How we got this disclosure

Because they were afraid of the police, the couple who gave the disclosure material to John Lucas did not want him to tell anyone he had given it to them. Richard Klassen, on the other hand, didn't care. Even though he had received his material much later, he has been placed on the record in the Lucas trials as having been the source of this material.

Much of Lucas' trial was spent with the Crown trying to establish the facts around who got the tapes and documents first. The Crown spent thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars chasing the case down this silly side path.

The real story of how Dueck had manufactured the case in the first place and how Crown prosecutors and cabinet members had colluded to cover this up was lost in the labyrinth of side issues in the Lucas trials. Lucas chose to conduct his trials by showing disrespect to the court, calling a judge a cocksucker on one occasion.

After the case went to the Supreme Court, Lucas faxed all the Supreme Court Justices with insulting letters. Although he had as defence counsel Clayton Ruby, he lost his appeal in a unanimous decision.

Truth and free speech were lost amidst a hodge-podge of half-truths and loose talk.

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