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McDonald's spends over $1.8 billion a year broadcasting their glossy image to the world. Two of the main contracts they go after are sick children's hospitals and jails. It is in their interests to keep these institutions full! They found their perfect agent in 1990: A cop who wanted to jail innocent people by taking children to McDonald's to put junk in their heads as well their stomachs. inJusticebusters hope you will take time to cruise around the rest of our site and read the many other stories we have posted. But meanwhile, get into story reading mode as the bad policeman takes you through:

McDuecks: The Satire

We deserve a break today...

This is a story we have been telling for many years. Kind of like "once upon a time…" The whole story is here on this page, with clear links to other details you might want to know. We have put it in terms that even a child can understand. But we do not recommend this story for children. Our mission is to keep the children safe, from unscrupulous cops and bad food! - - - inJusticebusters

Brian Dueck

The perfect formula for getting sick kids to lie!

When a cop questions or interrogates a witness or an accused, he tells them that they speak without favour, promise or benefit as a result of making any statement. This is elementary [Watson]. Except when Corporal Brian Dueck takes the kids to sit under the big yellow arch, to fatten them up for the soft room! The children in this story had already been thoroughly confused and sickly sexualized at the McNeill clinic. Sgt. Dueck took these little experimental rats to McDonald's before getting them to tell their lies on camera in the Saskatoon Police Station "softroom" (shown below). He took at least half a dozen children there, that we know about! How many more did he feed big macs who didn't pass the Dueck Lie Manufacturing test? When he asked them if they knew the difference between the truth and a lie, how did he coach them to answer that question?

Sgt. Brian Dueck has built and advanced his career on lies. McDonald's is the perfect setting for him! To be a really good liar, after mastering the basics of creating the lie, next take your victims to a place where the colours make them jittery and more susceptible to brainwashing. It helps if you know your victims have severe psychological problems. Pump them up with hormonally treated meat! Then ask smarmy questions about sex with their mother! If they don't get the answer right the first time, tell them they won't get any hot apple pie! Slip some extra salt on the fries so they'll retain water and get a little anxious. Viola! The perfect combination for the first stop on the Lie Manufacturing Assembly Line!

Please email the Saskatoon City Police nudge them again to charge him!

Next Stop: Soft Room

From McDonald's we go to the next stop on the lie-making assembly line: the infamous "softroom" where the toys have private parts! What fun it must have been to suck back a large drink and gobble down a cheeseburger and fries after storytelling at the police station with special dolls and knives! But the best part must have been to have the big policeman tell them how brave they were to make up stories! Barbecuing babies? Yes, we believe you! Eyeball soup? We know children don't lie! And to be told it is okay to swear and say dirty words! Dueck seemed to have got some kind of thrill out of this himself!

These days Dueck can be regularly found having coffee at David's on Circle Drive.

The money connection . . .

We know Sask Justice has a contract with McDonald's to provide all the meals for the RCMP lock-up in Saskatoon and an exclusive contract for the Saskatoon City buckets.

People held in these cells may go for days without seeing so much as a shred of lettuce. The greasy, inadequate meals are part of the punishment!

Do they get their contracts by giving Dueck and the children whose minds he is molesting free burgers and shakes?

And then does Dueck put in a good word for them with the food contract makers? Probably not. McDonald's has contracts with jails all over the world!

How many burgers does Dueck eat every day anyhow? Is there a link between eating at McDonald's and developing a sick and dishonest mind?

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

The clear connection between McDonald's and the Softroom

If you have been following this story, you will know that Dale and Anita Klassen, the original foster parents of the three Black children, insisted that Michael be removed from their home for the safety of their own children and Michael's sisters. Michael was then placed in the Thompson home in Warman where Mrs. Thompson was told to take extensive notes of Michael's antics. These notes, along with her testimony at the trial of Michael's mother, father and step-father, reveal that Michael twice tried to injure or kill Mr. Thompson, that he assaulted their daughter and that he required a worker's aid to accompany him to school to watch him every minute. After a few trips to McDonald's, Michael got the hang of telling Dueck the twisted stories he wanted to hear. He then told Dueck, Bunko-Ruys and/or the Thompson's he feared his sisters were being abused by the Klassens and wanted them brought to live with him!

