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Bareass Beach

censoredSaskatoon and visiting sun lovers have been frequenting a collection of sandbars in an elbow of the South Saskatchewan River twenty minutes southeast of the city for more than thirty years. We have relatively good relations with the Corman Park RCMP who enforce liquor and vehicle violations.

In 1998, the Meewasin Valley Authority built a parking lot, but provided no garbage containers. The beach has attracted a growing number of "textile" people, some of whom are civilized and some of whom are barbarians, breaking bottles and leaving broken glass in the parking lot and on the beach, leaving their garbage (including diapers!) for others to clean up. The naked people have always done our best to keep the beach cleaned up and safe.

Over the years there have been scattered incidents of perverts harrassing and secretly photographing the naked sunbathers. This has led to a general suspiciousness among us which might be perceived as cliquish. On this score, we "police" the beach. We would like to assure anyone who would like to become part of the naked sunbathing community at Bareass Beach that you are welcome. If you are shy about joining, please contact us and we will arrange for you to go with a seasoned beach goer.

We welcome sun lovers who are prepared to enter the community with the same respect for others that they would display anywhere else in society. Any behavior which makes others uncomfortable -- staring or jerking off, for instance -- is sent off. Such organisation as exists is informal, based on experience over many years. There are also organized activities and members of these groups also attend the beach. Most of us, however, prefer to keep our beach lives separate from other aspects of our lives although we have occasionally got together for an evening to wish someone farewell or for some other reason.

If anyone can add to the locations of Naturist Public Beaches contact the

Nudefest: Inside Europe's largest naturist festival

Europe’s largest naturism festival is in full swing at a campsite in Somerset.

About 400 people have gathered to bare all at Nudefest near Langport.

The week-long programme of activities includes naked bingo, nude clay pigeon shooting and line dancing.

Bombing and smashed windshields among threats against Calgary nude swimming event

Mayor Naheed Nenshi

Threats were made against a Calgary nude swimming event which prompted the mayor (left) to cancel it.

There was a bomb threat and people who were saying they would write down all the licence plate numbers and post them as pedophiles.

"We're going to take a baseball bat to car windows."

“Nothing to do with nudity”
-- Mayor

The nude swim event garnered significant attention after it was reported in the media. A petition against the event had almost 22,000 signatures, and a petition against that petition received almost 7,000 signatures.

The mayor said he's disappointed in the cancellation, but noted the city was unable to establish a proper security response to the threats in such a short time and pointed out there were other bookings and a hockey tournament going on in the building at the same time as the planned swim.

"It has nothing to do with nudity, it has nothing to do with petitions. It has everything to do with ensuring that everyone is safe, and it certainly is not a decision which will affect future bookings at this time," he said.

The mayor said he doesn't tell police what to do, but knows it takes threats of this nature seriously and will be investigating.

Mayor Nenshi also said the city has been hosting "naturist" events for "many, many years" without issue. So has Edmonton, and naturists there are extending an official invitation to their counterparts in Calgary to go skinny-dipping there instead.

The organization behind the event, Calgary Nude Recreation, has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a legal challenge against the city for the cancellation.

Naturists reveal the Secret to having body confidence

Naturist Beach

One of the most common nightmares people have is standing, completely naked, in front of a room full of people. That moment, although in our subconscious, leaves us feeling shamed and embarrassed.

Why should it? After all, being naked is our natural state.

"Remember how you were as a child, or watch a child between zero and two. There is no shame because they don't know what shame is yet", Sharamine Clarke, a naturist for the past three years, told HuffPost Canada.

A naturist is defined as someone who goes nude in designated areas, and we can learn a thing or two from them about body confidence. Not only do naturists fully accept their bodies, as well as other people's, but they're also proud of them and aren't afraid of others seeing them in the buff.

“Not everyone's a model”

"It really made me see my body for what it could create", said Andrea Budzey, a mom-of-two who struggled with her post-baby body before visiting a naturist park. "I no longer felt like I was carrying extra pounds and I was no longer striving to have that perfect body image because I was proud of my body."

Samantha Kaine Gruen, who has been practicing naturism for 25 years, said it was the accepting attitude of the naturist community that helped her become comfortable with herself and her naked form.

