations of sacrificing babies and drinking blood and every imaginable body part being inserted into every imaginable orafice of everyone involved. . . these are the allegations the police refer to in the newsbreaking story "Scandal of the Century" feared. Not only had these "intergenerational" sex crimes been going on for decades but these criminals were so clever that they never left a shred of evidence behind them and the police had not heard so much as a whisper. Until Sgt. Brian Dueck enters the scene. The original charges he took to the Crown are the projections of a sick mind and a lame imagination. It doesn't even make good porn.

The truth is that none of it happened. None of it
--Sheila Steele

However, we do know this: When Dale and Anita Klassen first applied to become foster parents, they told Social Service that they could not handle special needs, particularly children who had previously been abused. When Social Services brought the Ross children to them, they did not provide Dale and Anita with any of their background. They left the children on false pretenses. When Anita expressed concerns to the Department about Michael's sexual precocity, their only help was the suggestion she encourage him to masturbate. (We are talking about an eight year old boy here!) She was not comfortable with any of their strategies, which, before their demand to remove Michael immediately, included an elaborate systems of locks and alarms to prevent Michael from having access to his sisters at night.

Dueck was fully aware that Dale and Anita had made every possible effort to deal with Michael's behavior through proper channels. Yet he turned around and manufactured a case against her as having been responsible for creating those behaviors! This is not an honest mistake! This is a serious crime!

As cops across the country are being caught for setting up witnesses, planting evidence and suborning perjured testimony, does Dueck really think he will be spared justice?