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Michael Ross Recants. . .

January, 1999: Michael went to jail last fall for breaches of undertakings to stay a block away from the Delta Bessborough Hotel after he was caught breaking into lockers there. StarPhoenix reporter Dan Zakreski interviewed him and disclosed to inJusticebusters that Michael had told him that Dueck knew he was sexually assaulting everyone and his dog but chose to allow this to continue as long as he kept talking about adults who had "touched" him. Richard Klassen asked his legal counsel to visit Michael to verify the story. This visit not only verified what Zakreski had told us but produced a full recantation of all the allegations against the Klassens and Kvellos. He said that he was young and tired during the softroom interrogations and that Dueck and others hounded him until he said what they wanted to hear. (Full text of recantation)

Jan. 15, 1999: inJusticebusters left the following voicemail with Saskatoon Police Dept. Internal Investigations beause we could not get through to a real person:

Sgt. Brian DueckThis regards the crimes of Sgt. Brian Dueck. We have hard evidence that Sgt. Dueck manufactured evidence by coercing children to make false statements. The children were Michael, Kathy and Michelle Ross who were the star witnesses against Richard Klassen and other members of his family. Michael has recanted.We have further evidence that during the time Sgt. Dueck was preparing his child witnesses to tell lies, he was fully aware that Michael was regularly and routinely sexually assaulting Kathy. Michael was ten and Kathy was eight at the time. Richard Klassen and I have been trying to report this for almost four years. Others have also tried to report it. In 1994 members of Dueck's platoon arrested Richard Klassen, Rob Klassen and me and charged us with criminal defamation for which we were all detained and put through proceedings. This was an abuse of his office. Our allegation that Sgt. Brian Dueck and therapist Carol Bunko Ruys aided and abetted in the rape of an eight year old girl is true and we have evidence. Some previous complaints have been whitewashed by the Police Complaints Commission so don't bother sending this there again. Gary Treble from that office has also abused his power by helping to cover this up.

"The text of this voicemail will be published on our Internet website, A fuller account of Dueck's crimes is posted there. My name is Sheila Steele, my address is XXX-2nd Ave. S and my phone number is XXX-XXXX. Richard Klassen and I have always been prepared to cooperate with any serious investigation. The evidence we have is much more straightforward than what the U.S. Senate has on Bill Clinton."

Richard Klassen makes the following personal statement: I, Richard Allan Klassen, demand that justice be done right now. I want a full investigation into Sgt. Brian Dueck's role in setting me and my family up for false charges. I demand his immediate arrest and detainment. Meanwhile, if the proper authorities fail to act, injusticebusters will hold a full jury trial on the Internet. Sgt. Dueck will have adequate time to review his disclosure after we subpoena him to present himself on the Internet once we arrange a Court date. (Note: As it turned out, creating a trial on the net was beyond the scope of our talent, although trying to do it filled the hours of many cold winter nights. Fifteen months later our site caught the attention of a Fifth Estate producer and on November 29, 2000, the crimes of Dueck and the cover-up by his backers in the Dept. of Social Services and the Justice Department have been aired to the entire country. Nonetheless, Dueck has been promoted to the rank of Superintendent and his legal counsel has applied for a gag order to shut us all up. The application will be heard in Saskatoon Q.B. Courthouse Jan. 16, 2000 at 10 a.m. The public is welcome.)

Robert Mitchell

  • Friend of Sam Sambasivam,
  • Minister of Justice who stonewalled the Milgaard settlement as well as promoting himself as someone who was helping to save the province from horrors to large to speak about.
  • Refused to let the Ross children's grandparents know anything about what was happening while Dueck was preparing their lies.
  • Released the name of a young offender in the Martensville case.
  • Retired from politics during the winter of 1998 and was lauded as distinguished.
  • Has his eyes out for a plum position where integrity should be part of the character reference.