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"Tell a big enough lie often enough and people will believe it's true."
-- Joseph Goebbels, Third Reich Minister of Enlightenment and Propaganda

The defendant Prosecutors' Statement as to Documents which theoretically describes this mess.

What happened when Richard Klassen drove to Regina to get the box of documents McKillop had phoned that he'd just found . . .

January 28, 2002, 10 a.m.

Present: Don McKillop, solicitor for prosecutors in QB 271, Richard Klassen, plaintiff acting for himself, Angela Geworsky (who Richard had previously obtained agreement from McKillop to accompany him to help sort through the documents.)

Don McKillop: I think that we need to sit down and discuss a few things before I show you any more documents. I have a bit of a problem showing you documents if you are going to be giving them to other people. I would like you to take a look at a fax that I received just this morning. Can you read that and tell me if you are aware of that, or if you have seen that before? (letter dated January 27/02)

Richard Klassen: Yes I am, I received a copy of that last night.

Don McKillop: You are aware that you have an order stating that you cannot do this Richard, why would you be doing this?

Richard Klassen: Well, if I see that there were crimes committed, I will reveal them to anyone who will look at them.

Don McKillop: I can't show you any more if this is what you are going to do. Then I am being a part of this. You should take this matter to court and it could be decided there. You can't be distributing documents from this civil suit.

Richard Klassen: I am not simply distributing documents Don. A civil suit does not restrict someone from revealing crimes. Everyone can see the crimes that have been committed here, the public, media, prosecutors, lawyers. They had no reasonable and probable grounds to charge us in the first place, but this isn't about what they have done to us, or the money, this is about what happened to those two little girls. I don't know if you have children Don, but I do, and what happened to those kids is a crime. Someone is going to pay for what happened.

Don McKillop: I thought this wasn't about the money?

Richard Klassen: ACCOUNTABILITY for crimes Don. They committed crimes.

Don McKillop: Oh Yeah, I guess that would count. Well Richard, let me tell you something. You will never win in court, you just won't.

Richard Klassen: Well Don, you know that the Fifth Estate just aired another show, and the e-mails that we are getting with public support are overwhelming, and I know that the politicians are getting e-mail about this, and Chris Axworthy, the police, because we are getting copies of those.

Don McKillop: You know where I stand with this, and let me tell you that you stand a better chance bothering the politicians till they pay you to go away, than you would taking this to court?

Richard Klassen: Everyone that was involved knew what was happening to them (the Ross twins) and did nothing to stop it. It's sick Don, those people are sick, they make me sick. How can you defend sick people that would allow little girls to be raped? Maybe you don't care about kids!

Don McKillop: Don't you put words into my mouth Mr. Klassen. Don't tell me what I care about.

Richard Klassen: (stands up) Don't you yell at me Mr. McKillop, you are defending the very people that allowed this to happen to those girls. Don't you get it? These are CRIMES.

Don McKillop: Sit down Mr. Klassen, sit down. I am not here to debate this with you Richard. Tell me then, if this is what you have found then why have you not taken this to the police, why haven't you had charges laid?

Richard Klassen: (Laughs) do you actually think that anyone will be charged for this in Saskatchewan. I have taken it to the police before. Now I am taking it to the public. I am meeting with the Star Phoenix today.

Don McKillop: (snickers) what are you going to do, get the Star Phoenix to charge?

Richard Klassen: People are listening, and I will tell whoever will listen. Dueck is sick, it's just plain sick how can you defend these people. Are they your buddies?

Don McKillop: Why would you call him my buddy? I am not defending Dueck.

Richard Klassen: Yeah, well you are defending Miazga, he put in his own handwriting about those girls being raped, "continue to screw each other" Carol Bunko-Ruys knew, Kathy even told her that she had lied about everyone else back in 1993. She covered it up, you're defending Carol aren't you?

Don McKillop: You don't have a case Richard. This all has nothing to do with your lawsuit.

Richard Klassen: It has everything to do with malicious prosecution. Judges are recognizing malicious prosecution. But you probably think that we did it, you probably think that we are guilty.

Don McKillop: Well Richard, you were never convicted in court so by those means you would not be guilty. But I don't know if you did it or not, I would suppose you didn't, but I don't know.

Richard Klassen: (laughs) that's all right Don, we have all the evidence we need, we have DNA evidence, the kids are our DNA evidence, and it can't get any better than that. Have you ever read any of this stuff? I suggest you look at the evidence against us: there was none. Read what you have Don. Read what is, your case! I am not discouraged about going to court; we are going to have to face off with a judge sooner or later, may as well be sooner.

Don McKillop: You broke the judge's order Richard, why didn't you deal with this when you were in court last time?

Richard Klassen: You say that there are no crimes here. We never had this material last time I was in court. And what about disclosure? We have NEVER had these documents, we had never seen them. I take it that you don't believe in Stinchcombe, never mind that we didn't go to trial, we were five days away and all we had amounted to about a two-inch thick stack as compared to six boxes that there are now. You tell me Don.

Don McKillop: You could have dealt with this issue last time Richard.

Richard Klassen: We didn't KNOW this material even existed Don, that's the whole point! ACCOUNTABILITY, I want accountability, and I deserve compensation. This isn't just about the money this is about those girls, but I do deserve compensation. I have put everything that I have into this case.

Don McKillop: Well, I know that you want your day in court, and you will get it. If you win Richard, you would get punitive damages of course. So that is where we will have to go from here.

Richard Klassen: I will continue to reveal these crimes as I find them Don.

Don McKillop: Well you are breaking the order, that is contempt of court!

Richard Klassen; Well then, throw me in jail, make a martyr out of me. I am not going to stand by and allow this crime to go uncovered. I take it then that you are denying me the right to view the documents.

Don McKillop: That's right Richard; unless you can assure me that you will not be giving them out.

Richard Klassen: I could assure you that I would not show anyone anything, if I don't find any crimes to show.

Don McKillop: Well then we will have to deal with this in court.

Rick: All right then Don, Thank you.