"I learned to appreciate what I look like from the inside out as opposed to the other way", she explained. "I think it's just having and being part of a community that accepts me for me, and it's not about the colour of my skin or the fact that I'm a woman or anything like that. It's just complete acceptance for who I am."

Tony Cooke, another naturist, agreed. After going to a naturist park and realising there are so many shapes and sizes of bodies out there, he said it was easy to accept his own.

"Not everyone's a model, and that's the thing", he said of naturist parks. "People accept you as you are. I didn't want people seeing my stomach, I didn't want people seeing [my] genital size... but now it's like, hey, it's here if you want to see it."

Penticton's Three Mile Beach:
Nude sunbathers expose concerns

The owner of a beachfront property near Penticton, B.C., says nude sunbathers who have been using his land for decades, are now ruining his attempts to sell it.

Cary Pinkowski bought the land containing part of Three Mile Beach in 2006 and didn't it change much until this summer, when he posted no trespassing signs, put up a fence and hired security to keep all the naked people out.

Last week, the RCMP began getting complaints the nudists had moved onto the neighbouring public beach, which is accessed by the same parking lot.

Pinkowski says he isn't against nude sunbathing. He just doesn't want it on his land, or the public beach next door. "I mean you have 5 to 10-year-olds and five meters away you have nude 50 to 60-year-old men," says Pinkowski, who says the nudists are ruining his attempts to sell the property.

"Well, it's essentially worth zero until these people find a new property."

Beachgoer Dennis Roszell also wants the nudists out, because of what he says is also happening on the beach "I've seen sex acts right there. My family and I are really offended," says Roszell.

Over the weekend many nudists told CBC News they are just looking for a place to relax and enjoy the sun and the water.

"I like to sunbathe in the nude. To be able to do this in the middle of summer and enjoy it, it's great," said Rollie Lapointe.

Many, like Rick Giles, who lives near the beach and supports the nudists, say it is only the property owners and not the beachgoers, who are complaining.

"The only thing that's changed here is that we have two property owners who have come together to push the issue of public nudity."

Penticton RCMP Sgt Rick Dellebuur says they are patrolling the area and will ask people to put some clothes on if they are being indecent, but they are not issuing tickets yet.

"We are speaking with these individuals and telling them of the conflict and hopefully to come up with some type of compromise where they put their clothes on or move somewhere where there isn't any complaints," said Dellebuur.

Naked in Toronto - and loving it

TORONTO - Staid and proper Torontonians can now enjoy the kind of pleasure that Vancouverites have know for years - nude sunbathing.

The new "nature lover's" beach is on one of the city's island parks, just a short ferry ride from the downtown. "You have more freedom of your body. I feel more comfortable with myself being like this because my skin can breathe," says Bob Clemens, one of the naturists enjoying the sunny, warm weather.

Nudists have sunbathed at this spot for years. But in the past police issued $68 tickets to anyone they caught.

That changed this year when city council decided in favour of establishing a nude beach.

"It's fun," says Fran, who would only give her first name. "You meet a lot of people and it's a great way to just kick back, relax and here you can do it without people making comments."

Initially the beach was dominated by men. But little by little more women are starting to shed their inhibitions and their clothes.

"We feel very safe," said Karen Stieber. "We've met a bunch of people here, and they've all been gentlemen. Nobody just trying to come around us to get a look just 'cause we're women. You know, no perverts here."

The nude beach has only been open for six weeks. But already there has been controversy. On one recent weekend police warned visitors they could be nude on the sand, but not in the water. If they did they'd be breaking a 65 year-old bylaw. Eventually, it was ignored.

Bummer on the beach: Beware 'perverts'

Councillor George Mammoliti is warning people not to use the nude beach at Hanlan's Point because of "perverts."

Since it opened May 24, one person has been charged with committing an indecent act in the bushes behind the beach and another eight have been charged with being "improperly attired" outside the boundaries of the nude area.

"The perverts are showing up," Mammoliti said yesterday. "Don't go down to the nude beach. There are perverts on the nude beach."

