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Saskatoon (and Saskatchewan) Police:
Three years of infamy — maybe some progress?

Saskatoon has always insisted upon state of the art technology, particularly for its drug units. Local police do not face the same restrictions which national and international forces place on armies and other policing forces. Their brutal techniques have also been shrouded in a veil of secrecy which we hope will be stripped away with the SCC decision on gag orders. Citizens should be interested in just what is in the catalogues of weaponry the police services are now drooling over . . .

Brian Dueck: Saskatoon's Main Bad Apple

Witness tampering in the Foster Parent case

Brian Dueck's responsibilities as head of the Criminal Investigations Division:
responsible for most of the detective/plainclothes officers within the Saskatoon Police. Sections within this division include: Special Investigations, Integrated Intelligence, Serious Crime, Major Crime, Polygraph, Identification, Integrated Drug, Commercial Crime/Arson, Morality, Vice, General Investigations/Stolen Auto, Break and Enter, SHOCAP and Pawn Detail. Approximately 90 personnel work in this division. The CID Superintendent is also in charge of the Center for Children's Justice and Victim Services.

Brian Dueck

Anyone who saw the Fifth Estate program, "Scandal of the Century", can see him in action: in his 1990 announcement that he has broken the scandal of the century, in his interviews with the children, and his evasive handling of producer Harvey Kashore, who he blows off by claiming he is on his way to a meeting.

In fact Brian Dueck has been responsible for the flow of drugs in Saskatoon in various capacities for a very long time. His first public gig after masterminding Scandal of the Century as shown on Fifth Estate [] was to become a public decrier of the Ritalin problem in 1996. In 2001, Ritalin is being sold and injected regularly among school-age kids.

This self-important headline grabber disgraces Saskatoon, as well as contributing to our moral decay and distrust of authority.

Saskatoon Police have been out of control for a long time. See the Washington Post series on where the "Blue Wall of silence" can lead . . .