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Carol Middleton Report

properly part of original disclosure, this document was NOT disclosed prior to trials

inJusticebusters publish this report as an example of the bad investigation done by Dueck and Social Services

Until this fall, we did not even know this report existed. Social Services files all over the country contain files with unsubstantiated allegations such as are contained in this report. Such reports have been and are still being used to smear innocent people, to deny them custody of children, and for other purposes. There might be such a file on you, which you will discover only when you apply for a job, or want to adopt a child. These witchhunting files have already caused untold havoc in the lives of many people and it is our intention to put an end to this!


1) Anita & Dale Klassen

2) Pam Klassen

A. COMPLAINT: Sexual abuse in foster home.

Anita Klassen
Dale Klassen


Situation 1:

Pam Klassen, b.d.
Address: 225 Ottawa Avenue South, Saskatoon
Other residents in Pam's home:

a) Peter Klassen
b) Mrs. Peter Klassen
c) Crystal Morin - foster child
d) Ashley Sherman - foster child
e) Michael Klassen - custodial child of Pam

Situation 2:

Anita Klassen, b.d. January 12, 1960
Address; 222 St. Pauls Place, Saskatoon

Peter Klassen, b.d. July 31, 1956
Address; 222 St. Pauls Place, Saskatoon


a) Michelle Ross, b.d. March 4, 1982
b) Katherine Ross b.d. March 4, 1982


Michael Ross disclosed to Nancy McGregor and Janet Kormish that he had been sexually assaulted in the above-named foster homes. An interview was arranged for him at the police station May 25, 1990.

On that date the interviewing officer was Corporal Ron Shindell. Corporal Shindell chose not to interview Michael on videotape or with any observing social workers. He spent time alone with Michael then asked me to come into the room due to Michael's multitude of disclosure i.e. the large number of people who have abused his parents, uncles, aunts, etc. Corporal Shindell felt that Michael was too confused to believe and may be projecting a past abuse on the Klassen family. The only person he was inclined to believe as an abuser was Peter Klassen Sr. His planned approach was to call Peter Klassen and ask him to take a polygraph. If he passed, the matter would be dropped, and if he failed the polygraph then a charge would be laid.

In his talk with Corporal Shindell, Michael Ross had stated that on three occasions Anita Klassen, with her hand, had touched him on the penis. This happened late at night and he pretended to be asleep. He stated that three nights later he believes Jackie Klassen also touched him on the penis. He believes it was Jackie because her hand was smaller. He also spoke of Dale Klassen on one occasion exposing himself i.e. exposing his penis to Michael. Michael stated on two occasions that Grandpa Klassen put his penis into Michael's anus. Both of these incidents occurred at Pam's and with adults present. Further and in response to Corporal Shindell's questioning Michael stated that Anita often pulled their hair when she was upset with them. Corporal Shindell then suggested that Michael was angry with Anita and wouldn't mind seeing her in trouble. Michael stated that he didn't care what happened to Anita.

After the time at the police station Janet Kormish, Norma Rivard, Sheila Gagna, Jacques St. Pierre, Laura Mainprize and myself met to discuss our action from this point. On this date and at this time which was now 5:00 p.m. it was decided that we would continue pursuing of this concern on Monday, May 28, 1990.

Monday, May 28, 1990:

Nancy McGregor, Marilyn Thompson and myself attended at Carol Bunko's office to have Michael reinterviewed. The purpose of this interview was to allow me to hear Michael's disclosure and then to pursue the investigation and make a report for the Department of Social Services.

Michael disclosed that on three occasions Anita Klassen placed her hand around his penis and rubbed on his penis. This happened at night, Mivhael was afraid and pretended to be asleep. He was told not to tell or she would chop his head off. On another occasion Dale Klassen exposed himself to Michael. Dale was at the top of the stairs wearing pants and shirt. He unzipped his pants and took out his penis in front of Michael. Michael became frightened and went to his bedroom. He stated he felt afraid, angry and hurt. Also at another time Dale struck Michael in the penis. Carol Bunko attempted to get further clarification about this; Michael stated Dale had been aiming for his head but missed and hit his penis. All these events occurred at the Anita and Dale Klassen home.

On two other occasions near Christmas, we believe 1988, Michael discloses that he was sexually assaulted by Peter Klassen Sr. These assaults consisted of Peter placing his penis in Michael's bum. This occurred in Michael's room. Particulars of this behaviour are: Michael needed something and was directed to Pam's room to find it. While in her room Peter Sr. followed Michael and assaulted him. Michael was wearing joggers and underwear: Peter pulled them down and placed his penis in Michael's anus. Michael states he cried. Peter told him not to tell or he i.e. Peter would have to go to jail. A few days later Michael had gone downstairs to Crystal's room to go to sleep. The rest of the children were playing outside, it was late. Michael was in bed wearing underwear when Grandpa came downstairs for some beer. He then came into Michael's room and again placed his penis in Michael's anus. Michael states that Grandpa i.e. Peter laughed. Michael said, "It isn't funny", Peter laughed harder and Michael cried.

Michael also states that while he was still living with Anita and Dale Klassen that he and Jackie Klassen touched each other's private parts using their hand to rub. Michael says that Michelle and Kathy also spoke with him about Jackie using their bodies i.e. touching them in their private parts. On this date Michael states he is not aware of any other sexual assaults which occurred, however on Friday, May 25, Michael had stated that Crystal Morin told him that Grandpa Klassen had sex with his daughter Pam.

