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Sam Sambasivam

Reader Letter of Support

The StarPhoenix has generally expressed the view that Sambasivam's candidacy stinks. injusticebusters received a copy of a letter Jacob Zunti wrote to the StarPhoenix in support of Sambasivam. In the interests of free speech, we are publishing this letter. We are sorry Mr. Zunti thinks that by opposing Sam as a fitting candidate for public office, we are being unfair to men. We certainly see Sambasivam as an individual who is in no way representative of anyone but himself, never mind a whole gender.

A reply to a note by Randy Burton in the Stupid Kleenix. (May 27, 1999)

I know what you think of Sam Sambasivam, but will his opponent be better?

I honestly believe that in some aspects, particularly domestic violence, and custody law, the legal system is unfair to men, that Canada's criminal harassment law is very unfair to anyone who happens to be charged under it - men are in the main charged - and that you are doing good for trying to make the police and prosecutors in this province accountable. I also look to you as an ally to help confront the law and order agenda that is sweeping our land and facilitating our fascification.

Just because you may be a stick in the mud, don't assume the rest of the electorate will be. A criminal conviction 10 years in the past shouldn't be a bar to running for public office, nor should it be a bar for winning. The sad plight of the Saskatchewan PC's isn't instructive in the least since their crimes were committed while in office.

In fact, it would be rather refreshing to see someone who has seen the justice system operate from the other side elected. Such an individual could certainly add a counter-perspective to the mantra of the priviledged who generally become our MLA's and MP's: that all our social problems can be solved with more or harsher laws... This mantra is helping to make Canada and Saskatchewan more and more repressive, has lead to incarceration rates that appall Europeans, and is actively promoted and fostered by the mainstream media's crime pornography.

I myself prefer Sambasivam to his opponent, who has probably never seen or known hardship in her life, and who, like the poverty pimps in Saskatoon Communities for Children actively promotes the establishment line that pimps and johns, as opposed to poverty and the unjust distribution of wealth, are responsible for Saskatoon's prostitution and child prostitution problems.

Lastly, someone with a criminal record ten years in the past that isn't fraud related, probably isn't any less likely to tell the truth than someone who has no record, and is probably more likely to tell the truth than some of the sensationalizing reporters the Star Phoenix employs... whose motiviation appears to be the publication of stories that will sell great numbers of papers for Conrad Black while not rocking any apple carts... and whose commitment to publishing the truth appears something less than wholehearted.

Sincerely yours

Jacob Zunti