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Saskatchewan Sludge

Saskatchewan: Where Lying is a Way of Life and Wifebeating and Molestation are Provincial Sports!

Frank Goohsen, the MLA who was convicted for soliciting sex from a 14 year old hooker is appealing his decision. Of course it is entirely possible that he was set up. He was caught with his pants down and thoroughly humiliated -- humiliation being another provincial sport. inJusticebusters await the outcome of his appeal.

Proof of our assertions can be found here:

  • Sam Sambasivam: Ambitious liar who resigned his candidacy after his wife-beating past was exposed. The NDP contiues to embrace him as a loyal prominent member (He ran Kjawa's last campaign) and his union out at Mitchell foods stand by him.
  • Roy Romanow: "Don't judge us against perfection," said the premier. "Judge us against the alternatives." We know you're not perfect, Roy. But you're not even honest!
  • The Thompson Papers : Notes taken by a high-paid foster care giver at the behest of Social Services and the Saskatoon Police
  • The Carol Bunko Ruys report where she recommends a sex-crazed pre adolescent boy be allowed to continue to have his way with his sisters. Carol says it is progress when a few weeks elapse without major rapes, sodomy and torture.
  • Martensville
  • Ruby Lafayette: Criminally stupid social worker
  • Chris Axworthy: He knew all about the "irregularities" in Martensville and the Foster parent case. He even has his own copy of the famous disclosure tapes!

Shame, Shame Shame!

Mar. 31, 1999 Showing once again that Saskatchewan really is a hick-province, statistics Canada reports that we have twice as much sexual abuse as the national average. inJusticebusters asks what are the statistics for persons making a fraudulant living from keeping the abuse machine going!

In 1995, Bob Mitchell, then Justice Minister announced a $600,000 grant for a "one-stop" child abuse center. A StarPhoenix article from Oct. 7, 1995 quotes Mitchell: "Martensville turned out to be a dramatic example of how the problems can impact heavily on the kids and the community." This center has obviously done nothing to curb child sexual abuse. It has just created a factory for unqualified persons who have more of an interest in promoting the problem than in stopping it!

Ruby Lafayette of Rosetown has wantonly broken the law. Like Carol Bunko-Ruys before her, she thinks she can get away with it -- that she has the authority to interpret the law and tell police what they can or cannot do. Her supervisor, Allan Schechtel in the Kindersley office, is a stupid fool who thinks he can get away with protecting her.

The truth is that most social workers have no training, no expertise, no judgment and no sense. inJusticebusters will accelerate publicizing their criminal actions until we have forced the legislators, the justice system, the cops and Social Services to clean up their act. Most of the child protection workers in Saskatchewan could be fired right now and their salaries divided among people struggling to make an honest living!

Sex offender hired to develop abuse program

SASKATOON - A native band has hired a sex offender to help develop programs for victims of abuse at residential schools.

The man, who sexually assaulted a Saskatoon woman at one of the band's schools over a three-year period starting in 1980, is being paid out of a $350-million federal government healing fund.

Dave Cameron, who was given a nine-month sentence in 1996 for the assault, says he is suited for the job because he brings a unique perspective to the program. "I've been through the situation myself, both as a victim and an abuser," he said.

"Sometimes people want people like me completely out of the picture. But I want to contribute. It makes me feel good to give something back."

Mr. Cameron, 48, was a child-care worker and sports and recreation director at residential school in Duck Lake, Sask., about 80 kilometres north of Saskatoon, when he committed the sex offences.

His victim, who does not wish to be identified, was a teenager at the time.

At the time of the abuse, management of the school was being transferred from an order of the Roman Catholic Church to the Saskatoon District Chiefs, the forerunner ot the Saskatoon Tribal Council. It is now called St. Michael's College and is run by the Beardy's and Okemasis band in Duck Lake.

Last month, Cameron was hired by the band for an undisclosed sum to help carry out a "needs-assessment" program for residential school survivors of sex abuse. The information he and others collect will serve as the basis for counselling and therapeutic programs for natives.

As part of his job, Cameron will be interviewing sex abuse victims.

Ron Piche, a Saskatoon lawyer representing Cameron's victim in a civil action against Cameron and the federal government, said his client was shocked and distressed that he had been hired for the program.

"She took a couple of days off work she was so upset. What assurance does the band have that this won't happen again?"

The woman, and a second alleged victim, filed a civil suit against Cameron and the federal government in 1997. Ottawa is named because it was ultimately responsible for residential schools.

According to the statement of claim, Cameron sexually assaulted the plaintiffs on numerous occasions, with the nature of the assaults ranging from fondling to sexual intercourse.

The women claim the residential school did not interview Cameron, obtain his family history, or conduct psychological testing before it hired him. They also claim Cameron did not complete an application or provide references before he started working at the school.

The two women accuse Cameron and the government of negligence, breach of trust and breach of fiduciary duty. They claim the assaults have hampered their enjoyment of life and rendered them unable to take advantage of some educational and employment activities.

They are asking for general damages, special damages to be proven at a trial and exemplary and punitive damages.

In a statement of defence, the federal government denied it was negligent and denied the plaintiffs suffered the loss they claim

A pre-trial hearing on the matter is scheduled to take place in December.

Cameron, who served about half his sentence in 1995, said band officials were aware of his background when they hired him. He said they understand he is on a "healing journey" that will continue for some time.

Cameron said he was sexually abused by a fellow student when he attended St. Michael's in the late 1950s and early 1960s. After his release from jail in 1995, he said he entered therapy and a men's healing group in an effort to deal with his personal problems. He gave up alcohol in 1997.

"I know where these people (abuse victims) are coming from. But it's not as upsetting as it would have been three or four years (before he entered therapy). However, I understand their concerns."

Cameron said he hopes to pursue a career in addictions counselling.

Band officials could not be reached for comment.