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The Klassen story

Breaking through to the public

Global TV weighs in

Jan. 15, 2001 The StarPhoenix published misinformation that Saskatoon Police Service Superintendent Brian Dueck and the City of Saskatoon had a beef with inJusticebusters for publishing material obtained through discovery in the civil trial process. Reporter Les Perreaux had published this information in good faith after talking to StarPhoenix lawyers. Perreaux was quick to correct the mistake.

Theresa Dust

Global TV took its cue from the StarPhoenix and decided this was a story it should cover, especially since there was the possibility someone might go to jail. So they interviewed Theresa Dust (left), the boss of Barry Rossman who represents Superintendent Dueck and let her run with the lie put forward in their brief for the Jan 16 court hearing where they allege injusticebusters has improperly published discovery material. She knows this is not true.

Theresa Dust and Barry Rossman also know that it is not true that injusticebusters selectively published information from the original 1991 disclosure material which shades the truth. Throughout the brief they refer to Richard Klassen as a dangerous person and claim that we neglected to mention Dueck questioning him about his father and about an incident involving Hugh Beck, formerly Hugh Stonechild who was brutally murdered shortly before the charges were laid against the innocent people.

Sheila Steele

Dueck's lawyers are lying outright. The falsity of their position can easily be found. But the reporter at Global didn't bother to check the facts. Linda Walker had originally arranged to interview Richard Klassen, co-owner of the website, but backed down at the last minute when her bosses told her they were not prepared to risk defying the publication ban by talking to him so they talked to Sheila Steele (left) instead. Ms. Walker spoke of both Dust and Judge Paul Hrabinsky as close associates!

One thing clearly came out of the Global piece: Theresa Dust stated unequivocally that it is the City's intention to use the lies they are dressing up as truth to have the whole lawsuit dismissed.

In its brief supporting the application for a permanent gag order on the information in this case, Rossman claims that injusticebusters deliberately edited material to leave out certain information. The page they refer to is the beginning of a transcription of Dueck's 1990 Red Deer interview of Rick Klassen which we began to transcribe but didn't finish. They suggest that Rick had something to hide. The incidents he refers to are handled in some depth on the following pages:

Peter Klassen, wrongly convicted of molesting the Ross children posted and added to since April, 1999.

On the one hand they are saying we have published too much information and then they say we haven't published enough.

Theresa Dust had the nerve to say that it is damaging to Dueck's side of the lawsuit if the story comes out in "bits and pieces." Where is she coming from? All stories are made of bits and pieces and a truthful person will put those bits and pieces together in such a way that a truthful picture emerges. Dueck and company want to manage the bits and pieces, to be allowed to carry on with the same type of deceptions they have been laying on the Saskatchewan public since the days of David Milgaard.

As a colleague on the Internet has stated, sunlight is the best disinfectant. injusticebusters trusts that the sun will be shining on Jan. 16 when this case goes to court. The harmful speech which the city lawyers and government bureaucrats have been spreading about injusticebusters will finally be fought with free and open speech.

Regina Global posted the story for a while, but continued to confuse this Foster Parent Scandal with Martensville.

See Rick's Fighting back page for an e-mail sent from Manitoba which Dueck claims frightened him. This page also tells where to contribute to the Richard Klassen Defence.

October 21, 2003:

I have been going through the website, making sure all the links are working and stopping to read some of the old material.

I am flushed with pride at what we have accomplished.

Many times it felt as though we were smashing our heads against brick walls.

The only thing we had going for us was the truth. We did not always behave tactfully. We were often open to the accusation that we were obsessed or unbalanced — and that we could not win. While it is true that we were often over-wrought and exhausted, we always went back to the drawing board to figure out how to tackle the problem more successfully.

At no time did we ever concede that we might lose.

No matter what happens now, as we wait for Judge Baynton to come down with his decision, we cannot lose. We have reached the eyes, ears and hearts of people willing to hear the truth. And, I believe we have thoroughly discredited those who set about to plow us under.

E-mails keep coming in from people who find themselves victims of sloppy/malicious police investigations and prosecutors prepared to take a chance on sliding lies past a judge to chalk up another conviction on the road of ambition. We are able to point them to solid precedents and provide them with not only hope but workable advice on how to defend themselves. — Sheila Steele