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Janet Matkowski Report

inJusticebusters publish this report as an example of the bad investigation done by Dueck and Social Services,

Until this fall, we did not even know this report existed. Social Services files all over the country contain files with unsubstantiated allegations such as are contained in this report. Such reports have been and are still being used to smear innocent people, to deny them custody of children, and for other purposes. There might be such a file on you, which you will discover only when you apply for a job, or want to adopt a child. These wich hunting files have already caused untold havoc in the lives of many people and it is our intention to put an end to this!

Foster Home investigation Report

Foster Home : Pam Klassen
218 Avenue S South
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Persons most frequently referred to in the report:

Name: male foster child 83/07/15
Foster Child

Pam Klassen
Foster Parent

Cpl. Brian Dueck
Investigating police officer

W and C H
Adoptive Parents

Complaint: Possible sexual abuse in Pam Klassen's foster home.
Interviews and consultation:
April 15, 1991:

1. male foster child was interviewed by Cpl. Brian Dueck and social worker, Janet Matkowski.

During the interview male foster child disclosed the following:

While at the Klassen residence he was struck with belts by "old grandpa Klassen" (Peter Klassen). He stated he was strapped on the back. He also stated on at least two occasions grandpa touched him in his private areas. He stated all the touching was done in his room. Grandpa touched him with his hands after he had taken his clothes off. On all occasions grandpa tried to get male foster child to touch his private parts but he refused. At points during the interview male foster child stated that that they " all touched them in their rooms". They he referred to was Rick Klassen, Grandpa Klassen and Pam Klassen. More specifically he stated that Pam had a " touching problem, she touched me". He also stated that other children in the home also told him that Pam had a touching problem. male foster child also stated that he observed "uncle Rick" (Rick Klassen) touching Jackie Klassen, Dale and Anita's daughter. Lastly, male foster child stated that all the children that stayed at Pam Klassen's residence were touched. He also indicated that he was touched sexually by another little boy who was also residing there.

This boy was identified as Michael Ross. According to male foster child, Michael wet the bed and blamed male foster child for doing so. When Grandpa found this out he made Michael pee on male foster child's head.

During periods of the interview, male foster child would cover his face, stated he was ashamed or embarrassed, and pace the room.

2. Consultation with CPL. Dueck, Wayne and Carol Heinrichs.

male foster child was officially adopted by the Heinrichs. They presently reside in Dalmeny, Saskatchewan. His natural sister, female foster child Morin, also resides in their home. Wayne and Carol both stated that they had received similar disclosures from male foster child. They also stated that they suspect female foster child has been touching male foster child. They have a safety in place in their home. Requests were made for the Heinrichs to take both female foster child and male foster child to be medically examined. The medical reports are on file.

ASSESSMENT: As a result of the disclosure, we can state that male foster child has been sexually abused by both Peter and Pam Klassen.


Janet Matkowski

Janet Matkowski
Social Worker


July 10, 1991


All the foster children involved in this investigation were interviewed by City Police Office, Cpl. Brian Dueck. Also involved in the interviews were private therapist Carol Bunko and Judy Hjertaas and social workers, Janet Matkowski and Liz Newton. There was approximately 14 hours of taped interviews.

Disclosures include descriptions of group and individual sexual acts, ritual abuse (example: sacrifice of at least one baby which included the children participants eating baby parts, mutation of animals and there ultimate sacrifice. There was also disclosures of blood-letting and drinking of blood, animal and human). At least three of the children disclosed that they had knives inserted into their vaginas as well as their anuses.

Sexual acts including sexual fondling of the genitals as well as vaginal and anal penetration. Some of the children revealed that they were also held in bondage as well as kept confined in small, dark spaces. All revealed that they were forced to perform sexual acts on adults in group settings as well as individually.

All the children received medical examinations. On three of the children examined, the physician concluded that they had definitely been sexually abused and that the abuse had occurred recently.

As a result of the initial disclosures, all foster children were apprehended from the Klassen and Kvello foster homes. Disclosures were not received from the natural children of Dale and Anita Klassen. See enclosed reports.

In the last month, Cpl. Brian Dueck and Cpl. Jim Walker interviewed the adult members of the Klassen family as well as the Ross's natural parent, Helen Ross and step-father, Don White. Several members of the Klassen family now reside in Red Deer, Alberta. Cooperation was received from the Department of Social Services in Red Deer.

Seventy-two charges were prepared and approved by prosecutors, Matt Miazga and Sonya Hanson. These two individuals will be prosecuting the entire case. On this date, July 10, 1991, the Klassen and Kvello family in Saskatoon will be arrested. Simultaneously, the families in Red Deer will also be arrested and charged. All remaining children in these homes will be apprehended.


Michael Ross born 79/01/18 In home: 87/02/13 - 89/12/12 Michelle 81/03/04 87/02/13 - 90/05/29 Kathy 81/03/04 87/02/13 - 90/05/29

Foster home of Dale and Anita Klassen

Summary of Investigation Klassen Continued. . .


Stephen Mayes born 82/07/19 In home: 88/09/27 - 90/10/16 Shannivea 85/05/09 88/09/27 - 90/10/16 Sarde 86/05/21 88/09/27 - 90/10/16

Foster home of Dennis and Diane Kvello

female foster child born 79/12/07 In home: 84/05/11 - 90/05/29 male foster child 83/07/15 84/11/05 - 88/04/27 Ashley Sherman 86/06/05 86/06/16 - 90/05/29

Foster home of Pam Klassen



Diane and Dennis Kvello - approved as foster parent's 88/03/24. (Diane is sister to Anita Klassen).

Pam Klassen - approved as foster home 83/02/01.

Peter Jr. (Dale) and Anita Klassen were foster home. File destroyed prior to 1983.


Richard and Kari Klassen - Red Deer, Alberta.

John and Myrna Klassen - Red Deer, Alberta.



July 10,1991