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Brian Dueck Evidence Page

Evidence of Dueck's calculating criminal pattern

January 2, 2002: We have recovered a lot of evidence in the past few months. We now have some of Dueck's notes but we do not yet have his notebook -- which would have the record of his meetings with others involved in the case. We have posted an accurate chronology of the authorities' involvement with the Ross children since 1987 and we are working on chronologies of Social Services and Crown involvements.

We are heartened that the Supreme Court has now ruled that publication bans which prevent reporters from investigating illegal investigation by copsare illegal.

We would also point out that it is not now nor never has been legal for anyone to hide evidence of a crime, be they cops, crowns or courts. Wittingly or unwittingly, Judge D.K. MacPherson has covered crimes. Now that he knows what he has done, it would be proper for him to come forward and extract himself from a conspiracy.

Witness tampering in the Foster Parent case

June 19, 1999: The StarPhoenix publishes information which exonerates those who have been charged with defaming Dueck. See the letter Rick Klassen wrote to Roy Romanow July 25, 1993.

Brian Dueck This is all the evidence that is necessary to prove that Brian Dueck, Carol Bunko Ruys and Marilyn Thompson allowed the rape sodomy and torture of two eight year old girls in their prosecution of sixteen innocent people with suborned evidence. Crown prosecutors Matt Miazga and Sonja Hansen, Head of public prosecutions Richard Quinney, Roy Romanow and the Justice minister were fully aware that the case was based on perjured evidence. The Saskatchewan Court of Appeals was angry that the targetted familes got to actually study the perjured evidential disclosure and seemed not the least bit concerned that John and Johanna Lucas were serving jail time for telling the truth about this case.

Subornation of perjury is, by itself, a criminal charge which carries a penalty of at least fourteen years

. . .Bunko-Ruys and Dueck conspired to move Cathy and Michelle from a safe situation to a dangerous one. They took the twin girls, Michael's sexual "toys", from Dale and Anita's where they were safe, and moved them to the Thompson house so Michael could rape, torture, sodomize and teach them the lies Dueck said they all must tell. . . (excerpt from Scandal of the Century page)

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What Dueck did to Marie Klassen

Marie KlassenMarie Klassen is shown here in her wheelchair, protesting outside Queen's Bench Courthouse a couple hours before we proceeded to the police station to carry on a peaceful protest which ended in arrests in August, 1994. injusticebusters Richard Klassen and Sheila Steele can be seen in the background talking to Colin Tole who also demonstrated that day. Seven months later, Marie died. Colin landed in psychiatric incarceration around the same time. A young man with a keen sense of justice, he now says, "They took my mind."

Now, in the summer of 2001, six years later, we find that Dueck had told the Crown that when he had come to arrest Marie Klassen, he had peeped through the window and seen her "scuttling across the floor" to her wheelchair, implying that she was faking her injuries.

It was Marie Klassen's parents, Abe and Marie Peters who started the fostering. Hundreds of children passed through that home, (including Beryl and Hugh Stonechild who were removed from her care and adopted by a family named Beck who used them and other Native children they adopted as cheap labour on their farm.) After Marie married, she also fostered, taking in infants, often detoxing or caring for otherwise ill babies whom she would often hold and nurse round the clock. When daughter Pam was old enough, she helped out, taking in her own foster children. Evenually Marie phased out the number of children she took in and Pam moved out on her own.

Dueck's crimes against Pam Klassen

Pam Klassen

When Dueck began his investigation, he went to Pam, who was on her own with two foster children and Mikey, a visual-and hearing impaired boy she had kept alive from birth and was arranging to adopt. Dueck threatened to have the children apprehended if she had anything more to do with her brother, injusticebuster Rick Klassen.

Pam complied with his order but eventually told Rick. Rick immediately went to Social Services and received a hand-delivered apology from the head of the department. However, Dueck had set the wheels in motion. First, Pam's foster children were removed and when the family was picked up on the interstate warrant, Mikey was taken from her and she never saw him again. Pam's life was ripped away from her and she has since suffered from many serious illnesses, beginning with an almost-successful suicide shortly after all charges against her were stayed and she found she would never be able to see Mikey again.

