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Methadone deaths

Man faces methadone charge

Saskatoon police have charged a man with selling methadone to a 17-year-old youth who died of an overdose last summer.

Dave Ferris, 19, appeared in provincial court Monday charged with a single count of trafficking methadone, a narcotic prescribed to addicts as a replacement for heroine, morphine and other opiates. It can be fatal if taken by a non addict.

Ferris was remanded in custody pending a second court appearance today.

The 17-year-old died after taking a single dose of methadone.

In an interview with the StarPhoenix earlier this year, the boy's mother said he bought it from an addict on the methadone program who had been trusted by his doctor to carry the drug rather than taking it under daily supervision.

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Government info on methadone

Naltrexone Maintenance Therapy

Why is this not being made available? It is fast and promises counselling as part of the treatment. Methadone clinics also claim to provide counselling but in Saskatoon, at least, this is a cruel joke, shunting sick addicts from one paper-pusher to another, each one picking up a fee for having referred person somewhere else and the addict getting sicker. Almost all addicts in Saskatoon are in the revolving door of the Criminal Justice system. And how they are treated while incarcerated is another horror story!

A doctor involved in the Methadone program said the addict involved had his carrying privileges revoked for one month after the incident.

Now that a charge has been laid, perhaps that will make other addicts on the program think twice before they sell their medication," the boy's mother said Monday.

Police have been investigating the teen's death since last summer, but were waiting for toxicology reports to be completed.

Trafficking charge laid in methadone overdose

A 23 year old Saskatoon man has been charged with trafficking methadone in connection with the death of a local teen who died of an overdose earlier this year.

Eddie Khayfets was arrested Wednesday morning following a months-long investigation into the death of 18-year-old Marissa Guttormson, who was found dead in her room on January 13.

According to her friends, a man on the methadone program gave or sold some of the drug to her the night before, along with cocaine and Ritalin.

Methadone in any form can be lethal to people who are not on the methadone program because they have not built up a tolerance to the drug's effects under a doctor's care. It's also deadly when combined with alcohol.

Khayfets was released from custody Thursday and will return to court next month. Saskatoon police spokesperson Grant Little said officers are continuing their investigation.

March, 2003: Khayfets has not yet been to court.

June, 2003: Khayfets, after postponing his trial for many months, has negotiated a plea bargain whereby he will spend no time in closed custody.

City police informed injusticebusters that they believed they presented the Crown with enough evidence for a manslaughter charge. Saskatchewan Crown Prosecutor Linda Banks told injusticebusters that she decided not to proceed with the charge because of the damage it might do to Marissa's reputation. This is a lazy excuse. Many witnesses were ready to testify to Marissa's good character. She had a feature article in the StarPhoenix. Banks no doubt persuaded Marissa's mother it would be better to leave it alone -- better for Banks, that is.

Marlon Gidluck was on the methadone program when he committed the amazingly stupid crime which got him into the Saskatchewan Correctional where he contracted the flesh-eating disease.