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To remain silent in the face of great social evil is to be an accessory to injustice
--Abraham Joshua Heschel

What happened to me [Sheila Steele]

Sheila SteeleOn August 11, 1993 my home was raided and I was arrested and held for 48 hours. A few weeks earlier, my home had been the object of a break and enter where electronic equipment and the tops of half a dozen marijuana plants were stolen.

I later learned, through disclosure, that young offenders had broken into my house, under protection of police, to confirm the rantings of a former friend who wished to do me harm.

I have not had time to place on line the documents of how my life was ruined by these over-zealous cops. As the world wide drug war heats up, with marijuana being targetted, I feel it important to yell my story from the trenches of the drug war.

Almost ten years later, cocaine and morphine are as cheap as grass and the neighbourhood in which I live is a desperate community of youthful drop-outs and throw-aways who drop their condoms, needles and broken glass in the gutters and break into people's homes regularly. Superintendent Dueck is the ranking officer in charge.

Grounds for a dirty warrant


1) I am a member of the Saskatoon City Police, presently assigned to the Drug Section and have personal knowledge of the facts and matters herein deposed to except where stated to be otherwise and where so stated do verily believe the same to be true.

2) I am presently involved in an investigation into the activities of SHEILA STEELE concerning violations of Section 6 (1) of the Narcotics Control Act and in such capacity have access to and have received files and reports of other members of this police force who have been involved in this investigation and that the information received from them and referred to herein is based upon these files and reports and/or personal conversations with them.

3) I believe that there is presently the above-noted narcotic located at the above location, and my basis for this belief is as follows:

4) On June 7, 1993 I spoke to a confidential source, whom I believe to be truthful, who stated that for the past six months, an unknown woman owns and/or rents at least one house that has a hydroponic marijuana grow in it and that she pays other people to tend the plants for her.

This woman was renovating the basement of a house for a grow.

Source said her middle man was a male cab driver with a prior drug record.

5) On July 27, 1993 I again spoke to this confidential source who advised me that the woman involved was a SHEILA STEELE living on 26th Street West in Saskatoon, Sask. and that she is an associate English professor at the University of Sask.

Source also stated that STEELE has a male friend ZAK (last name unknown) who is also involved in the operation.

6) A check of Saskatoon Police Service local records shows a SHEILA ROSE STEELE (also known as JONES) (DOB: 43-01-24; FPS: 973072A) living at 216 26th Street West, Saskatoon.

STEELE has a son MARLON GIDLUCK (DOB: 79-02-16) who appears on local records as living at both 216 26th Street West and also at 217 26th Street West, Saskatoon (the residence of BARRY GIDLUCK - DOB: 47-12-04). He is a cab driver who received a criminal record pardon in June, 1991.

7) City Hall utility check shows S. STEELE as the owner of 216 26th Street West, Saskatoon, since 1973 with a phone number there of 652-7833. Over the past year, the average electrical consumption is $164.57 per month, which when compared to other similar sized houses in the area is three times higher. Such large readings are consistent with equipment (such as grow lights and ballasts) used in hydroponic operations.

8) A 1988 black Mazda. lic. CJD313 parked at the rear of 216 26th Street West, Saskatoon is registered to SHEILA STEELE at that address.

9) Cst. Wylie advised me that on August 10, 1993 he spoke to a confidential and reliable source (separate from the source mentioned in paragraphs 4 and 5) who has provided accurate drug information in the past toCst. Wylie and who stated:

A female who teaches English at the University of Saskatchewan is living in 216 26th Street West, Saskatoon and is growing marihuana in the basement of that residence.

10) The source has not personally seen the plants but has (sic) told of it by a close and trusted friend who did see the grow. Approx. 5 weeks ago this friend was involved with several other p[ersons in a break, enter and theft to the residence of 216 26th Street West, Saskatoon. While in the house these persons observed numerous marihuana plants - approx. 8" to 10" tall growing in the basement. When a neighbour caught them committing the break and enter, they warned STEELE not to report it to the police or they would tell about her hydroponic set-up (to date no such break and enter has been reported).

The friend also advised the source that the plants would be ready to harvest approx. 45 days after the date of the break and enter. The friend stated that the plan was to steal the plants and all the equipment - at gunpoint if necessary - before the marihuana was harvested within the next two weeks. The friend went on to say that he and his associates were doing surveillance on the residence to determine STEELE's habits.

Wherefore the Informant prays that a search warrant may be granted to search the dwelling house for the said narcotic.

SWORN BEFORE ME this 11th day of August, A.D. 1993, at the City of Saskatoon, in the Province of Saskatchewan. (signed)#1204 A Justice of the Peace for the Province of Saskatchewan.

Signature of Informant: Cst. Sandra Maxwell.

cab driver: He drove a cab for one day in the 80s

three times higher: simply not true

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