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Diane Ens/Kathy Ross e-mails Jan 22-Feb. 2, 2001

Subject: kathy ross here, michelle ross's twin sister and mike ross's sister
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 15:47:25 -0800
From: kathy ross
To: injusticebusters@xxxxx

hello, i am kathy ross, i am the twin sister to michelle ross and little sis
to mike ross. i have got ahold of mike and michelle last night though the
operator{we talked for 4 hours]. i am no longer apart of socIAL SERVICES NOR
AM I IN FOster care anymore. i do reside in BC, in xxxxxx,BC. i am living
with my boyfriend. i have been trying to get ahold of mike and michelle for
4 yrs now and social services stopped that. i am now keeping in very close
contact with them.i have no intentions of ever leaving the again, we are
talking about making a visit really soon like asap.i hope to hear from you
soon here is my email address.. xxxxxxxxxx

yours sincerley
kathy ross

p.s. mike and michelle have my phone # and address and i have theirs...
we are a family and are going to stick together from here on in.

Michelle's Kathy Page

Feb. 9th/2000

Dear Kathy,

Well this is a page i have dedicated just to you. The reason why i did this is so we can have more contact. This is easier then writing letters and waiting 4 days to get it.

So I hope this is ok for you. So how are you doing?? Me i am ok but i am busier then ever. I am busy trying to find an apartment. By march 2nd i will have my own place. Hopefully i will have my own phone. so when are you coming to see me?? I miss you very much and i hope you miss me too. I want you to know that even though we are not close, i still love you. I am also sorry about that time in Ranch Ehrlo when you came to see me and we went to the movies, i ran away. That was very irresponsibe of me.

I am slowly getting my life back on track. I am trying hard to quit drugs. The only drug i do is weed. But i want to quit so i can get my life back on track. I am currently putting the pieces of my past together. People tell me "oh michelle , forget about the past and get on with the future". But how is a person supposed to get on with future when there past is not dealt with yet?? On this page i will include pictures and other things i think you will like. i hope you like this page as much as i liked coming up with this idea.

These are pictures of us when we were small. now i will put some of me that are more up to date.

March 10, 2000

hi, kathy. Happy Birthday. I can't believe i am finally 18. Well I plan to move to Wynyard. It is a small town about 2 hours from Saskatoon. I have plans to work and go to school there. I hope we can see each other soon.I miss you so much. Don't ever forget that i love you too.

love, your sister. Michelle Mimi Ross

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2-Pac (Do you like him?)