May 29, 1990:

Janet Kormish, Gwen Will, Corporal Brian Dueck and myself attended at the Pam Klassen home. At the same time Janet Matkowski and Ernestine Starr attended at the Anita and Dale Klassen home. (Please see Janet Matkowski's report regarding this home). We informed Pam that concerns that had been expressed for children in her home thus our attendance this date. Pam's first concern seemed to be what this meant in regards to Michael Klassen. Explained to her the complaint also involved Michael and that we would have to investigate and take Michael with us to do that. Pam and her mother became very agitated and exhibited near hysteric behavior. They wanted to know who had made the allegations and what were the allegations. Grandma Klassen began to say the allegations had to be untrue as there was no one else living in that home except herself and Pam and they didn't hurt kids. Explained again the need to do the investigation and requested their help in getting the children ready to go with us. During the process of preparing the children and checking for clothes I found Peter Klassen Sr. in a bedroom downstairs. Pam went to the park to pick up Michael. When she brought him back she was sobbing, crying, saying you can't take my baby. He was hanging on crying no I don't want to go. She then said it's only for a little while and helped us put him in the car. Corporal Dueck then went back into the home to assist Janet Kormish and Gwen Will in removing their children. At this point he was attacked by a brother of Peter Klassen's. This man was subsequently arrested for assault.

I attended at the police station with Michael Klassen for an interview regarding possible sexual abuse. During the interview Michael spent most of his time on play phones pretending to call different people. When using the anatomical dolls Michael displayed some uncomfortableness with the undressed male dolls. Michael stated that he had a secret and couldn't tell us, then he said the secret was that two older boys liked to hit him in his genital area. He denied any other touching. Asked him where he slept, he stated on the couch. I then asked where the girls slept, he stated that Ashley has to sleep downstairs with the ghosts and that Crystal sometimes sleeps with Grandpa. Michael is clear that Grandpa lives at Pam's house.

After the interview at the police station transported Michael to the Carley Dionne foster home. On the way there I explained to him he would be going to another home for awhile because we were concerned about children at Pam's house and that the concern was that Grandpa touched children on their "dinkies". At this point Michael stated Grandpa touches him on his dinky. Enquired what Grandpa touched him with, he stated his hands. I explored further to see if he was touched in any other way or had had to touch. Michael states no, Grandpa just touches his dinky with Grandpa's hands. He further stated he felt funny inside when Grandpa did this.

Later in the day Janet Kormish left a message stating that Kathy Ross has disclosed to Lyle Thompson that Anita Klassen has a touching problem. Also that afternoon received several calls from Pam requesting Michael's return. I explained to her that at this time Michael would not be returning as he had disclosed that Peter Klassen Sr. touches him inappropriately. Pam's initial reaction was no, this couldn't be. When I stated my belief in Michael's statement she then said, "I didn't know, I didn't know". Pam went on to say that she would move some place, have her father move, whatever it took to have Michael back. I then discussed with her the issue of trust i.e. that we were not able to trust at this time her word. I explained to her that in past when we have expressed our concerns over Peter Klassen being present in her home she has constantly assured us that he does not live there, nor visit there, but in fact he has continually resided at her house. Pam denies this. I then discussed with her the issue of denial and the subsequent problem of now having her son placed elsewhere. I suggested it was now time for her to stop giving Peter Sr. power over her life. I again suggested she call foster parent's support persons to provide her with emotional support at this time.

June 4, 1990:

Have received several phone calls from Pam requesting a worker, requesting action, stating she'd go to the newspaper, wanting Michael returned, stating that her father has now moved out of the home, etc. On each occasion I explained to Pam our procedure here of having the file assigned and an assigned worker planning with her for Michael. On Friday, June 1, Pam had a visit with Michael in this office supervised by Janet Kormish. Janet reports that the visit went well. On today's date Pam called me at approximately 9:00 a.m. to request another visit with Michael. I advised her the file would be assigned tomorrow and she could request of the ongoing worker further visits.


1. Peter Klassen Sr. previously charged with assault of two children, he pleads guilty. These assaults occurred in Pam's garage.

2. Workers discussed there concerns with Pam that Peter not be residing in her home or having contact with the children. Pam assured the workers that Peter didn't have contact in her home. The subsequent investigations of today indicate that Peter has lived there all along and that Pam has not been honest with the Department of Social Services.

3. December 1989, sexual abuse investigation done on Pam Klassen and Anita & Dale Klassen foster home. No disclosures were made at this point.

4. While in the Anita & Dale Klassen foster home Michael Ross became an increasingly disturbed child. Since his move to the Thompson foster home he has made a dramatic, positive change.

5. May 1990, Michael Ross discloses sexual assault to himself in the Anita and Dale Klassen foster home and in the Pam Klassen foster home.

6. In listening to Pam Klassen's statement of request for Michael's return, most of her statements have been stating her need first i.e. her need for Michael.

7. Pam adamantly states that her father now has moved from her residence and will no longer be living there.

8. Pam had denied other workers expressing concern with her around Peter Klassen's presence in her home.

In my opinion Michael Klassen has been assaulted by his Grandfather, Peter Klassen Sr. These assaults occurred in the Pam Klassen home. Due to Pam's past dishonesty with the Department of Social Services and her denial that this could ever happen to one of her children even though Peter Klassen had plead guilty to previous sexual assault of children, I do not feel that it is in Michael's best interest to remain in the home and therefore recommend opening of a protection file, assignment to an ongoing worker and a long term treatment plan for Pam and Michael.

Report Prepared By:

Carol Middleton

Norm Pantel, Social Worker Supervisor


Date: June 4, 1990

Region: Saskatoon