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We took this page down last January when we ran out of space and bandwidth following the second airing of the fifth estate "Scandal of the Century" show. injusticebuster Rick Klassen found himself living in a small town (Harris) where not only was he smeared as a sex criminal but found a disturbing situation of ongoing child abuse going on in that very town. Our attempts to clean up the situation certainly showed us that Social Services have far more authority than they have brains to use it. The spring after this all went down, Rick moved to Manitoba. A few months later, he received a call from Const. Champion informing him that the abusive situation he had complained of was finally under control.

The Ruby Lafayette Debacle

Feb. 7, 1999: This page went up three weeks ago. The Rosetown Eagle misreported the story -- in fact, it missed the story. The story here is about a social worker and an RCMP constable who refused to act against a complaint of extreme emotional and physical abuse of three children. The social worker refused to act, diminishing the complaint. When provided with further evidence that the children were and continue to be in grave danger, the RCMP constable claimed she had no authority to act. In response to this criminal negligence of these public officials, injusticebusters postered the streets of Rosetown with a few dozen handbills.

The Eagle reported this as a case of postering -- suggesting the posting of this information was somehow criminal and said the RCMP had opened a file on us. We responded by providing the Eagle with further information.

We will poster, put up pictures of crocodiles, raise questions at election rallies, and do whatever it takes to secure justice in this case and similar cases. The days of free rides for overpaid social workers are rapidly coming to an end!

The Eagle should publish an update about what has happened to that file they say the RCMP has opened on us!

The contents of this crocodile's stomach are nothing compared to the horrors buried in Social Workers' files!

  • The above report does not name Ruby Lafayette, but calls her a social worker under attack for calling a child stupid. Enough Rosetown people have seen the posters so everyone knows who she is. Many people no doubt know her well enough to judge her intelligence for themselves. Stupid people certainly have a right to hold jobs which they can handle. But responsibility for the welfare of children should be placed under the authority of intelligent persons. It appears, from their inactions, that Ruby Lafayette's supervisors are also stupid.
  • inJusticebusters do not say she called a child stupid. We call her stupid. We say that calling a child stupid is abuse. We did not call her stupid, either, until we had thoroughly established this by gently calling her attention to a seriously abusive situation. Her head is very thick.
  • Ruby Lafayette investigated a family where routinely calling the children stupid is the least of what goes on in the home.
  • The father in this home has a lengthy history of wife-battering and he and his present wife laugh together, in front of the children, about the bloody beating he laid on his previous wife, the mother of his children. He calls the boy children stupid, faggots, and uses vulgar sexualized language continually.
  • An adult retarded woman in this household is violent and sexually abuses the children.
  • The mother allows this to go on.
  • The children received no Christmas presents.
  • Booze is the top item on the grocery list.
  • Teachers in the school have made Social Services aware of the situation.
  • The Eagle report that the police are investigating is lame. Constable Champion knows all about this case. The abuse in this family was reported to her before it was brought to Social Services' attention, in keeping with the law which states we all have an obligation to report abuse of children!
  • The headline is misleading. There is no investigation. At least, Constable Champion has not contacted us which would be the first logical step, since she knows who we are and has our phone numbers and addresses.
  • There is no slander. Everything we say is true. And the truth is our defence!

Rosetown Eagle
report on Ruby Lafayette

Police investigate slanderous stickers

Monday, March 1, 1999 Rosetown RCMP are looking into slanderous remarks made toward a Rosetown social worker. The remarks were contained in bumper sticker-styled banners that were adhered to light standards in the downtown area.

The remarks called for the Department of Social Services to fire the worker because a child had allegedly been called 'stupid'. The banner also directed readers to a web site on the Internet which attacked the social worker even further.

Police would not comment on the matter other than to say a file had been opened on it.

Social Services: Fire Ruby Lafayette!

see the Stupid Page, formerly called Bad therapists, Doctors and Shrinks. . . . .

Calling a child stupid is abuse. Why did Ruby Lafayette grow up stupid?

Original injusticebusters website posting

Children are being abused all over this land. The news is full of it. Social Services and Child Protection branches across the country are so riddled with stupid staff that the problems can only get worse. The Cape Breton Children's Aid Society and its adjuncts like Transition House are among the bad ones injusticebusters have been going after. Now the Kindersley District of Saskatchewan is joining the contest for employing Stupidest Social Worker in Canada with its protection of Ruby Lafayette. inJusticebusters have gone to some effort to persuade her to do her job properly. But Ruby thinks she knows better. She is like a willful child who would rather put many, many children at risk than admit she has made a mistake. Ruby Lafayette should be fired immediately because:

  • she is incompetent
  • she endangers the lives of children
  • she reveals the identities of confidential informants
  • she ignores the mandate of her employer.
  • Ruby Lafayette is a dangerous mind. Do not tell her anything. Do not let her inside your house. Treat her as though she has the plague. She does. The plague of stupidity.
  • She does not consider calling children "stupid" to be abuse.
  • inJusticebusters ask why she grew up stupid.

