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Beneath Contempt!

Brian Dueck Sheila Steele

The judges in this country are really beneath contempt. And that goes for the Supreme Court of Canada, too, They don't know the difference between calling someone an accomplice to rape and actually raping somebody; they are not afraid of sticks and stones, safe behind their judicial fortress, but they actually say that words hurt. Poor bloody dears.

In Saskatchewan, the judiciary is so bad that it comes right out and says, in a written decision no less, that whatever matters are before it should have been kept from the defendants in the first place and that it will have to keep disclosure more safely hidden in future. Of course it says so in high falutin' language, but that is what it says. The Saskatoon judiciary at every level is thoroughly implicated in the crimes against the Ross children, the Klassen families, the Sterlings and a list of other innocent bystanders caught up in the police/therapist witchhunt which went on ten years ago. Under the cloak of spurious and thoroughly unscientific hunches by professionals-out-of-control at the MacNeill Clinic and spurred on by publicity given the Reverend Colin Clay. Clay continues to promote his paranoid fantasies and the MacNeill Clinic still gets money. McNeill is the first stage of the lie manufacturing machine before McDueck's. Saskatchewan judges have accepted their inquisitionist-type testimony as God's truth. I'm surprised they haven't brought buckets of water into the Courtroom to determine their verdicts: Stick the accused's head in the bucket: if she drowns she's innocent, if she doesn't drown, she's guilty. I only wish this metaphor was more farfetched than it really is. See our Saskatchewan judge's page.

In Nova Scotia, we find Judge Claire MacLellan making totally biased rulings in favour of the Children's Aid Society where she used to be employed. The matter then gets passed over to Chief Judge Robert Ferguson who decides he doesn't have to follow the law! Big Daddy Ferguson will do what the Children's Aid Society has said is in the best interests of the child, in this case Emma McCarthy. This child who literally stolen from her parents and extended family from CAS who decided to override its own mandate! This is the very issue Bernard and Lisa McCarthy were bringing before the Court to arbitrate! An ordinary person who takes the law into her own hands is locked up smartly. But here, the people who help make the law and have given solemn oaths to uphold it decide to set it aside at a whim! Send them all to bed without any supper. And then take them to the stocks!

Contempt hardly approaches a reasonable human reaction!

For over six months, inJusticebusters on the web have called for the arrest of Brian Dueck and a public investigation into the justice system to determine who is responsible for covering up his crimes. We have found many ways to say this. We have not said anything different (except to bring forth fresh evidence) than we have been saying for five years! The cops, crowns and courts took the strategy of ignoring us. SaskTel and its Bell-Sympatico Internet server acted as police, judge and jury to remove this site from its jurisdiction to aid the cops, crown and court in their strategy of ignoring us. Now that we are getting more hits to our page, and some attention outside this godforsaken backwater, we can only wonder what they are going to do. Call it a Saskatchewan Stand-off! They cannot rely on the SympatiKo Police to shut us up. They seem unwilling to do it themselves. Meanwhile, inJusticebusters enjoys the public platform of cyberspace. It is only a matter of time until we bust this injustice!

inJusticebusters have received mail from people who are inclined to sympathize with us but who feel we express ourselves with too much edge. Hating lawyers, that kind of thing. Perhaps we have not had enough edge! We've been posting judges for a while now and they just keep right on showing up on the benches and doing the same stupid things! We think it is time to step up the campaign. if we want to see any real justice before the millenium! And as far as this hating lawyers thing goes, if we could find a single lawyer who was willing to talk to us about the truth, unqualified, without reservation, without fear and without reprisals against us; if we could find a lawyer who put his allegiance to humanity, justice and truth above his/her pitiful ties to a hypocritical justice system, we'd no doubt fall in love at first sight! In the meantime, we have not seen even a glimpse of such a figure!

--Sheila Steele