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Carol Bunko-Ruys Reports (Nov. 26, 1990)

The Klassen story: Breaking through to the public

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Carol Bunko-Ruys

What follows is Carol Bunko-Ruys' entire report dated Nov. 26, 1990. See also the Thompson papers. At the Preliminary Hearing of the charges against the natural parents, Bunko sworn was sworn in as an expert witness:

Page 52, line 17, (Volume # 1)
(Q. Miazga) And you're a member of the Adlerian Society?
(A. Bunko-Ruys) Yes. ...
The Adlerian Society is based in Saskatoon and they provide a lot of information on Adlerian psychology, they're involved in parenting workshops in the City. (Official Court Transcript)

Community Child Care Consultants

715 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon, Sask. S7N 1B3
Telephone (306) 652-0744
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CLIENTS: Michael London Ross D.O.B. October 18, 1979 Age: 10 years
Kathy Ross D.O.B. March 4, 1982 Age: 8 years
Michelle Ross D.O.B. March 4, 1982 Age: 8 years

STATUS: All children are permanent wards

PLACEMENT: Marilyn and Lyle Thompson Box 170 Warman, Saskatchewan Phone: 342-2934

SCHOOL PLACEMENT: Warmen Elementary Principle - John Reddekopp Program consultant: Kathy Muttart Ed. Assisitant - Diane Josnoch

CITY POLICE CONTACT: Constable Brian Dueck
WRITER: Carol Bunko-Ruys

PERIOD OF CONTACT: Note that contact with the Ross children was very minimal over the summer months. Thus, this update will focus on involvement from September, 1990 to present.

DATE OF REPORT: November 26, 1990



As you are aware, writer has been involved with Michael for approximately one year. Contact began just prior to his move from the Klassen foster home to his current youth specialist home. His twin sisters were also moved to the Thompson home this past spring. Writer became involved with Kathy in June of this year at that time, Michelle was involved with Ruth-Anne Bell at MacNeill Clinic. This fall, it was decided that Michelle would also become involved with writer.

The past three months have been an extremely stressful time for the Ross children. This is due to the fact that they have been disclosing a great deal of information regarding past abuse. The experiences include several instances of sexual abuse in both their natural family and previous foster home. To date extended members of both natural family and foster family have also been implicated. These children have been victimized by by several adults over most of their lives.

Further to this, all three children have disclosed extremely traumatic incidents of being made to participate in what could be called ritualistic abuse. Included in these acts are: being made to drink blood, having sexual encounters with animals, witnessing mutilation of animals and what has been described as killing a baby. The children recollect these experiences as having happened while residing with their birth parents.

Initially the disclosures were made to the Thompsons. Since then, writer has been involved with Constable Brian Dueck of the Saskatoon City Police in order to interview each of the children. To date, each child has participated in approximately four videotaped interview sessions at the police station. Writer will not provide further details at this time. Constable Dueck will be preparing a written document as part of the ongoing investigation, which will outline the details.

Given the current situation, it is understandable that the Ross children have had a difficult time in certain areas. However, it should also be noted that all three children have continued to make progress in other areas.


All three of the Ross children have developed inappropriate touching problems. The children have been sexually active with each other and with several peers at school. Various interventions have been employed in an

Attempt to assist the children in stopping this behavior. To date, the children have been unable to control impulses which have likely escalated during the disclosure process. At this point in time, the children can benefit from knowing that caring adults will take charge until such time as their own control mechanisms are intact. Thus, the most recent plan has been to eliminate all potential opportunities to be either victims or perpetrators. This plan includes the use of one-to-one supervision during free time at school (i.e. recess, lunchtime, trips to washroom). During weekends and evenings at home, the children take turns enjoying free time. The other two are separated and in their rooms working on an area of interest (i.e. crafts, reading, music). When individual supervision can be accommodated, all three children are out of their rooms. Given the fact that the Thompson children are capable of supervising the Ross children in a variety of activities, they are seldom isolated. As writer requested, the Thompsons have installed buzzers on the children's doors to eliminate the nighttime sexual activity which has been occurring on a regular basis. While this plan is extremely rigid, it must be noted that the goal is to move toward a less structured system as the children begin to gain internal controls. Note the Ross children have on occasion sexually assaulted the Thompson family's dog. Thus, the children are also monitored regarding their interaction with "Pansy".


Continues to experience high anxiety prior to further disclosure. This is usually accompanied by inappropriate behaviors (e.g. Lying, loudness, not co-operating, threats of running away).

Michael has been struggling with the recent plan and on one occasion stated "I may as well run away cause there is no one to screw here anymore". As Michael gains control, he could benefit from participation in a structured program involving an area of interest (i.e. music lessons). This re-focus of energy will allow Michael to feel good about participation in healthy activities similar to others his own age. Michael has been given permission to use masturbation as an appropriate way to release sexual urges.