Social Services did what Michael asked Dueck to have them do! Once his sisters were back in Michael's clutches, the vicious attacks on Mary and Julie resumed in earnest. Michelle was also attacked but she became Michael's accomplice in the more brutal attacks on Kathy. Kathy asked Dueck for help,McDueck in the videotaped interviews in the softroom, and he brushed her request aside, urging her to get on with making up her stories with the promise of a trip to McDonald's as her reward! Michael remained with his sisters in the Thompson house for more than a year after the Court proceedings. He was removed only after Richard Klassen and John Lucas, after trying to talk sense into everyone concerned, finally threatened to make the story public to everyone in Warman. It should be pointed out that the SPCA, who were called to investigate Michael's sexual attacks on the Thompson dog, Pansy, acted more quickly than Saskatchewan Social Services. (The dog had to be destroyed.) Everyone responsible, from Justice Minister Bob Mitchell, Head of Public Prosecutions Richard Quinney all the way down the food chain was fully aware of the details of this situation!

John Lucas, Johanna Lucas, Richard Klassen, Rob Klassen and Sheila Steele were all charged with criminal defamation against Dueck for making the truth public.

Rather than own up to their terrible mistakes, Saskatchewan Justice officials have done everything in their power to keep this story secret, including the enlistment of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Canada in their attempts to keep softroom evidence tapes secret from the public.

Rant by Sheila Steele

How dare Dueck and Bunko-Ruys feed children junk food and talk to them about sex, twisting innocent words like "touching" into grotesque innuendo! How dare Dueck badger children to telling lies promising them a trip to McDonald's if they tell just a few more! How dare this man wear a badge! How dare he give Michael access to his sisters when the boy had shown himself to be so twisted!

This brazen bully has been promoted to Superintendent since this page went up. Furthermore he has been exposed in Court as having used "Rambo" tactics against a citizen, threatening to have the Hells Angels attack the man's family if he did not submit to a lie detector test. Saskatoon Police Chief Dave Scott has stood by his rogue officer. As of this writing (November 18, 2000) they have not yet been brought to justice.

inJusticebusters has evidence that Dueck used promises of trips to McDonald's to bribe children to tell lies. Dueck poisons children's minds.

Ronald McDonald and Sgt. Brian Dueck aided and abetted in criminally corrupting the minds and bodies of children in Saskatoon during October, 1990.

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Science teacher gets surprising results from McDonald's diet.

Fair comment and free speech

This page is intended to bring to public attention the criminal actions of Sgt. Brian Dueck and other officers of the Saskatchewan Court. McDonald's role in all of this, intentional or otherwise, is exactly as we state it. inJusticebusters is committed to the truth and full public disclosure. Any symbols or references we use drive this story and are fair comment. The Recess graphics were taken from the McDonald's site, and Disney products are among the promo gimmicks McDonald's uses to "persuade" children to bring their parents to the golden arches. There is nothing innocent in these greedy promotion grabs! McDonald's is a disingenuous corporation. It monopolises food markets (jails, hospitals, schools, major ballparks like Skydome) and then offers a limited choice from a menu made of food that is super-refined, full of dangerous chemicals and "special ingredients" to make the unsatisfied stomach crave something more wholesome. But of course, all that is available is more of the same. McDonald's conducts secret experiments on unsuspecting populations. For example they tried out their fishburger on Saskatchewan Native populations and selected groups in Japan before it was put on the general menu. McDonald's spends billions on advertising, public relations and supressing employee's spirits and paycheques! It embodies the attitude of Sgt. Brian Dueck and has the power to enforce its manipulative power globally! Make no mistake, when we accuse the cartoon of Ronald McDonald, we are accusing his creators and owners who are vicariously responsible for his propoganda! Explore the subject of free speech and artistic expression. Freedom does not extend to cops using fuzzy trademarked cartoons and dolls to trick children!

The graphics from McSpotlight are used in the spirit of solidarity and satire. The McLibel people have become insular about communicating with others who try to hold McDonald's and others accountable, going so far as to offer awards for webmasters trying to get a link from their site. Pity. We are not lemmings scrambling for recognition from either McSpotlight or Greenpeace. We have had these beefs with McD's since before many of these folks were born! The support we want for this campaign is for as many people as possible to email the Saskatoon City Police and ask them again to charge Sgt. Brian Dueck! Send a copy to us! Any other creative suggestion are welcome! Oh. Don't forget to send this page to a friend!
- - Sheila Steele