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Flash: "Dr. Don" Smith found guilty

The trial has begun. An ambitious prosecutor has arrived in Fort Frances, Ontario to save the town from perversion, bringing with her an expert who just knows all about people's dangerous fantasies and where they lead… shucks… just when we thought the wild west had been tamed! (fall, 2002)

Don Smith family

Just say "sex crime" and the witch hunters get out their hoods

The Smith case goes to trial October 28, 2002 at court of Queen's Bench in Fort Frances. Jury selection begins October 21. International media will be there. (Material from the preliminary inquiry is currenly under court seal. inJusticebusters know that this case began with an unjustified complaint from social workers, instigated by religious nutbars in the community and that material was seized illegally. This case began in 2000. As recently as 2002, The Bice family was torn apart as a result of similar illegal actions. In the United States, the FBI has a website devoted to busting cops who act improperly under Color of Law. There are similar laws in Canada under which malfeasant officials could be busted and it is high time we began busting them!

A bust of 3 persons in Toronto, Thunder Bay and Fort Frances claim revolting kiddiporn was found amounting to hundreds of thousands of items seized. We hope that the media will do a thorough investigation to scrutinize the degree of exaggeration or spin in these claims by the police. We strongly suspect that some of the methods used by police cross the line from suspicious to illegal.

Adult Membership site has three warning pages preceeding the fantasy XXX snuff material

Anyone interested in sex snuff will be disappointed. What they will find is models, scantily dressed being killed by arrows and swords in scenes clearly created using digitized special effects.

There is nothing remotely related to Karla Homolka's tapes, the only snuff tapes that we know for sure actually exist, [they have been destroyed] and on which money is being raised to make a feature film. Several of the models who appear in the videos have statements on the perfectshots website defending Don, Billy and Lorna Smith.

A Winnipeg TV station showed coyrighted material from the Smith fantasy collection (provided to them by police) and showed some out-of-context shots with models hired by Smith. The OPP seems to know as much about copyright law as it does about obscenity law: nothing.

What they should know, and what they will perhaps learn by the time this case wraps up, is that they are subject to the same laws as the rest of us and have no right to manufacture evidence before a justice of the peace to search a house about which they are mainly curious. A bad warrant is the same as no warrant at all. They have no right to steal people's stuff and give it the media.

Oct. 15: Winnipeg police & OPP step way over the line by arresting Smith Brothers whose fantasy snuff videos break no Canadian laws.

Feb. 14: OPP arrest Don Smith's wife, Lorna.

Feb. 21: In a further move to brazen out their illegal actions, four OPP officers arrived at the Don Smith residence to seize accounts ledgers.

Scott Gobeil and Harrison

The Smith family vows to fight back against the violation of their Canadian rights.
Pay attention! It could happen to any of us

The smug cops claim to have saved the community once again from pornographers. While they admit that no women were harmed -- or indeed killed -- they also imply that of the models who performed in the fantasy snuff films, some might have something to say which would support their case. All the models were hired, well paid and certainly appear to be having a good time.

The cops seized many thousands of dollars worth of equipment from the Smiths including the computer their children use for their schooling. They have kept this stolen equipment for more than three months. On Valentine's Day, the police laid new charges which have now been broadcast and will be widely published. Once again, the police have deliberately midled the public by "citing forensic computer analysis." This leads people to think that they have now found evidence which it took a long time and the expertise of a Quincy to locate -- secret unspeakable smut buried in those parts of the computer we all fear. This is an outright lie. They have nothing new and they decided to charge Lorna Smith for no other reason than to put pressure on the family. We understand that there is private material which has never been for sale among the stuff the cops seized. There are also some written stories contributed and posted by members, some of which are explicit in their description of violent sexual events.

In the Martensville case in Saskatchewan, the police made much of bringing in a dildo which was found in a nightstand beside Ron and Linda's bed. They also found a polaroid shot of Linda, taken as a "before" picture for Weightwatchers. The Sterlings were acquitted of the charges against them and are now suing the Saskatchewan government. Every Canadian should be able to expect that Prime Minister Trudeau's proclamation that the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation still holds.

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