The beach has been attracting 300-500 people per day on the weekends since the warm weather arrived, and its popularity seems to be growing.

Mammoliti led opposition to the six-month pilot project when it was brought before council last month, predicting that it would lead to public sex and nudity in the streets.

He even took his shirt off for the media to illustrate the inappropriateness of nudity.

"I can just say, I told you so," Mammoliti said of the charges.

Toronto Police Staff Sgt. Jim Muscat, however, said the charges were "not a big deal."

"This is not major criminal stuff," he said.

"It's not as if people are being hurt," said Councillor Olivia Chow, who represents the area. "What is the problem?

"George needs to take a deep breath and focus on the concerns of people in his ward."

Beach busts all wet

Toronto has too many cops if they have time to charge nude swimmers at Hanlan's Point, several city councillors said yesterday.

Toronto Police say they'll enforce a 1934 Toronto harbour commission bylaw requiring swimmers to be clothed -- despite city council's recent decision to permit nude sunbathing at the Toronto Island site.

That means sun worshippers can be nude on the sand but face charges if they dip a toe in the water.

"If it's on the books, it will be enforced," Const. Terri Douglas of corporate communications said yesterday. About 40 swimmers were given warnings last weekend.

Marine unit Staff-Insp. Ed Hegney said police have "a helluva lot more important things to do."

Police services board appointee Olivia Chow said the initiative will make it tough to okay Chief David Boothby's request for more officers.

It's outrageous," Councillor Kyle Rae said. "Obviously, we've got too many police officers."

Councillor Jack Layton quipped, "Hey, guys, haven't we got some criminals to chase?"

Out with old, in with nude
'Queen' opens clothing-optional beach

The prudish Queen Victoria liberated Toronto's new nude beach from the tyranny of textiles yesterday.

"We are amused!" said the grand lady of the Victorian era as she cut a ceremonial ribbon, officially opening the secluded and barricaded beach for nudity.

Looking on under drizzling Toronto skies and shrivel-inducing c-c-c-cold weather were about 50 committed naturists, all but a handful of whom remained clothed. "The sun never sets on the Empire. I don't know who said that, but today the sun has set on this particular beach," said the Queen, referring to the rainy skies, not the nudity. Her Majesty had gathered a little sand on the bottom of her long, wet, elegant burgundy dress.

But restaurateur Geoffrey Pimblett kept a stiff upper lip about the weather, delighting with a wave and a smile, both those on the nude beach and passersby on other boats during his trip over to the Toronto Islands via water taxi. Not a nudist himself -- "I wouldn't want anybody laughing at me" -- Pimblett, 54, was playing Victoria for his friends at Totally Naked Toronto Men Enjoying Nudity, or TNT!MEN, one of the prime movers in getting the clothing-optional status of the beach restored.

Hanlan's Point Beach, along with two mainland beaches, previously had that status from the mid-1890s, near the end of Victoria's 63-year reign, until 1930.

"It's a great place to be. And if you don't want tan lines, come here," said Councillor Olivia Chow, who with Councillor Jack Layton helped cut the ribbon yesterday. But Chow said neither she nor Jack would take off their clothes on the beach.

"That's not my thing. I don't tan anyway," Chow said. Mother and nudist Linda Deschenes, 34, had her son Marc, 2, on the beach yesterday for the ceremony. For Marc, she told The Sun, nudity is a "normal part of his summer."

Locations of Public Beaches

Saskatchewan: Bareass Beach, a series of sandbars in the South Saskatchewan River, is a 20 minute drive north on Dundonald which becomes Valley Road, 3k past the Berry Barn turn and 2k north to the river. This beach has been used continually since the sixties. It is now under the jurisdiction of the Meewasin Valley Authority and is referred to in the media as "Paradise Beach." The recent influx of Spandex and general textile preferring persons is causing some adjustment which veteran tanners are handling with aplomb. Over the past several years, there have been a few unpleasant incidents with pervs which will be posted soon as Notes from Bareass Beach.

2002: Spring is slow to come but I have spoken to one sunworshipper who managed to get out to Bareass for a day in April. There was still ice on the river but the sun in the willows was sweating hot.

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