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Anatomy of a Justice System gone terribly, dreadfully astray

Take a look at the disgraceful Statement as to documents provided by civil servant Don McKillop on behalf of Miazga, Hansen and Quinney.

Nowhere in the Rules of Court does it state crimes can be kept secret because they are in boxes of discovery!

Publicity update

January 13, 2002: It is one year since criminally-minded Superintendent Brian Dueck applied for -- and got! -- a gag order against defendant Richard Klassen and the court placed a $1240 sanction against him. During this year we have learned a good deal more about why this lawsuit really never got off the ground, never mind being stalled for the last seven years.

We also learned a lot more about Ed Holgate's role in betraying us and we have grieved the loss of what we thought was a friendship. Betrayal always cuts deep and we are still going through that, as well as coming around to the seventh anniversary of Marie Klassen's death. She was the first plaintiff in this suit to die. Dennis Kvello was the second. We stated on the internet more than three years ago that part of the defendants' strategy would be the attrition of the plaintiffs. That would seem to be borne out but there is much more.

Scattered about this site are references to our concern that Holgate failed to put in an affidavit for Richard Klassen last January 16 where Klassen could clearly answer the accusations of the other side. Holgate didn't do it and assured Klassen repeatedly that "they didn't need to do it." The judge was faced with a stack of printed material taken from this website which Barry Rossman assured the judge contained evidence that we had published disclosure material. It didn't and we hadn't but given the charge was not answered, Richard Klassen lost much at that hearing.

In July Holgate told Richard that he had "found" a stack of discovery material which he had "forgotten about." Turns out he had had it since 1995. We fought very hard to get that material and it took months. Holgate claimed he had an obligation to follow instructions given to him by Greg Walen that not so much as a photocopy should ever leave his office.

At the end of August, Richard Klassen and his family moved back to Saskatchewan from Manitoba. On November 7, Richard Klassen and Ed Holgate ended their relationship as client and solicitor and Richard Klassen set about to get the lawsuit moving.

He began by arranging to see documents which were in the Regina office of McKillop. Holgate had already made the trip to Regina in 1995 and had reported that there was "nothing there that we don't already have."

Ross, Ross and White documents

Holgate was wrong. The disclosure material held by McKillop for the prosecutorial defendants and Gerrand for Dueck included a whole arsenal of smoking guns: evidence that they all knew that Michael was raping his sisters while the trials were going on, evidence that they knew every single accused was innocent of every single charge based on "evidence" of the Ross children, evidence that media had made promises to keep the lid on the thing, evidence they knew that what they were doing was wrong. There is evidence that Bruce Bauer and Leslie Sullivan, the prosecutors of the Martensville cases were very much "in the loop." There is evidence that they planned to pursue more such cases.

Think about it.

The "Scandal of the Century case" was disposed of and then they went ahead with the Martensville case which turned out to be the most expensive trial so far in Saskatchewan.

Carol Bunko, Anita Grosse, Liz Newton, Collin Clay, Brian Dueck, Matt Miazga, Sonja Hansen, Richard Quinney, Chris Axworthy, Bob Mitchell and Roy Romanow ALL knew enough about what the others were doing to know that they were ruining the lives of innocent people and endangering the lives of Michelle and Kathy Ross in order to further their own and each other's careers. They carefully chose Lyle and Marilyn Thompson, a pair of religious nuts in financial trouble to certify as a "special needs" foster home.

Every scrap of paper the defendants are claiming is discovery material which is protected under the civil rules of court is in fact disclosure material which should have been given to the accused in the Ross Ross and White and Klassen Kvello trials under the rules established by Stinchcombe. We now know that counsel for Ross Ross and White requested such material.

All of this material should have been given to all of the accused. Instead what material was given to whom was carefully tailored to pit one side against the other. Counsel for Ross, Ross and White were led to believe that some member of the Klassen Kvello family was responsible and the Klassen Kvellos were led to believe the birth parents and Don White were guilty. They played this card to the point of enticing Dale and Anita Klassen to Saskatoon to spend a night at the Bessborough Hotel and have a session which can only be called brainwashing: Before Anita met with Matt Miazga she believed the children had not been sexually assaulted by their natural parents; after the meeting she had changed her belief and provided the Crown with testimony found by the Supreme Court to be the only credible testimony against Ross Ross and White at the trials.

Fortunately it was not enough to hold the conviction but the SCC overturning of the convictions did not happen until the Martensville trials were finished.

Peter Klassen spent four years in prison, Michelle and Kathy Ross were systematically raped, sodomized and tortured for 43 months in the Thompson home, Helen Ross spent several weeks in Pine Grove correctional facility for women, as a direct consequence of the wrongful prosecutions. John Lucas spent several months in jail and Sheila Steele, Richard Klassen and Rob Klassen were detained and denied their civil rights to free speech and assembly for several years as a consequence of trying to bring the facts of this case to public attention.

Among members of the legal community and "educated" people in Saskatchewan there has been a disinformation campaign against those seeking justice in these matters that would do Nixonian America proud.

What we have here is stronger than the evidence in Watergate. This is an ugly scandal spilling into two centuries. The bitter taste will not soon go away, especially since there are hundreds of unjust family court decisions arrived at through similar processes and with the same prosecutors, or ones trained by them.

And then, of course, there is the Saskatoon Police Service.

Martensville remains the most expensive trial the Saskatchewan (in)Justice system has put the Saskatchewan people through. The Foster Parent case, from which this claim arises must come close, though. If it goes to trial in September, and lasts for two months as scheduled, it will surely cost more. It probably already has, in fact. Social Services has picked up the tab for a fair bit of this case -- consider Carol Bunko Ruys' sessions with the children and the cheques issued to the Thompson family (around $1,800 per month per child) over the six years their home was qualified as a "special needs" facility.

We could also add in Brian Dueck's salary and benefits. He was a corporal when he broke this case and he has now risen to ranking superintendent in the Saskatoon Police Service. His salary is well above $120,000, probably closer to $150,000. When he retires, he will live out his days in the lap of luxury, smug and safe from prosecution -- unless he is stopped and charged now for his crimes against Canadian citizens.