There is no doubt that sexual abuse goes on in foster homes. A lot of it would seem to be instigated by children already damaged by neglect and dreadful circumstance, as was the case with Michael Ross.

But this was a family who had fostered children for three generations and whom Social Services counted on to take their hardest cases. When Dueck and Bunko-Ruys decided to take these people out of the fostering business, they not only wronged the family but deprived the province of one of the most reliable group of foster parents they had!

Before Dueck went after the Foster Family, he had taken disingenuous testimony from a high school girl. David Green was out of the country and was able to beat the charge with passport alibi evidence. How many other people had Dueck charged on clearly false testimony? How many Saskatchewan Crown prosecutors suppressed the evidence? How many Saskatchewan judges let it slip by?

Where are Dueck's Notes?

The discovery material released in the lawsuit of the Klassens and Kvellos against MATTHEW MIAZGA, SONIA HANSON, RICHARD QUINNEY, BRIAN DUECK, OWEN MAGUIRE, CAROL BUNKO-RUYS, CITY OF SASKATOON, MINISTER OF SOCIAL SERVICES OF SASKATCHEWAN, MINISTER OF JUSTICE OF SASKATCHEWAN, by these Defendants doesn't list this most elementary part of any police investigation. Unlike the Cape Breton CAS, which dotted every i and crossed every t, and tracked every part of their abduction of Emma McCarthy, after callously ignoring its original mandate, which is to try to keep a family together, the Saskatchewan reputation abductors withheld crucial evidence of notes between Dueck and his co-conspirators. Even if they truly believed the Satanic cult nonsense that Rev. Colin Clay and others were promoting at the time, and they truly believed they were conspiring to save children from people who regularly met to sacrifice babies to the devil, they must have made some notes! An investigation of this magnitude simply could not have happened without them. Both police and social workers are trained to keep regular notes of their day to day activities.

During the summer of 2001, we discovered that since 1994 Ed Holgate had in his possession some of Dueck's notes, which include the information that Dueck KNEW that the case was not sound and that it had already been investigated by another member of the Saskatoon Police Service. Holgate was apparently unwilling to show the information to Richard Klassen because he feared injusticebusters would go public with it, in violation of the "trust" conditions set forth by the Crown.

Would we have made the information public? Probably we would have but we can never know. The truth is that we had not ever made public material obtained strictly through discovery in the lawsuit. This "new" material is also material which should have been given to the defendants prior to trial. That didn't stop a Queen's Bench judge for slapping a $1500 fine on Richard Klassen in January, 2001. Holgate failed to introduce evidence to the Court that Klassen had not published such material on the internet.

In this province, where lawyers have been able to do more or less what they like, including spreading bogey-man stories about judges to their clients, it is entirely possible that Holgate was hoodwinked by Crown prosecutors into believing that Richard Klassen had published something. Barry Rossman brought a six inch stack of material printed from the website which he entered to make his case that Klassen had published material. This was a bluff and it worked because Holgate has not ever taken a good look at the website to see for himself that injusticebusters have not ever published material which is defamatory or in any way damaging to honest people.

The Fifth Estate broadcast "The Scandal of the Century" won the Justicia award for high calibre journalism.

DESCRIPTION The Canadian Bar Association, the Law Commission of Canada, and the Department of Justice offer the Justicia Award for Excellence in Journalism. The Award is given for French or English stories in two categories: print and broadcast media. The Awards celebrates outstanding journalism that fosters public awareness and understanding of any aspect of the Canadian justice system and the roles played by institutions and participants in the legal system

CRITERIA The criteria for judging entries are accuracy, originality, effectiveness in explaining issues to the public, informational value and insight. (from the CBA website).

This is more evidence for inJusticebusters that we are on the right track and have done the right thing. We are waiting for members of the legal profession and the media to get on board. Darryl LaBache, who knew the case had damaged the Klassens and Kvellos advised Richard Klassen in 1992 "not to piss in their cornflakes" when Klassen asked him about possible legal remedy for the damages which had been done.

Michael's Affidavit