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Superintendent Brian George Dueck

A partial list from Dueck's calendar since 1990

Dueck conducts his investigation into the Klassen and Kvello foster families, Helen and Don Ross and Don White.

Helen and Don Ross are the profoundly deaf birth parents of three children who were removed from their custody and placed in foster care in 1987. Don White is Helen's new partner. Dale and Anita Klassen were the foster parents with whom the children were placed.

Dueck's investigation consisted of digging up what dirt he could on any of these people and coercing criminals and the children to testify to unspeakable acts performed on them and to name as many people as possible to implicate in these crimes. He did not, however, make any attempt to dig up the yard where the children claimed bodies of dead babies were buried. He based his case solely and completely on the children's wacky testimony and corroborated it only with social worker testimony that the children were disturbed and were therefore telling the truth in the restricted area of the allegations.

During the spring, Dueck went to Red Deer to interrogate Dale and Anita, Rick and Kari Klassen. He was unable to find John and Myrna Klassen at this time.

In Saskatoon he went after Peter Klassen and Marie Klassen, Pamela Klassen and Diane Kvello who is Anita Klassen's sister, Diane's husband Dennis and their minor children. He visited neighbours, made salacious suggestions and used information from private Social Services files to embarrass, humiliate and spread terror among his targets. In July,

18 people were arrested and in the fall, the trials began.

This was the same year he arrested NDP MLA hopeful David Green on trumped up charges of rape which were stayed only because Green was able to prove he was not in the country at the time the alleged incident occurred.

Having obtained convictions on Ross Ross and White, the Crown took a plea bargain from Peter Klassen and stayed the chargeson the remaining people. The media reported that the charges were stayed because the children were too traumatized to continue and left the deliberate and clear impression that monsters had been set free in the community.

John Lucas received evidence that Dueck had received complaints from two eight year girls that their older brother was sexually assaulting them on a regular basis and that Dueck had ignored the complaints in 1991.

Lucas's evidence further showed that there was strong reason to believe that the assaults were still going on. Lucas provided the evidence of his allegations to the Saskatoon Police Service. This evidence was in the form of videotaped interviews conducted by Dueck and contract therapist Carol Bunko-Ruys along with court transcripts..

Lucas also provided copies of this evidence to Chris Axworthy (who was then Member of Parliament for Saskatoon), and the Department of Social Services. Rather than act upon Lucas's allegations, Axworthy turned the tapes and transcripts over to the Justice Department, beginning an investigation into Lucas and how he came to have in his possession disclosure material that they intended to keep secret.

Lucas began postering in June of 93, and was arrested eight times between then and December 94. He was placed on an undertaking which forbade him to conduct ANY actions, including speaking to another person on the subject of child sexual abuse.

Rick Klassen moved his family back to Saskatoon from Red Deer at the beginning of September, 1993. After Lucas was effectively gagged, he took up the campaign and faxed, postered, wrote letters and talked to anyone who would listen about how Dueck and thereapist Carol Bunko-Ruys had hornswoggled the justice system.

The Klassens and Kvellos filed their $10M lawsuit against Dueck and others. Klassen contacted Steele and the two began a postering campaign calling for a public inquiry. Lucas was constantly harrassed and threatened with arrest.

On August 26, after the Alberta government had released its report clearing Saskatchewan of any wrongdoing in the Milgaard case, Steele and Klassen along with ten other people picketed the Provincial Court house in Saskatoon protesting the Alberta conclusions and raising questions about Martensville and the Foster Parent case.

On August 27, they picketed the Court of Queen's Bench, the local legislative offices and the Saskatoon Police Service. Half an hour after arriving at the Police station, Klassen, his nephew Rob and Steele were arrested and charged with four counts of Criminal Defamatory Libel.

John Lucas went to the United States and asked for political asylum. Before Christmas, he was returned to Saskatchewan and held in custody.

Steele's and Klassen's case went to Preliminary Inquiry. Three of the charges were dropped and they were ordered to stand trial on one count each of criminal defamation against Dueck.

In July, the charges against Steele were quashed on writ of certiorary. That summer the Supreme Court heard the Ross, Ross and White case and ordered an acquittal for Don White and new trials for Helen and Don Ross.

John and Johanna Lucas lost before the Saskatchewan Appeal Court and served their time. They appealed their convictions to the Supreme Court on Charter grounds.

Richard Klassen went to trial and won a directed jury acquittal on the Crown's evidence against him.

At the zero hour the Crown appealed his acquittal but refused to provide grounds. The only thing they would say was that they were awaiting the outcome of the Lucas appeal.

During this year entire year, Richard Klassen was held hostage by the Court. There were many citizen rights he could not enjoy while criminal charges were pending against him.

He was also harassed by persons perhaps inflamed by Dueck.

In April Dueck threatened to turn Hells Angels loose on the wife of postal worker Kim Cooper if Cooper did not cooperate with fellow sergeant Murray Zoorkan's "Rambo" investigation against him. It may be significant that Hells Angels were preparing to move into Saskatoon at this time.

Head of Public Prosecutions is interviewed by the StarPhoenix and brags that the many lawsuits against the Justice Department will not be won. This is after the Alberta government has again exonerated Saskatchewan in the Martensville case, but Quinney leads the public to believe the inquiry also covered the Foster Parent trials.

Dueck heads the Integrated Drug Unit. Injusticebusters website is launched on Sympatico in June and by July, with no court order but claiming fear of being sued, removes the website. Since Dueck was the main target of the site, we feel it is safe to assume that either he or one of hiscohorts had a hand in this.

