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Carol Bunko-Ruys Reports (April 26, 1991)

The Klassen story: Breaking through to the public

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These links lead to just a few of the drawings and writings produced by the Ross children during Carol Bunko-Ruys' therapy

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Carol Bunko-Ruys

What follow are the first three pages of Carol Bunko-Ruys' report dated April 26, 1991. See also the Thompson papers. At the Preliminary Hearing of the charges against the natural parents, Bunko was sworn in as an expert witness:

Page 52, line 17, (Volume # 1)
(Q. Miazga) And you're a member of the Adlerian Society?
(A. Bunko-Ruys) Yes. ...
The Adlerian Society is based in Saskatoon and they provide a lot of information on Adlerian psychology, they're involved in parenting workshops in the City. (Official Court Transcript)

April 26, 1991 report:


(NOTE: This update follows report dated November 26, 1990)

Over the past few months, writer has continued involvement with each of the Ross children on a weekly basis. Contact also includes ongoing consultation with the Thompsons, Department of Social Services, school personnel and Constable Dueck as required.

The Ross children have continued to disclose experiences consistent to other children that have been ritually abused. While the meories appear to be triggered by a variety of situations/objects and regular holiday celebrations, predictability regarding further disclosures remains difficult. This creates ongoing instability for these children, as well as places a great deal of stress on the family with whom they reside. However, they do experience periods of stability, which seem tohave increased in frequency over the past few months.

These children continue to present dysfunctional behaviors consistent with others having experienced severe trauma. They require both a high level of supervision and ongoing therapeutic intervention to best meet their needs. While regression is frequently apparent, its connection to overall progress must be considered. It appears that these children currently feel the necessary safety and trust required to "act out" behaviors as a means of making sense of past trauma and to attempt mastery in areas of delayed development. With that in mind, the following is presented for the purpose of update.


  • Sexual Behavior -- A highly structured plan (discussed in last update) was employed to disallow the Ross children opportunities for further sexual activity amongst themselves and with other potential victims (i.e. classmates, smaller children, while visiting other families). During this period of contact, it appears these children have not been involved with inappropriate touching. While the buzzers remain on their bedroom doors at night, the children have been able to handle frequent opportunities to interact with each other without sexualizing. The Thompsons note that all children have started to verbalize to each other when boundaries connected to safety are invaded (i. e. Michelle will ask Michael to move away when he gets too close to her.) As the Ross children continue to build upon internal controls to protect themselves, the level of supervision will decrease. Michelle and Michael have also started to verbalize urges to touch others. This suggests further movement towards taking ownership for their touching problems. This is not to be confused with "blaming" themselves for the abuse they have experienced/ Rather, it is an admission of having a serious problem that requires hard work. As part of the goal to allow the Ross children opportunities to develop internal controls, attempts to remove the buzzers will be made over the next six months. Currently the Ross children experience a high level of supervision at school.
  • Significant Holidays and Celebrations --Further disclosures over the past few months have centred around holidays and celebrations (i. e. Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter). It appears that participation in activities noted as normal" for many school-age chldren (i. e. decorating the Christmas tree, anticipation and excitement over the Easter Bunny's visit) provides triggers that lead the Ross children to become extremely dysfunctional. The Ross children require close monitoring regarding their participation in activities related to celebrations. Provided are only a few examples to demonstrate the ongoing stress the children are under.
  • Michael started to cry hysterically at school while singing Christmas Carols with his classmates. He later reported memories of sexual abuse taking place while Christmas music played (reference to Birth Parents).
  • All three children chose not to have a Christmas tree as they were reminded of decorations made in the past to look like penises, vaginas and devils. "Sexual abuse happened at Christmas." (Reference to Birth Parents and Foster Parents.)
  • Michelle stated that Valentines Day was for "Love and screwing".
  • Cathy hoped that the Easter Bunny would bring white chocolate as she recalled being made to eat faeces.
  • Michael became very afraid when Marilyn Thompson was wearing a T-shirt with a bunny on it. He referred to Don White (Mom's common-law boyfriend) dressed in a bunny costume while preparing children for sexual activity.

(These are the first three pages of a ten page report)