When stupid people are given authority, they are truly dangerous. When they refuse to recognize their mistakes they are incorrigible. When cornered they are more vicious than rats.

Ruby's New Lies

Ruby Lafayette is telling people in the Rosetown community that the posters are there because of a family whose children she did apprehend, and that they are bitter. This lie, of course, makes her appear more sympathetic in the ears of the gullible folks who feel sorry for her. Apparently she cries crocodile tears when she tells the story.

inJusticebusters have no sympathy for Ruby Lafayette. Because she is incompetent children are suffering even as she weeps about her embarrassment. While she elicits sympathy by spreading false rumours, a boy is being verbally and physically abused by a drunken father, to the point where he stutters uncontrollably at times. The boy himself is showing violent tendencies --

A girl in the same house has obviously been sexually abused. She clings to adult strangers, grabs men's testicles and engages in all manner of inappropriate touching. If she has not been actually molested, she has certainly had some experiences which have twisted her behavior.

It will all come out!

injusticebusters' February 14 fax to RCMP and Ruby Lafayette

Constable Champion: I do not have a fax or email address for Ruby Lafayette. Could you please see that she receives this as quickly as possible? Thank you.

Feb. 14, 1999
To: Ruby Lafayette
Department of Child Welfare
Rosetown Saskatchewan

Dear Ruby,

Two weeks ago xxxxx gave you information that three children in the Town of xxxxx were in need of protection from their stepfather xxxxxx. xxxxxxx explained to you in detail first hand knowledge of some of the abuse xxxx had witnessed, and asked that you not reveal xxxxx as the source of the information. RCMP Constable Champion who was present at the time suggested that you ask the xxxxxxx children's school teachers if the children exhibited behavior, and that would give you an opportunity to question them. She suggested that you tell the xxxxx that you interviewed the children because of the behavior at the school. This would keep xxxxx out of it and you would never even have to raise any suggestion that someone else in the community had brought this to your attention. This is a small community and xxxxxxxxx know us well. xxxxxxxxxxxxx It seemed clear to xxx, and to Constable Champion as well that protecting xxxxxxx was very important.

Yet the first time that you met with xxxxxxx you told them things that, besides themselves, only xxxxxxx knew, and you could have learned only from a source. They became immediately suspicious and accused xxxxxxx directly. xxxx cleared that up and called Constable Champion, both to give her more information about the abusive situation and to indicate displeasure that xxxxx identity had not been better protected.

It is now my understanding that Constable Champion informed you of what xxxxx had told her, and you called xxxxxxx on Friday Feb. 12/1999 and again told her things that only xxxxxxx would have known. In particular you told xxx that you had heard from "them" (meaning xxxxxx) that she was waiting until she recieved a checque in a week or so before she could leave xxxxx. xxxxwent to xxxxx house minutes after you called her, angry, stated she was now certain xxxx had told you all of this information.

The first instance was sloppy; the second was more than serious. You seem to have few credentials or experience for dealing with instances of child abuse. You have certainly gone about everything in this case the wrong way!

. . .Page two

The right way to determine child abuse!

1) Child abuse comes in many forms: sexual, physical, mental; emotional, etc.

There is no doubt children can be in need of protection either from parents, teachers or others who are in positions of trust. Child welfare workers use standard methods to determine whether a child is in need of protection, and although these methods differ from province to province, in all cases the overriding mandate states you must protect children when you know they are in danger and properly investigate instances where you suspect they are in danger.

2) Child welfare workers have the power to remove children they feel are in immediate danger whether that danger is sexual, physical, mental or emotional abuse. A child welfare worker needs only an initial complaint to start an investigation. There, protocol states clearly that the protection of children is the main concern.

You really couldn't have botched this one up better if you had tried. The children are still in danger, they are being threatened more seriously before because the parents do not want to hear any more of their private lives communicated back through a social worker, and to top it off, you have completely betrayed xxxxxxx, your confidential source and put xxxxx and our child at risk!


After sending this fax, Constable Champion called me and gave me Ruby Lafayette's fax number. We discussed the matter and nothing happened. I sent a further fax directly to Constable Champion issuing a complaint on my own behalf, since I had witnessed enough personally to make me aware that at least one child was abused and was placed with another abusive family over spring break. When no action was taken, injusticebusters made and posted the poster in Rosetown. -- Sheila Steele

Who has the real authority here? The Police or Social Services? Do Ruby Lafayette and her supervisors tell the RCMP what to do? Where is the parliamentary authority for these new powers? Was some legislation passed while we were sleeping?

Check out the horrors committed by official agencies: Cape Breton CAS steals child | Family Rights Association of Nova Scotia