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Open Letter to Michael

It is important to remember that Michael Ross was given a licence by the province, Sgt. Brian Dueck and Social Services to carry on his raping of his sisters for 43 months while they knew it was going on. Michael's weaknesses were exploited while the Crown and Brian Dueck tried to build a case against his parents and foster parents.

It must have seemed to Michael that having access to his sisters was his reward for making up the stories and coaching them to back him up. At the age of 20, Michael realized that the terrible things he did were not entirely his own fault. He set about to make things right. Some of his correspondence with inJusticebusters was part of that process. Michael is not proud of the acts he committed between the ages of ten and fourteen. But he realizes that he cannot live with the threat of being "exposed" by Dueck or Diane Ens or the minister of justice hanging over his head for the rest of his life.

On November 19, 2000, the whole country saw Michael on the fifth estate admitting to his actions and apologizing to those he had wronged.

October 24, 1999

Dear Michael

Earlier this month, inJusticebusters received a letter which you wrote as a "concerned citizen." Mr. Jack Fehr e-mailed us later to assure us that although the letter had come from his computer, he was not the writer. He told John Lucas that a judge has ordered that you not have access to computers. You should know that this is a violation of your rights as a Canadian citizen. We think that the Internet can be a wonderful tool for learning the truth and if anyone needs to understand the truth, it is you!

Brian Dueck

You seem to be very confused, Michael. First, you sign an affidavit saying no one in the Klassen or Kvello family ever abused you as you had told Brian Dueck and Carol Bunko-Ruys in the soft room tapes. Now you are sending us e-mail claiming that these families are dangerous sex abusers. We know that you are a pathological liar and we understand some of the reasons why. You were a child when Carol Bunko-Ruys and Sgt. Dueck first encouraged you to tell your lies. Your rewards for lying -- or making up stories, as they say --went far beyond trips to McDonalds!

You actually persuaded adults to bring your sisters to the Thompson home where you could overpower them with rape, sodomy and torture. The adults rewarded you further when your sisters repeated versions of your lies -- stories. You went to Court and had judges and social workers tell you how brave you were/ And when the whole case fell apart because your stories had become too unbelievable and your behavior was out of control, it wasn't your fault! You were only ten. And when Kathy tried to have you stopped, her concerns were brushed aside!

Nonetheless, you were allowed access to your sisters for another two or three years! That was not your fault, either.

These adults made you into the dangerous person you have become.

You are very dangerous Michael, because you were allowed to get away with criminal actions and never learned right from wrong. We think it will be difficult for you to ever learn to be a truthful person who cares about others. Your appetites were allowed to run out of control and instead of teaching you how to be a responsible person, you were rewarded for your excessive behavior. Adults who are officers of the court and have taken solemn oaths to uphold the truth praised you for telling lies and withheld praise when your lies weren't good enough. For instance when you were attacking children in Warman school, Social Services hired people to accompany you to school and failed to inform the people who had children in that school that they were in danger. When it became clear to your foster mother that you were attacking children in the school, she wrote up her notes for Sgt. Dueck. This police officer did not take steps to protect the children of Warman school but instead used this evidence of your confused and dangerous behavior to pad his case against your former foster parents and their extended foster family, many of whom hardly knew you!

The people who broke you refuse to fix you. That is why we have you posted as a dangerous sex offender. We feel the public has a right to know you are among us.

The people who created you have now abandoned you and you have been reduced to finding sugar daddies, turning the occasional trick and engaging in petty crime to stay alive. You tried to strangle your sister Michelle because she refused to "put the past behind her" and continues to seek the truth about her life and what happened to her. The police did not take her complaint very seriously, so once again you are receiving the message that you can do more or less what you want and there are no reprisals.

You brag about having a legal case, but you seem to think that case relies on preserving the lies Dueck and Bunko-Ruys encouraged you to tell You do have a case, Michael, but it is grounded in the truth. The truth is that officers of the court committed crimes against you by failing to get you the help you needed , encouraged you to tell lies and approved of you raping your sisters. Many officers of the court are continuing to mistreat you by restricting your activities, withholding money from you and keeping you in a perpetual state of fear. Many of them fear the truth and fear it they should! They were adults acting out of greed and malice. You have nothing to fear from the truth. You were a child who didn't know any better.

You have started coming around the place where I live. I understand that you are curious and now you have seen me and loudly expressed your hatred of me to anyone who will listen. You have also attacked your sister on these premises! I want you to stay away from here and if you do not, I will get a restraining order against you. I believe you will continue to be a danger to me and to society in general as long as you remain delusional. You will require a therapist far more skilled than Bunko-Ruys or any other Adlerians to find mental health and stability!

You are entitled to the best therapy available. You have legal claims which, with a good lawyer, could win astonishing sums in court. We hope you find your way to meaningful help.


Sheila Steele for

P.S. We have no problem with you sending us e-mail. Just sign your name!

Brian Dueck bribed his witnesses with trips to McDonald's according to June 19 StarPhoenix

Child witness's life is now in danger

Dan Zakreski's two-page follow-up to "Scandal of the Century feared" story from July, 1991, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix June 19 feature "Lies and Shattered Lives" protects the names of the charged adults and the children, but Brian Dueck, therapist Carol Bunko-Ruys, Richard Quinney are all named. The child referred to as "Mary Black" recently told inJusticebusters that the information on the website is all true, especially the McDueck's page (which was created as a satire). Since the StarPhoenix article appeared, she has reported that Michael is angry and that he still manipulates her.

The story is placed in the context of "Satanic Panic" which, according to Bruce Robinson from Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, passed through most of North America ten years ago, leaving only "Utah, the southernmost states in the U.S., Saskatchewan and Alberta" in its grip.

The article mistakenly states "the controversial Internet website" is run by Sheila Steele and John Lucas when in fact it is owned by Steele and Richard Klassen, one of the falsely accused and the target of persistent and vicious harassment by Sgt. Dueck from the day he first became involved in the case. (The harassment included accusations against Klassen solicited by Dueck from convicted murderer Beryl Stonechild.)

Dan Zakreski's feature also raises questions about Martensville.

The SP feature tells more of the story than has been previously told by the "old" media. It touches upon the criminal defamation cases which arose from this case and which the paper covered erraticly at the time. We were told that Donella Hoffman wrote a feature at least three years ago and the editors killed it. This would be an interesting piece to see now!

Sgt. Dueck helped/took part in the rape, sodomy and torture of an 8 year old girl. By reducing violent acts to a "touching problem" when the victim reported them to this policeman, Dueck demonstrated that he was incompetent to deal with the investigation. Johanna Lucas carried a sign which said that Dueck should get help for his touching problem, an ironic comment about a cop who used the English language to trick his targetted witnesses and victims. She served a year and a half jail term for carrying the sign.

Premier Roy Romanow and then justice minister Robert Mitchell knew that every single charge in both the Foster Parent and Martensville cases was false but did nothing to stop the trials and have continued to promote the idea that this is a righteous government which owes not so much as an apology to the people whose lives they ruined.