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Shannon Murrin

The Murder of Mindy Tran

Shannon Murrin after beating

Mindy Tran's raped and murdered remains were found down by the river in Kelowna, B. C. three weeks after her disappearance.

The pressure was on the RCMP to find her murderer. Shannon Murrin fit the profile, even though he had a solid alibi and had been cleared on the initial investigation, before he body was found.

So Sgt. Gary Tidsbury put the word out to some local tough guys that Murrin had done it. Since they faced charges themselves, it was an offer they could not refuse. He defamed Murrin to these thugs and to the press.

Another view of Kathy's story from the Mindy Tran website stating:
"Her's is a well crafted tale transforming Shannon Murrin from a monstrous child killer into the lovable falsely accused rogue" -

Shannon Murrin beaters

Just an evening's entertainment in a boring town -- find a guy to beat up for the RCMP.

But Murrin was the wrong guy and he lived to ID his attackers. One went to jail.

Did Tidsbury care? Not really. He put Murrin behind bars for 5 years. It furthered his career, even though the target turned out to be innocent.

Fifth estate covered this story so the public is somewhat familiar with it. However, we know that getting the story out is only the first step towards obtaining justice. Often we think that when we haven't heard anything more about a case for a few years that justice has finally been done. After all, don't we live in a democracy?

Pedophile-Snitch Doug Martin

Convicted pedophile-turned-snitch Doug Martin dubbed 'Father Confessor' who Police used dozens of times including to convict Thomas Sophonow and Shannon Murrin

Snitch Doug Martin (right) had already claimed to have heard confessions from Thomas Sophonow and eight or nine other convicted persons. The Fifth estate called their show on him "Father Confessor".

Sophonow was cleared by proven eyewitness misidentification. The recommendations of Judge Peter Cory's inquiry into what went wrong in his case pointed to the withholding of exculpatory disclosure and putting strict limitations on the ways in which testimony from jailhouse informants is used.

Manitoba Justice Minister Gordon Mackintosh legislated some limitations on the use of snitches. Nonetheless, Doug Martin has not been charged with perjury.

Gordon Mackintosh

Yes, we live in a democracy but it is one where the powerful have many secrets which the keep from the public claiming it is not in the public interest to know certain things.

Once we have posted a story, inJusticebusters pledge to keep it on the Internet until justice has been done and afterwards so those interested in expanding authentic justice can study the mistakes of the past.

We also pay tribute to those whose lives have been irrevocabably changed by a system which is not only imperfect, but sometimes harbours malicious individuals who abuse their power.

Sgt Gary Tidsbury

The likes of Tidsbury usually have more than one case of wrongfully charging, seting up innocents, or generally abusing their offices. While occasionally a wrongfully convicted person is publicly exonerated and even apologized to, the system cannot yet seem to go so far as to hold bad cops totally accountable for what they do.

A proper accounting would be firing, obstruction of justice charges, jail time and a loss of promotions or any other privileges gained since the time of their crimes.

Murrin is back in Newfoundland working on a book.

Lawyer Peter Wilson

B.C. lawyer Peter Wilson joins the growing ranks of lawyers experienced in successfully fighting against corruption in the justice system.