Steele's son sells less than an eighth of an ounce of marijuana to a wired (both radio-wired and a junkie) agent of Dueck's who is making buys in the Flotilla sting. In a subsequent sting, he beats up a junkie in a wheelchair who is legally part of the methadone program. Hells Angels officially set up shop in Saskatoon.

Dueck becomes Superintendent. He heads the integrated Drug Unit which works with RCMP narcotics cops and co-ordinates, among other things, the methadone clinic and the drugstores which dispense methadone. inJusticebusters know for a fact that these programs are sloppily run. Methadone, Ritalin and morphine, the three main narcotics dispensed by Dr. Brian Fern's clinic are traded liberally on the streets.

Brian Dueck

On Feb. 18 2000, Dueck speaking for police, cites lack of detox facilities as excuse for taking drunks out of town to die.

One month later Judge Laing states Dueck and another cop used Rambo tactics to force a citizen to speak.

Dueck is Superintendent of the West Side when Darryl Night discloses his harrowing experience of having been driven to the Queen Elizabeth Power Plant and told to walk back to town. As soon as Night's allegation became public, Dueck called a press conference where he claimed sympathy for the community and bemoaned there was nowhere to take drunks. All of Canada watches Saskatoon as two dead Natives are found near the Queen Elizabeth Power station, the same place where Night claimed to have been dropped.

A few weeks later, Dueck's name came up in provincial court regarding his part in coercing a statement from postal worker Kim Cooper. Fifth Estate attempts to interview him and he says he cannot talk because his lawyers have gagged him.

After the Fifth Estate program aired on Nov. 29, he sought an interview with CBC Saskatchewan's Jo Lynn Sheane where he continued to claim he was gagged but that if was free to talk, he would be able to show how he was right and we are wrong. His lawyer quietly applied to the court during the Christmas holidays when most lawyers were distracted to get a gag order against Richard Klassen and inJusticebusters. Incompetent counsel for Klassen allowed him to get it. (Ed Holgate failed to put Klassen's denials into the record).

Dueck has carried on. January 16 he successfully tricked a Queen's Bench judge to issue a gag order against Richard Klassen on material obtained through discovery in the lawsuit filed against him and provincial government departments. This was done by claiming that this website had disclosed material obtained through discovery in the lawsuit against him and the province. This was not and is not true, but since Klassen's defence failed to file an affidavit claiming otherwise, the judge found in Dueck's favour. He also ordered Klassen to pay him $1240 in costs!

During the spring, no doubt emboldened by having successfully duped several courts, Dueck has a new photo taken and is prominently placed on the Saskatoon Police Service website.

In July, we see for the first time some notes given to Ed Holgate in 1995 as lawyer for the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. Holgate has not told Klassen he had this material. The notes consist of police reports and serve to confirm our hypotheses. There is no sign of his notebook which would give us a clearer guide to exactly when some of the undated material was written but the pile of paper contains Dueck's own chronology.

After November, we got some more material that Dueck had failed to disclose to the accused foster and birth parents. We found several incidents of clear perjury, where he had fudged dates and degrees of involvement, telling one story in one court and a different one in another. He showed a real talent for deception and it became clearer how he was able to manipulate the Ross children and set himself up as their role model.

He was confident that we would never see this material and be in a position to compare his perjured statements because of the Macpherson gag order.

He had other reasons to be smug in having pulled off a massive fraud upon the courts: inJusticebusters have found some evidence that Bill Peterson, then editor of the StarPhoenix, had given a promise to not publish the facts of this case.

inJusticebusters take some pride in having at least prevented Dueck from becoming chief of the police force, and are horrified at just how close he came. We also know we kept Axworthy out of the premier's office.

This is cold comfort as we watch the Ross siblings struggle on bare subsistence -- these people who, as children were so useful to advancing the careers of many and putting a lot of cash in the pockets of a lot of unscrupulous people who are plump and live in nice accommodation and go regularly for holidays in comfortable places. The Ross siblings and their birth parents live in the ruined communities of the Saskatoon west side where Dueck has been in charge for many years.

Getting rid of him and seeing him fully account for his unconscionable actions would provide some hope for this dispossessed and demoralized community.

As recently as May 10, Dueck has been in the news, as a witness in the Lloyd Dustyhorn inquest -- this time claiming to be frustrated because the city lacks proper detox facilities.

Saskatoon was cited by Amnesty International for its treatment of Native people.

Dueck's testimony at Steele's and Klassen's preliminary hearing | Dueck's notes

This case might not have started out malicious. Dueck might have actually thought he was making honest arrests of people who were guilty of molesting and otherwise horribly abusing children. Five minutes into his investigation he must have seen realized that his original hypothesis was wrong. That is when he should have stopped. To carry on as he did was not only malicious, but vicious. He counted on staring down the people whose lives he ruined by using his position to silence them. He had five people charged with criminally defaming him. He became more of a bully, threatenening at least one citizen's family with violent visitations from a motorcycle gang.

Michael Ross is now 23 years old. Because he has been able to find out material through inJusticebusters website, he has been able to see the consequences of the lies he told at the age of ten and is making a serious effort to set right the things he has done wrong.

We expect no less from Brian Dueck, Carol Bunko-Ruys and Richard Quinney.

The Ross children, who are damaged and living among us, should be provided with a living allowance which would allow them to live well beyond the standard they are now forced to try and live within, administered by a trustee, receive psychiatric help from a shrink of their choice for the rest of their lives, and have tuition paid for any course they wish to take for which they are qualified. They should be allowed to make at least as many bad choices as Brian Dueck has made before receiving any punishment. They have received enough punishment to last them the rest of their lives.