While Michael stated he was relieved to know his sisters would be leaving the Klassen home, he has experienced difficulty in sharing his new family. Michael requires one-to-one outings and attention to know he is still able to have his needs met.


Has developed her role as the "informer" in the family. Kathy often divulges information regarding her siblings while she continues to struggle with personal disclosures. At times, Kathy presents with defiance in order to shift confrontation. During interview sessions, Kathy has become silly in an attempt to deal with her discomfort. Kathy appears to require more time to develop trust in order to complete this process.

Kathy states that she is afraid of Michael. Apparently, he uses verbal threats to encourage Kathy in sexual activity. To date, she is unable to say "no", requiring further support in this area.

Recently Kathy has been found to set Michael up for consequences. For example, she wrote "Kathy is a bitch" on some of her belongings and turned them in to Marilyn and Lyle. After questioning all three children, Kathy admitted.


Initially, Michelle denied all statements made by Michael and Kathy regarding past abuse. However, she was able to move out of this denial fairly quickly. Since starting the disclosure, Michelle has remained consistent with her statements. During interviews with the police, she appears relatively comfortable.

There has been a marked difference in Michelle's behavior since disclosing. She appears more settled and happier in her dealings with others in the Thompson home.

Michelle arrived at her last session stating she had not been involved in any further sexual activity since the recent strategy was applied. She seemed pleased with herself when sharing this with writer.


The Thompsons have noted progress in all three of the Ross children. They also state periods of high stress on themselves and their natural children given the seriousness of both behaviors and issues the Ross children experience. The application of the recent intervention strategy seems to have alleviated some of the tension. However, this family continues to require a high level of support and assistance to ensure ongoing progress for the Ross children. That is not to discredit this family's ability but rather to note the Ross children's extreme level of need.

The Ross children are able to verbalize their feelings of connection within the Thompson family. The children's recent disclosure suggests a strong sense of trust and safety with Marilyn and Lyle. They are able to both accept and initiate affection with all members of the family. The Ross children refer to the Thompson children as "brothers" and "sisters" while Marilyn and Lyle are "mom and dad". They also enjoy the variety of outings and socially enriching experiences they receive (i.e. trips, shopping, out to dinner).


Given the overall situation with the Ross children, it is remarkable to note their success in school. The children appear to be bright and handling current academic demands. Michael and Michelle appear to be strong students. Kathy seems to experience some difficulty suggesting delays in certain areas. At this time, it is difficult to assess if such delays are organic in nature or whether her extremely traumatic past is responsible for noted delays. However, Kathy may continue to require modified programming over the next few years of school.

It must be noted that school personnel have been co-operative and sensitive to the needs of these children. Monthly meetings are held in order to monitor issues and progress within the school setting.


While the Ross children have experienced a great deal of trauma, they present a high level of resilience which has allowed them to make progress. Behaviorally, these children have settled to the point of being able to participate in several activities when clear limits are provided. During one-to-one sessions, all three children are able to stay on task in order to complete exercises provided by writer. They appear to find the contact useful and look forward to each session.

Given the high level of need presented by these children, placement of all three together has been questioned. While the current arrangement creates issues that may not be so severe if the children were placed separately, writer notes several benefits. It provides an opportunity to work with past roles and unhealthy relationships on a day-to-day basis. As the children continue to heal as a group, the potential for success in other areas of their lives will increase greatly. With that in mind, the following recommendations are made:

1) That the writer continues involvement with the Ross children on a weekly basis for a further period of three months.

2) That the writer continue to provide consultation, feedback and support to various systems involved with the children (i.e. school, Department of Social Services, Police).

3) As required, writer will provide support services to members of the Thompson family.

4) To date, writer has not worked with children who have experienced Ritual Abuse. Thus, writer will be attending the upcoming conference sponsored by C.A.R.A.C. this two-day conference will focus on treatment. Others involved with the Ross children will also be in attendance. Should writer become aware of locally based personnel experienced in this area, both ongoing consultation and/or potential referrals will be explored.

5) Recently, the Ross children threw away several of their toys, games and other personal items that they were given by birth parents and the Klassen's. The items selected held a great number of cues regarding past sexual abuse experience. Thus, the children no longer wanted the items. Therefore, it is suggested that each child receive funding to purchase new toys.

6) Once the children have gained some level of control over their touching problems, they would benefit from participation in structured community activities. At that time, funding will be required to cover fees in such programs.

7) That above information be shared with the Thompsons and Brian Dueck to facilitate ongoing team work regarding the Ross children.

Respectfully submitted:

Carol Bunko-Ruys.


The confidential purposes to which Carol Bunko-Ruys refers could fall into the category of "bad secrets." Good secrets are ones that don't hurt anybody and bad ones hurt the keeper of the secret or others, according to the therapy used by Bunko and others. By disclosing this document, inJusticebusters does Ms. Bunko-Ruys the service of unloading from her a guilty secret. By jettisoning this baggage, she can make the first step to becoming an honest individual.