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Carol Bunko-Ruys Reports (Dec. 4, 1989)

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Carol Bunko-Ruys

What follows is Carol Bunko-Ruys' entire report dated Dec. 4, 1989. See also the Thompson papers. At the Preliminary Hearing of the charges against the natural parents, Bunko was sworn in as an expert witness:

Page 52, line 17, (Volume # 1)
(Q. Miazga) And you're a member of the Adlerian Society?
(A. Bunko-Ruys) Yes. ...
The Adlerian Society is based in Saskatoon and they provide a lot of information on Adlerian psychology, they're involved in parenting workshops in the City. (Official Court Transcript)

Community Child Care Consultants
715 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon, Sask. S7N 1B3
Telephone (306) 652-0744

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CLIENT: Michael London Ross D.O.B. October 18, 1979 Age: 10 years

STATUS: Permanent Ward

CURRENT PLACEMENT: Anita and Dale Klassen 222 St. Paul's Place Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Phone: 382-9570

UPCOMING PLACEMENTS: Marilyn and Lyle Thompson Box 170 Waldheim, Saskatchewan Phone: 342-2934

NATURAL FAMILY: -Helen Ross (natural mother) Resides in Laird, Saskatchewan -Donald Ross (natural father) Resides in Saskatoon, Sask. -Kathy Ross (sister) resides Klassen home -Michelle Ross (twin sister to Kathy) D.O.B. March 4/82 (7 years) Resides Klassen home

CONTACT WORKER: Ron Puff Phone 955-5234

SCHOOL PLACEMENT: In home tutoring Most recent placements were radius Tutoring/Carolyn Robin's Structured Success class.


WRITER: Carol Bunko-Ruys

DATE OF REPORT: December 4, 1989

PERIOD OF CONTACT: Mid-October until December 4, 1989

(Note this document is for confidential purposes only. Direct any Questions or concerns to writer)


Michael is a ten - year old boy who has displayed disturbing behaviors since his initial contact with the Department of Social Services. Michael has been in care for approximately two years and it is reported that he has made little progress. Michael has a history which includes long-term trauma. Michael was the victim of neglect, emotional and physical abuse. While Michael has not disclosed sexual abuse, he has elluded to the fact on several occasions. Michael's behavior is consistent to that of other children that have experienced sexual abuse. Michael was referred to Community Child Care Consultants tp provide both counseling and consultation regarding Michael's overall level of functioning and needs.


Michael is an extremely active boy who requires immediate gratification. Given this, Michael has severe difficulty attending to even the shortest tasks until completion. Writer Notes Michael's attention span at best is approximately 20 minutes. Usually Michael will choose to change tasks about every 5 minutes. His strong need for immediate gratification leaves him impulsive and at risk for self-harm, as well as potentially harmful to others.

Michael has experienced a great deal of failure. He has had long breaks between school placements as has behavior has disallowed any success. He currently receives in-home tutoring at three hours per week. Michael does state he wants to be in school.

Michael presents several behaviors that suggest he is struggling with his sexual identity and overall sexuality. He enjoys dressing up as a woman. Most often, Michael chooses high heels, panty hose and rather slinky dresses. He appears to be "strutting" as he circles the room several times. Any attempts at exploring the purpose of this dress-up are met with "I don't know". Michael will allow writer to play along. Michael is often the mom who goes shopping, leaving writer (the dad) to stay home with the kids. During one session Michael role-played a mother giving birth to two children. He named one of the cabbage patch babies Michael. He has been able to demonstrate some nurturing towards this baby Michael. One can only speculate on the purpose of this behavior. Michael may be working out nurturing/mothering issues or he may have had exposure to prostitution.

In drawings of self, Michael draws his penis with some scribbling over top. He states that no one has touched his private parts, while his drawings are consistent with those drawings of children who have been sexually abused.

Michael is able to identify past experiences through non-direct means. Until his level of trust develops, he will require indirect ways to work out such past issues. The following examples are provided to demonstrate:

1) Michael brought a magazine cutout of a baby. We talked about what babies need and things that sometimes happen when that is not o.k. for babies. Michael listed the following:

get touched in their private parts;
be thrown around;
get sick and not get looked after;
get hurt because adults don't make it safe;
get called names that hurt your feelings;
don't get proper food.

2) During a story-telling exercise, Michael told of having a wolf for a friend. The wolf protected him from his mom and dad. "The wolf had to stop them from fighting with me. They were punching and kicking."

Michael has not developed clear boundaries regarding relationships and roles of others. For example, Michael would state to writer "I love you" after each session during initial involvement's. At the same time, Michael could become defiant and aggressive during sessions.

Michael has a very poor self-image. He has difficulty accepting compliments. Initially, Michael did not like to do written work or art work and would state "I'm no good at this." He has started to ask to paint.


Must be supervised at all times. As Michael's self-control increases, supervision may lesson. Michael should not be left alone with small children.

Requires specialized programming which includes short-term goals and tasks. A behavior modification plan involving Michael's ability to earn special privileges or items may be useful (both at home and school). Once Michael is stabilized in his new home, he will require a well-planned and slowly paced integration into a school program.

Needs clear boundaries and messages regarding differentiation between behavior and feelings (i.e. I like you but not what you did).

Needs ongoing support towards building a more positive self-image.

Michael needs to be allowed to continue his dress-up and role play as a means to work out his sexuality. As well, Michael requires opportunities in play mediums to work out past traumas and current issues.


Michael is easily engaged in a variety of activities. He enjoys dress-up, role play and puppet shows.

Michael can be an affectionate boy who enjoys hugs and doing something nice for others.

With reminders, he can play more calmly and gently.

Michael displays frequent glimpses of motivation towards behavioral changes.

Enjoys attending sessions and always asks when his next session is.


Recently a specialized home was found for Michael. He has started pre-placement visits and the date planned for movement is December 12, 1989. Michael seems to think the move is a good idea while he has "mixed feelings". While this is natural, Michael has not yet developed a method of coping that moves beyond "acting-out" behaviors. Writer anticipates that Michael will take quite awhile to settle in his new placement. Michael will continue to have contact with his sisters and previous foster family once he moves.

Writer supports the plan that Michael live within a family setting. However, should this plan not be successful, given Michael's level of dysfunction, residential treatment should be considered for a period of time. Michael is at risk of developing a series of placement breakdowns.


Michael is a young boy experiencing many behavioral and social/emotional problems. He is at risk for harm and ongoing failure if he does not receive long-term therapeutic involvement. Michael possesses strengths that can support the changes he will need to make in order to begin to experience success and a sense of control. With this in mind, the following recommendations are made:

1) That Michael continue involvement with Community Child Care at once per week minimum for a period of six months;

2) That writer provide feedback and consultation to foster parents and regional worker on a bi-monthly basis;

3) That funding be secured for a specialized school program that would meet Michael's needs; and

4) That Michael continue involvement with his current contract worker, Ron Puff, for support and consistency to both Michael and his foster parents.

Respectfully submitted:

Carol Bunko-Ruys.


The confidential purposes to which Carol Bunko-Ruys refers could fall into the category of "bad secrets." Good secrets are ones that don't hurt anybody and bad ones hurt the keeper of the secret or others, according to the therapy used by Bunko and others. By disclosing this document, inJusticebusters does Ms. Bunko-Ruys the service of unloading from her a guilty secret. By jettisoning this baggage, she can make the first step to becoming an honest individual./p>